Why do Korean Homes come with Washers but not Dryers?

If you are traveling to a part of Korea for a vacation or as a student or maybe for work, then you may have to cut short on your lifestyle, especially when you want to rent an apartment for a month or more.

Let us talk about laundry…

Due to lack of space in the apartment it becomes challenging to find an apartment with a washer, even if you are lucky enough to have the washer, then get into the habit of air drying your fabrics or hunt for a laundromat.

Because a clothes dryer is uncommon in Korean homes.

Let us dig right into the topic to get a deeper understanding of the reasons for the same.

In this post, we will cover:

Let us dive right into it.

Why do Korean homes come with washers but not dryers?

The availability of washers is now on an increasing trend in Korean homes as compared to dryers which are still not that popular.

The main reason, as you guessed, is the lack of space.

As we all know, Korea is a small country and the apartments are small too.

Apartments in Korea do not have enough space to accommodate dryers.

This doesn’t mean that dryers aren’t used at all in Korean homes, it is just that supply is scarce due to low demand.

Here are some common factors responsible for the low demand for dryers.

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Lack of Space

The majority of apartments are smaller and compact in Korea and hence Korean locals tend to save space in their smaller apartments by using only a washer for their laundry and prefer air-drying after every wash cycle hence dryers are not common in Korean homes.


Energy bills are said to be another challenge in Korea, hence Koreans even prefer limiting the usage of their washers by simply handwashing their clothes on a few occasions and air-drying them.

Spending Style

The psychological thought process of unnecessary spending amongst Koreans restricts or limits them from using most electronic appliances including washers and Dryers.

Hence you may find washers to be their preferred choice for laundry and limiting the demand for dryers.

Environment Factor

Air pollution in Korea is another factor.

In order to cut on the carbon footprints to some extent, they limit the usage of a few appliances including the dryers.

Washer-Dryer Combos

Washer-dryer combos are preferred to tackle the space challenge in Korean apartments, where the combo unit automatically does the job of washing and drying in a single cycle using less space.

How are clothes dried in Korean homes?

Air drying after the wash cycles is very common in most Korean homes that do not use dryers.

They use air-drying racks that can be easily mounted and are foldable in order to move to any corner of the apartment.

The washing machines damp dry the fabrics with the help of the spin cycle, this further reduces the air dry time.

Are there laundromats in Korea for washing and drying?

Due to the lack of dryers in Korean apartments, there is a higher demand for laundromats, and the laundromat business is on the booming trend in Korea.

In some places, you will find 24/7 laundromats service.

You can easily get access to washers along with the dryers and the cost of laundry varies depending on the location and service you have chosen.

Having said that, in most cases when you visit a laundromat in Korea you may have to carry your own detergent or it may cost you more to buy through the counters.

Are washing machines made in Korea?

LG was founded in the year 1958 and is one of the leading brands in electronics appliance manufacturing.

LG originates from South Korea and is spread worldwide.

Likewise, Samsung was founded in the year 1938 and is among the oldest South Korean electronics manufacturing company.

Samsung has its base across multiple countries and supplies its products around the world including numerous washer and dryer models.

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How do I use a washer that has the Korean language?

If you are using a washer that is supplied for the Korean region, then it could become difficult to understand the language and the codings.

You may refer to the online guides available for the washing machine to understand the options in your preferred language.

Once you get access to decode the language on the washer you may simply place some stickers in your preferred language on the washer buttons for your future reference.

This will help you understand and use the washing machine without any difficulty.

You can also take the help of the locals or your friends to understand and use the washer in case you are struggling with the language.

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Final Thoughts

Trends are now changing as the demand for washers and dryers is on the upside.

To overcome the lack of space, the inclusion of washer-dryer combos is now making it in most Korean homes.

If you are traveling to Korea for a limited period of time then you may prefer laundromats for your laundry as they are fairly cost-effective.

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