How to Wash and Dry a Weighted Blanket Safely?

I know it’s tempting to just put your blankets in the washing machine and hit the wash button.

Unfortunately, not all blankets are made the same.

If you don’t wash and dry them properly, you risk damaging the fabric and the filling in long run.

In this article, I will show you how to wash and dry a weighted blanket safely and effectively.

Here’s what this article covers.


Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it.

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a type of blanket that is filled with materials such as glass beads or plastic pellets.

The weight of the blanket provides deep pressure stimulation.

So, what this does is, increases the levels of melatonin, and other hormones that promote sleep. Furthermore, it also helps to decrease cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone known to improve mood.

So, Weighted blankets can be an excellent therapy for those suffering from autism spectrum disorders, dementia, and mental health conditions (1).

What Is a Weighted Blanket Made up of?

Materials used to make a weighted blanket include cotton, flannel, bamboo, linen, and rayon.

With that said, Weighted blankets are usually made with a cotton outer layer and filled with poly pellets, glass beads, or plastic pellets.

The pellets are evenly distributed throughout the blanket to provide the desired weight.

It’s the inside filling that makes the blanket so heavy.

Some weighted blankets also have a layer of fabric between the outer layer and the pellets to prevent them from shifting.

Is Weighted Blanket Washable?

Yes, you can wash a weighted blanket.

Most weighted blankets come with a duvet cover that is machine washable.

You can also wash the blanket by hand OR even dry clean them depending on the care label instructions.

It is therefore important to check the care instructions first.

So, yes they are can be hand-washed, machine washed, or even dry cleaned depending on the fabric type.

How Often Should Weighted Blankets Be Washed?

This is a question that many people ask, as they are unsure of the care that these types of blankets require.

The answer to this question depends on how often you use your weighted blanket and if it becomes dirty or if spills occur.

If you use your weighted blanket regularly, it is recommended that you wash it once every two to three weeks.

However, if your blanket becomes dirty or there is a spill, you will need to clean it as soon as possible to prevent the dirt or stain from settling down.

To wash a weighted blanket, you will need to use a gentle cycle on your washing machine and avoid using any fabric softeners.

You may also want to put your blanket in a pillowcase before washing it to protect it from damage.

How to Hand Wash a Weighted Blanket?

In order to hand wash a weighted blanket follow the below instructions carefully.

Steps to Hand Wash a Weighted Blanket

Step 1: Read the Care Label

The very first step is to read the care label carefully.

This helps you to identify the best way to wash your weighted blanket.

Step 2: Fill the Sink OR Tub with Water

To hand wash a weighted blanket, start by filling a sink or tub with warm water and mild laundry detergent.

Step 3: Gently Scrub the Blanket

Then, gently scrub the blanket by hand to remove any dirt or stains.

Step 4: Rinse the Blanket

Next, rinse the blanket thoroughly with clean water, and then dry it by hanging it over a clothesline or drying rack.

If you need to machine wash your blanket, use a gentle cycle with cold water and air dry on low heat, more on that later.

Note: You can also dry your weighted blanket in a dryer on low heat and gentle tumble settings.

How Do You Wash A Weighted Blanket For Kids?

We recommend washing your weighted blanket for kids in cool water and washing it separately from other items.

In most cases, these blankets can be hand washed as well as machine washed, but it’s always a safe bet to go through the care label first.

If you are using a washing machine to wash the blankets, just make sure that you are using a bleach-free, gentle detergent and wash them in delicate/gentle settings.

Once you are done washing, you can tumble dry the blanket on low heat or No Heat along with gentle tumble settings.

How to Machine Wash a Weighted Blanket?

If your weighted blanket is starting to look a bit dirty, it’s time to give it a good wash.

Here’s how to machine wash a weighted blanket:

Step 1: Read Blanket Care Label

You simply cannot ignore this step.

The tag on your blanket includes washing and caring tips, therefore ignoring it can damage the blanket in long run.

Step 2: Pre-Treat the Blanket

If your weighted blanket is stained, start by pre-treating the area with a stain remover.

