Where is the filter Screen on a speed queen washing machine Located?

The filter screen is located in the water inlet valve of the speed queen washer. A water inlet valve is also known as a fill hose or an inlet hose. These filter screens prevent debris and other unwanted particles from entering the washer through the water supply.

Having said that, the location of the filter screen may vary depending on the model. It means not all models of Speed Queen washers are the same and the location may vary depending on the model.

The filter screen goes through extreme wear and tear and often leads to blockage, thereby affecting the wash quality.

In order to maintain the optimum performance of the washer, it’s important you perform regular cleaning and maintenance of the filter screen.

Here are some common questions related to speed queen washers that are frequently asked.

How often do I clean the filter of the speed queen washer?

At times you may notice that your washer is filling the washtub at a slower pace than normal, this indicates that the filter screen may have been clogged and needs a cleaning or a replacement. You may have to clean the filter screen by removing it from the inlet hose that is easily detachable using your fingers or using needle-nose pliers.

Is replacement a better option than repair?

The replacement completely depends on the severity of the damage caused to the filter screens. If you are able to detach the filter screen the very first option is to try to safely clean them off using a soft brush or by using a washing machine cleaning solution. If it is damaged with heavy clogging then replacement is a better option. Having said that a replacement of such filters should be done every six months for optimum performance.

How do I prevent the filter from being damaged?

Filters are prone to damage primarily due to regular and prolonged usage. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean the filters once every three months. If you have a hard water supply to your laundry then regular cleaning of the filter and the hoses becomes very important.

Does it cost too much to replace the filter screen?

Unlike the cost of other parts of the washer, the replacement cost of the filter is nominal. This is because filters are suggested to be replaced at regular intervals and hence the availability and the costs are not that expensive.

How to clean the filter screen in the speed queen washing machine?

In Order, to Clean, the Filter Screen follow the below steps

Total Time: 45 minutes

  1. Turn Off the Washer

    For any basic manual inspection that you do, make sure you turn off the washer. As you proceed to clean the filter screen of the water inlet hose, make sure the water supply towards your washer is turned off. 

  2. Remove Filter Screen

    The filter screens can be easily removed from the water inlet valve with bare hands using your fingers or you may use needle-nose pliers.

  3. Clean the filter

    Now simply remove any dirt or debris from the filter by scrubbing with a soft brush.

    Another way to clean the filter would be by using a homemade solution.

    Simply use a bowl that easily fits the filter screen and fill it with warmer water and then, add a cup of distilled vinegar to the water and mix it well (2 cups of water and 1 cup of distilled Vinegar).

    Place the filter screen in the solution and leave it to rest for about 30 minutes.

    Remove the filter screen scrub it with a clean and soft brush and rinse it with clean water. You may now fix the clean filter screen back to the inlet hose.

Vinegar’s acidic properties react with the calcium properties of water stains and dirt residues, further making it easier to clean them.

Final Thoughts

Uncleaned Filters often lead to blockage and further impact the washer’s efficiency.

If the Lint issue is not addressed, it will keep on building up and eventually lead to leakage, poor wash quality, excess lint on clothes post-wash, etc.

As a best practice always clean the filter once a week for optimum wash quality.

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