Can you put bleach In Washing Machine Drawer?

Bleach is commonly used as a cleaning solution in almost every household these days.

It not only brightens the whites but is also well known for removing hard stains and killing bacteria with its antibacterial properties.

Furthermore, It is also used as a cleaning solution to clean the washer.

So, Can you put bleach in the washing machine drawer?

Yes, Bleach is an excellent cleaning solution, therefore you can surely put bleach in the washing machine drawer for cleaning the washer as well as your clothes. Having said that using an excessive quantity of bleach on daily basis will damage the washer and key internal components.

In today’s post we will cover:

  • Usage of beach in your laundry
  • Ways to add bleach to your washer
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • And More…

Let’s get started.

Why is bleach used in Laundry?

Here are some common reasons why bleach is used in the laundry.


Bleach has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria from your fabrics as well as the internal washer parts.

Due to prolonged usage, there is a high possibility of mold & mildew formation caused by the build-up of dirt, lint, and detergent residues.

The antibacterial properties of bleach disinfect your fabrics and the washtub including the drain areas.

Fabrics brightener

It brightens the bright and whitens the white fabrics with ease.

The white or the bright fabrics often becomes dull, hence using bleach in the cleaning process helps to re-gain the brightness.

Again, anything excess is bad, therefore using it in excess quantity and very frequently will damage the fabric.

Harsh Stain remover

Bleach is well known for removing the tough stains from bright and white-colored fabrics.

Whenever you notice some ugly patches or harsh food stains on your favorite white garment, simply wash them off using bleach.

It will help to restore the brightness.

Cleaning solution

Just like Vinegar and Baking Soda, you can use bleach alone as a cleaning solution for your washer.

Simply remove your clothes from the washtub, dilute 1 cup bleach in a bowl filled with water and directly add the diluted solution to your washtub.

And then, run a clean or empty cycle using hot water.

This will help in removing bacteria and odor-causing residues from the washer and the drain areas.

Note: Bleach can also be mixed with your cleaning solutions to boost the cleaning process.

How do you add bleach to your washer?

Usually, most washers have a bleach dispenser attached to the top portion of the washtub.

You simply need to add the allowed quantity of bleach in the drawer (you may notice a line in the drawer that limits the quantity OR simply add 1 cup of liquid bleach).

If your washer does not have a separate bleach dispenser, then you may add a cup of laundry bleach to the detergent dispenser and then run a clean cycle using hot water.

Alternatively, bleach can be directly added to the washtub in a diluted form. Simply add a cup of bleach to a bowl mixed with water and pour it into the washtub.

Note: The quantity of bleach may differ and it can be anywhere between half a cup to One cup depending on the load size.

On the other hand, if you are using bleach as a cleaning solution for your washer then simply add 1 cup bleach to either washtub OR detergent dispenser and then run a clean cycle using hot water.

Do’s & Dont’s

Remember these guidelines when you use bleach for either cleaning your washer OR clothes.


  • Use bleach occasionally and only when required.
  • Laundry bleach is preferred instead of regular cleaning bleach.
  • Use the minimal quantity if you are washing fabrics.
  • Liquid bleach gives you the best results.
  • Consider diluting the bleach before use.
  • Add fabrics after the bleach is dissolved. 


  • Avoid using bleach in your daily laundry.
  • Do not use bleach in excess quantity.
  • Avoid using bleach in powder form.
  • Avoid using regular or neat bleach to clean your fabrics.
  • Do not apply the bleach directly to your clothes.
  • Dark and colored fabrics should not be washed using bleach.

Final Thoughts

Using bleach is recommended for whiter and bright fabrics only.

Using bleach on colored fabrics may result in color fading, thereby making the clothes appear dull.

Bleach also acts as a sanitizer or a disinfectant in your laundry system, therefore don’t hesitate to sanitize the washer once every 2 months.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s take a quick look at some common questions related to bleach.

Can you mix bleach with a detergent?

Yes, you can mix bleach with detergent as it is considered to be safe and will not do any harm. Having said that, using bleach in excessive quantity and very frequently will have negative effects. Excessive use of bleach will make your clothes appear dull.

What happens if I use excessive bleach in my laundry?

Using too much bleach over time may result in weakening the quality of your fabrics. It is advised to use bleach occasionally and in a specific quantity depending on the load and the fabric types. Furthermore, using excessive bleach can also damage the internal components of your washer.

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