6 Amazing Washing Machine Decoration ideas for Christmas

Transforming the heart of your home into a festive haven is an art, and what better place to start than your trusty washing machine?

Unleash your creativity with unique and charming decoration ideas that will not only add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to your laundry routine but also make your home radiate with the warmth of the season.

Let’s turn that spin cycle into a celebration.

Get a Christmas-themed washing machine cover

One of the best ways to add decoration to your washing machine is to buy a Christmas-themed cover.

You can either buy readily available covers from the market or simply shop over online platforms.

We have added a couple of pictures of washing machines with covers matching the Christmas theme.

Christmas themed washing machine cover (Front load)

Here’s another washing machine decoration done with a cover brought from amazon (looks pretty cool).

Christmas themed washing machine cover (top load)

Make sure to buy the cover as per the model number of your washing machine so that it fits correctly. 

It may be challenging sometimes to find a good fit for your washer model, especially a cover to match the occasional theme.

In such a situation you can buy a red cover and decorate the surroundings accordingly.

As an alternative, you can buy a plain cover and look out for some vendors who can print customized designs over plain sheets as a creative idea.

Do not forget to decorate the surrounding area so that it looks attractive and bright.

If you look at the image above there’s a Christmas tree placed beside the washer and a bit of decoration adding to the overall appearance of the theme.

If you fail to get a washing machine cover to match the theme, you can go for some easily available stickers (discussed below).

Christmas-Themed Stickers for washing machine

You can find a variety of Christmas-themed stickers available in the market to decorate the washer.

People especially paste selective stickers over electronic appliances, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc.

You can paste them carefully on your washing machine’s outer body panels too in order to match the theme.

christmas themed washing machine sticker 1

This is applicable to both front-load and top-load washing machines (use your own creativity to decorate the washer).

Christmas themed washing machine sticker front loader

Stickers that you prefer using should be waterproof or of plastic or foamed sheets.

Using paper stickers won’t last long and will rip off soon.

This is due to the common fact of water spilling over the washer’s body while operating it.

Tip: Before you paste your favorite stickers to the washer’s outer body make sure to clean and wipe the panels and let them dry. 

Re-paint your washing machine with a Christmas theme

Repainting your washing machine will give it a new appearance altogether.

You can use this as an opportunity to repaint your washing machine with a Red color to match the Christmas decoration theme.

repaint washing machine with christmas theme

You can also use some stickers and decorate the surrounding area with Christmas-themed decoration items.

If you are not comfortable painting the washer yourself then simply hire a professional painter.You can also choose from different patterns and themes for Christmas.

Professional painters can help you apply your desired theme over the outer panels of the washing machine.

Paste red color sticker

red washing machine sticker for christmas

If you are not comfortable getting the washer painted you can paste red color stickers over the outer panels (body) of your washing machine.

If you are good at pasting simply do it yourself and can use vinyl stickers.

Paint the behind Wall Red or Paste wallpaper

If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room and wish not to paint the washer.

Simply paint the back wall with red color and decorate the surrounding area.

paint the behind wall red to match the washing machine with christmas theme

Place a dummy Christmas Tree over the Washer

place christmas tree over washing machine

If you have a front-load washing machine you can place a lightweight or a soft dummy X’Mas tree over it.

You can refer to the images above where the Christmas tree can be seen over the washer along with other decorations.

It doesn’t make any sense to place soft decorative items over a top-load washing machine. This is due to their door sitting at the top panel.

Lastly, do not place heavy items or a real Christmas tree over the machine.

Things to Remember when decorating your washing machine for christmas

  • Do not use stickers that can cause damage to the outer panels.
  • Avoid painting the washer’s outer panels with low-quality paints or pasting degraded quality films.
  • Do not place heavy decorative items over the washing machine to prevent it from damage.
  • Do not modify your washing machine which can lead to void the warranty terms.
  • Prevent the door, detergent drawer, drain cover, and other detachable/openable parts from being covered with stickers.

Final Thoughts

Transform your laundry routine into a festive delight with these creative Christmas washing machine decoration ideas.

Whether it’s a themed cover, stickers, or a splash of red, infuse the holiday spirit into your home.

Consider personalized touches, like a painted backdrop or a whimsical Christmas tree atop your front-load washer.

Last but not least, always avoid heavy items, prioritize quality materials, and preserve warranty terms.

Manish Singh is an expert in electrical engineering with a Diploma in the field. With over 12 years of experience, he specializes in repairing music systems, washing machines, dryers, and other laundry-related appliances. His in-depth knowledge in electrical repairs and decent knowledge about garment care makes him a trusted authority in the field of appliance repair and laundry related topics. If you have any questions or need assistance with your appliances, you can reach out to Manish through email: manish.singh (at) portablelaundry.com