What is AddWash in Samsung washing machines?

AddWash is a feature in Samsung washing machines that lets you pause the current cycle and add extra laundry loads without resetting the program. The extra laundry load is added through a small door that is strategically placed on the main door itself, and it opens with a single touch.

In other words, the AddWash feature in specific Samsung washing machine models allows you to pause the current wash cycle and add forgotten items to your washing machine.

The main door of this particular washing machine model includes a flap-like hatch which is a small door referred to as an Add door.

Once you pause the existing wash program, simply open the add door and insert your leftover garments through it.

Additionally, washing machines featuring add wash are typically available in large capacities, making them ideal for large families or someone who does a lot of laundry-related work.

The AddWash feature is unique because, generally, with most front-loaders, you cannot add your laundry items once you have started the washing program.

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t need to restart the entire cycle if you forget something, or if you need to add another item to the load.
  • You can pause the machine mid-cycle to include the extra bit of items without waiting to complete the existing cycle completes.
  • The door of this particular washer model includes a small add-door that can be unlocked to open and insert the garments into the washtub.
  • Apart from garments, you can also add fabric softener, detergent, or any other solution if needed.

How to use the AddWash feature in a washing machine?

The “AddWash” option is used to simply add the forgotten items to the washing machine even after the washing machine is set to run.

Let’s assume you have loaded your washing machine and have hit the start button with all the required settings.

Now that the washing machine has started to go through its cycles, in the normal washer, you won’t be able to add any more items to the washtub.

However, with Samsung’s AddWash feature, you can easily add forgotten items even after the washing machine is set to run.

Let’s take a quick look at the steps on how to use the “AddWash” function while your washing machine is running.

Step 1: Add wash indicator

While the washer is running, simply look at the Add-Wash indicator on the control panel.

If the Add-Wash function is active, the indicator will be lit, and you can proceed with the below step.

Step 2: Press Start/Pause button

A mid-cycle stop can be accomplished by pressing the Start/Pause button.

Step 3: Open the add door

To open the add door simply press on the top or on the upper portion of the door.

You will hear a clicking sound, which indicates that the Add door is now unlocked.

Gently pull the “Add door” out.

Step 4: Add/remove items

Once you pull to open the door, add the forgotten or left-over item to the washtub.

If necessary, you can also add extra detergent or fabric softener through the “add door.”

Make sure not to overload the washer by forcefully adding too many clothes; this will lead to inefficient cleaning and may cause several problems.

Step 5: Resume the cycle

Close the “add door” gently and press the Start/Pause button to resume the wash cycle.

Before restarting the wash cycle, make sure there is nothing caught between the door and that it is properly closed.

When can you open the washer’s add door?

The add door can be opened when the AddWash feature is active. To determine if the feature is active, simply look at the AddWash indicator on the control panel; it should be lit up.

Once the AddWash indicator is lit up, you will need to press the Start/Pause button to stop the existing wash cycle, and only then should you open the door.

Benefits of AddWwash in Samsung washers


The biggest advantage of AddWash is convenience.

You no longer have to wait for the entire cycle to finish to add or remove any forgotten items.

You can simply open the extra door and add the clothes mid-cycle.

Water and Energy Savings

With AddWash, you can save water and energy by adding any clothes you might have forgotten earlier in the cycle.

This means that you won’t have to run a separate cycle for just one or two garments.

Easy Maintenance

The extra door can be easily wiped clean, ensuring that your washing machine stays hygienic and free of mold or mildew.

Perfect for Busy Households

AddWash is perfect for busy households where laundry never seems to end.

With this feature, you can add any forgotten items without any hassle, ensuring that your laundry is always up to date.

Disadvantages of AddWash Feature

While the AddWash feature in Samsung washing machines offers several advantages, it also has some potential disadvantages.

Here are some possible downsides to consider:


Washing machines with the AddWash feature can be more expensive than those without it. If you’re on a tight budget, the extra cost may not be worth the convenience.


Although AddWash is designed to be easy to maintain, having an additional door on your washing machine can also mean more areas to clean.

This can be time-consuming, especially if mold or mildew develops in the additional door or its gasket.

Caution section in the user manual

  • Discourages opening the door when suds have formed inside the drum.
  • The Add door can be opened unintentionally.
  • Discourages adding excess laundry through the Add door as the performance may be impacted.
  • The user manual recommends not opening the door while the steam or sanitize functions are running.

Final Thoughts

AddWash is a simple feature that operates by adding an extra door to the front-loading washing machine. The Add door is placed on the main door itself in such a way that it allows you can add your clothes by pausing the cycle.

Furthermore, the AddWash door is equipped with a safety feature that stops the washing machine if it is opened mid-cycle.

This ensures that you can safely add or remove clothes without any mishaps.

That being said, you cannot ignore the fact that it comes at a higher cost.

So, do a cost-benefit analysis to decide if you really need this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add any clothes mid-cycle with AddWash?

Yes, you can add any clothes mid-cycle with AddWash. However, it’s important to note that you should not exceed the maximum weight limit of the washing machine.

Is AddWash safe to use?

Yes, the extra door is equipped with a safety feature that stops the washing machine if it is opened mid-cycle.

Can I use AddWash for delicate garments?

Yes, you can use AddWash for delicate garments. However, it’s recommended to read the care label on the fabric carefully before putting it in the washer.

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