How to locate the moving pins in a washing machine?

Moving pins or transit bolts can be found at the bottom of the washing machine. Some washing machines will have the moving pins located on the back panels, while others will have them at the bottom of the side panels. In some models, these pins can also be located by tilting the machine and accessing its base surface.

So, when a washing machine is manufactured, it is fitted with these moving pins (transit bolts) to prevent the drum from moving around and becoming damaged during shipping.

Once the washing machine is delivered to its destination, the transit bolts must be removed before the machine can be used.

There can be up to four moving pins installed during the mobility or transportation of the washing machine. However, some washer models can also have up to five shipping bolts installed.

Key Takeaways

  • Moving pins are also known as transit bolts and are used to secure the wash drum of the washer during mobility.
  • These pins are installed through the outer body of the washer and secure the outer drum.
  • You will need an adjustable wrench to remove the moving pins from the machine.
  • To remove the moving pins from a washing machine, turn the pin heads counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench until they are loose enough to pull the pins out.
  • It’s extremely important to detach the moving pins before using your washer.

What is a moving pin in the washing machine?

During transit, the installation of a moving pin is crucial as it helps secure the drum during transportation. These pins are usually made of plastic or metal and are inserted into the drum to prevent them from moving around and getting damaged during transit.

The moving pin is an essential part of the washing machine only during transit or until the time it’s delivered to the user.

Therefore, it’s crucial to remove it before using the machine to prevent damage.

What’s the need for a moving pin in the washing machine?

In order to ship and deliver the washing machine without damage, the manufacturer installs the moving pins.

Once the washing machine is delivered and ready for installation, it is highly recommended to remove the moving pins before using the washer.

The main purpose of these pins is to prevent the drum or the internal parts of the washing machine from moving or banging during transportation.

So, once it’s delivered, it has no further use; simply remove it before using the washer.

Not removing these pins can cause damage to the washer and affect its performance. It is important to always check for any removable parts before using any appliance.

How do you locate and remove moving pins from a washing machine?

Let us look into the steps to locate and remove the moving pins in a washing machine;

Step 1: Refer to the user manual

To make sure you are removing the correct bolts or pins, it’s best to refer to the user manual of your washing machine model.

It will also give you a fair idea of the number of pins that are available in your washing machine.

Step 2: Locate the moving pins

Referring to the user manual is always helpful when locating moving pins; however, they can be easily found at the bottom of the machine or on the back or side of the machine in most cases.

Most front-load washing machines will have these pins located at the back or base surface with a yellow capping.

These plastic cases are also known as spacers that need to be removed.

Some moving pins will appear like large bolts. You can identify it through the bolt heads on the back or side-bottom of the access panels.

Step 3: Remove the moving pins

Using an adjustable wrench, start rotating the bolt head to loosen it.

You will need to rotate it counterclockwise until it’s completely off the machine.

Remove the spacers and the bolts carefully and place them aside.

Step 4: Locate other pins

Check if there is more than one moving pin fixed to the bottom area of the machine.

It can be found on the bottom area of the side walls or at the back of the machine.

Step 5: Rotate the drum manually

To make sure all the bolts have been removed, open the door of the washing machine and try to move the drum with your hands.

These bolts usually secure the outer drum to the washer’s body, and if they aren’t removed, the drum will not move freely.

Step 6: Store the pins

Once all the moving pins have been removed from the machine keep them safe in a drawer.

You may need them in the future for transporting your washer (if you plan to move elsewhere).

Final Thoughts

Moving pins are quite important to prevent the internal components of the washing machine from being damaged during mobility.

It is equally important to remove the moving pins from the washer before installation.

In case the moving pins have been misplaced, you can buy them online or at the local stores.

Just make sure to get the right replacement bolts, or they won’t fit properly, leaving the washer unsecured for movement.