How to Replace Gas Valve in a Gas Dryer?

To replace the gas valve assembly in a dryer:

  • Turn off the gas supply and unplug your dryer.
  • Then, disassemble the top, back, and front panels.
  • Disconnect all the connections such as the water inlet line, external venting, etc.
  • Remove the drum to access the gas valve assembly.
  • Simply disconnect the running wires, unthread the screws and remove the gas valve assembly.
  • Next, replace the gas valve with a new one and reassemble the dryer.

Finally, clean the area using a clean cloth if you notice dirt and debris around.

Depending on the model and type of your dryer, the steps for replacing a gas valve assembly may be different.

However, the overall methodology is usually the same once you locate the dryer valve.

Key Takeaways

  • A gas valve assembly is usually located at the bottom of the dryer i.e. after you have removed the front and top panels (the location may vary depending on the model).
  • Be sure to shut off the gas supply before starting any repairs.
  • The valve solenoid coil kit helps to open and close the gas valve.
  • You will need to find suitable replacement parts depending on the model and type of your dryer.
  • Read the user manual carefully to locate the gas valve, and follow the instructions mentioned over there.
  • Check if the dryer is still under warranty as the gas valve is a replaceable part and is usually covered under warranty.

What is a gas valve in a dryer?

A gas valve assembly is an important component of a gas dryer that controls the flow of gas to the burner.

It is the valve solenoid coil kit in a gas dryer that opens and closes the valve as the electricity passes through it. Therefore, allowing the gas to flow to the gas burner inside the dryer.

Your appliance will not heat properly without a properly functioning gas valve.

How does a gas valve work in a dryer?

The gas valve works in conjunction with the flame sensor, gas valve solenoid coils, and igniter.

When the dryer is turned on, the igniter gets hot enough to light the gas.

Once the igniter is hot, the flame sensor sends a signal to open the gas valve. The coils then open the gas valves to allow the gas to flow to the burner.

So, it works in a sequence where the igniter gets hot, the flame sensor senses the heat, and then it signals the coils to open the gas valve so that gas can flow to the burner.

Where is a gas valve located in a gas dryer?

The location of a gas valve may vary depending on the make and model of your gas dryer. However, in most cases, the gas valve will be located near the bottom of the dryer on the back or front side.

If you cannot find the gas valve, check your dryer’s owner’s manual for more information.

How does the gas valve wear out?

It is common for a gas valve to wear out due to normal wear and tear.

Also, if the dryer isn’t taken care of properly, dirt and other things can get stuck in the gas valve.

If the gas valve gets clogged, it can stop gas from going to the burner efficiently.

Furthermore, restricted air flow and overloading are also common reasons why your gas valve solenoids may fail.

How do you know if the gas valve is bad?

There are a few signs that can indicate that the gas valve in your dryer is not working properly.

Here are some common symptoms that indicate that the gas valve is not in a good state:

Clothes not drying

If you notice that your clothes are not getting dry even after multiple cycles, it could be a sign that the gas valve is not opening properly.

Additionally, if you notice that your clothes are taking longer to dry, it could also be a sign that the gas valve is not opening properly.

Dryer not heating

If your dryer is not heating, it could be a sign that the gas valve is not opening properly.

The igniter does not ignite the gas

If the gas valve is problematic, it is common for the igniter to glow and then go out without igniting the gas.

So, if you notice that the igniter does not ignite the gas, it could be a sign that the gas valve is in bad shape.

Other symptoms

Other symptoms of a faulty gas valve include the dryer taking too long to heat up, the dryer shutting off too soon, overheating, and sometimes the dryer not tumbling.

How to replace the gas valve in a dryer?

You will need a new gas valve, a screwdriver, pliers, and an adjustable wrench to replace the dryer gas valve assembly.

Instructions to replace the gas valve assembly in a dryer

Step 1: Disconnect the power to the dryer

Unplug your dryer’s power cord and turn off the main supply to the dryer.

You may also want to disconnect the exhaust vent and other connections to move the dryer away from the back wall.

If you have a shutoff valve installed, turn the gas supply off before beginning the repair work.

Step 2: Remove the outer panels

Now start by removing the top, front, back, and control panels using screwdrivers.

In order to do so, unscrew the screws holding the panels in place.

Note: Do not forget to disconnect the wires that come your way to remove the outer panels of your dryer.

Step 3: Remove the dryer’s drum

Loosen the dryer’s belt tensioner and pull it out of the dryer drum carefully.

Now, remove any retaining nuts from the drum to remove it and place it aside.

You should be able to access the gas valve assembly after removing the drum.

Step 4: Remove the old gas valve assembly

Make sure to carefully disconnect the wires running through the gas valve assembly.

Now, remove the screws that connect to the supply pipe and the gas valve assembly.

Finally, you may need a nut driver to loosen the retaining nuts.

In some cases, you may also use a wrench to loosen and remove the old gas valve.

Note: Be careful not to damage any of the surrounding pipes or fittings.

Step 5: Install the replacement gas valve assembly

Use a soft cloth to clean the area around the fixture, and then put the new gas valve in its place.

Connect it carefully to the supply pipe and tighten the screws and the retaining nuts.

Reconnect all the wires correctly and carefully.

Step 6: Reassemble the dryer

Reassemble everything back together by fixing the belt to the drum, reattaching the outer panels, and moving the dryer to its original place.

Step 7: Run a test cycle

Now plug the dryer into the power socket and run a normal drying cycle to test it.

Your dryer should now work like before and without any interruption to the gas supply.

Final Thoughts

The gas valve assembly is an important part of a dryer because it makes sure there is always a sufficient supply of gas to keep the fire going.

A broken gas valve will not only make your dryer less effective, but it could also be dangerous.

With that said, there are a few signs that can indicate that the gas valve is not working properly, including clothes not drying, the dryer not heating, and the igniter not igniting the gas.

Just be careful while replacing the gas valve and make sure to follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any accidents.

If you are unsure or not confident about replacing the gas valve, you can always contact a professional to do it for you instead of troubleshooting on your own.

Lastly, after you replace the gas valve assembly, you should put it through a test cycle to make sure it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all dryers use a gas valve assembly?

No, it is usually applicable for gas dryers that use natural or propane gas to generate heat.

Do you need a gas shut-off valve for a dryer?

It’s recommended that you have a shut-off valve installed for the gas line that leads to your dryer. Even though it is not mandatory, it acts as a safety measure in case there is a gas leak.

Can you repair a gas valve in a dryer?

Repairing a gas valve in a dryer can be challenging if you try doing it yourself. Usually, such repairs are conducted by professionals or valve manufacturing companies. Simply contact your gas dryer’s manufacturer for more information.

Who can install a gas shut-off valve for the dryer?

A professional plumber or mechanical contractor can help you to install the shut-off valve for your dryer.

Why do clothes dryers need a gas valve?

Dryers need a gas valve to make sure there is a sufficient supply of gas to keep the dryer going. Furthermore, it also acts as a safety measure in case of a fire. If the dryer is turned off, the gas valve will shut off the flow of gas automatically, preventing any buildup of gas that could be hazardous.

What is the cost of the dryer’s gas valve assembly?

The cost may vary depending on the model and type of your gas dryer. You can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $100 for a replacement. However, when you include the labor cost, the total expenditure could be much higher.

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