If you don’t have a stain remover, you may use a mild detergent. Simply mix a mild detergent with a tub of cold water and soak the stained area.

Next, gently scrub the stains.

Note: If there are adamant stains on the blanket, you can try treating them with vinegar OR Baking Soda before washing.

Step 3: Put the Blanket inside your washer

Start by putting your weighted blanket in the washing machine.

Step 4: Add Detergent

The next step is to add some mild detergent to the detergent dispensers and set the machine to a gentle cycle.

If you are not sure about the right dosage of detergent, you can check the care label and the instructions on the detergent’s packaging.

Step 5: Choose the Right Cycle and Water Temperature

Now, you need to choose the right cycle for your weighted blanket.

If the care label doesn’t mention anything, we recommend you to use the delicate or gentle cycle.

As for the water temperature, we recommend you to use cold water.

Hot water can cause shrinkage and damage the fabric.

Here are the ideal washing machine settings:

  • Wash Type: Gentle/Delicate
  • Spin Speed: Medium
  • Soil Level: Normal
  • Detergent Type: Mild
  • Water Temperature: Cold
  • Pre-Wash: Not Needed if you have pre-treated

Note: Avoid using fabric softener and bleach.

Step 6: Dry Your Blanket

Once the cycle is finished, take the blanket out of the washing machine and dry it according to the instructions on the care label.

For better results avoid using a dryer if you have the option to hang dry.

Should All Weighted Blankets be Machine Washed?

If your blanket is over 25 pounds then it’s recommended to get it washed by a professional laundromat or dry cleaner.

An average household washing machine may not be able to handle the heavy load.

Also, if your blanket has an intricate design, we recommend you get it dry-cleaned by a professional.

With that said, if your blankets weigh less than 20 pounds you can always wash them in your washer.

Just make sure that you are not adding any extra load apart from the blankets.

How to Clean a Weighted Blanket with Specific Stains?

It’s always a good idea to spot clean the blanket whenever it gets stained.

To clean a weighted blanket with specific stains, first dry the blanket.

Then use a stain remover to wash the blanket in cold water.

If you don’t have a stain remover, you may use baking soda OR Vinegar.

You can even use Laundry detergent to wash the blanket in cold water.

Finally, wash the blanket in clean cold water again to get the residue out and then dry it.

How to Remove Coffee and Wine Stains From a Weighted Blanket?

To remove coffee and wine stains from a weighted blanket, first blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth.

Then, mix a solution of one part detergent with two parts water.

Apply the solution to the stain and scrub the stained areas gently.

The last step is to rinse the affected area with clean water and blot it dry.

Weighted Blanket Care Instructions

Weighted blankets come in different fabrics, so it’s important to follow the care instructions.

Here are some caring tips and instructions to prolong the lifespan of your weighted blanket.

  • Most weighted blankets can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle in cold water, but some require hand-washing or dry-cleaning, so the care label cannot be ignored.
  • Always use a mild detergent and avoid strong bleach, fabric softeners, and high heat when drying.
  • If your weighted blanket has a removable cover, wash it separately on a gentle cycle in warm water.
  • To prevent stains, spot-treat any spills as soon as possible.
  • Avoid using dryers for best results, if you have no other choice but to use a dryer, you can dry a weighted blanket in low heat and gentle tumble settings.
  • Do not overfill the dryer as this can cause shrinkage and damage. Line drying is always the best option for a weighted blanket.
  • If you have the temptation to iron a weighted blanket, simply drop that thought as it’s not going to help. Ironing a weighted blanket may damage the blanket.
  • When not in use, store the weighted blanket in a cool, dry place. Make sure to fluff it up and air it out every few months, this will help keep the fabric and filling in good condition.

Final Thoughts

You can prolong the lifespan of your blanket and avoid damaging it by hand washing and spot cleaning them whenever needed.

Most blankets only require a light detergent, and it’s recommended to air dry them instead of using a conventional dryer.

Lastly, If your blanket tends to “shed” in the washer, remember to put them in a pillowcase before you throw it in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to washing and drying a weighted blanket.

Can you wash a weighted blanket at home?

Yes, you can wash a weighted blanket at home. You can either hand wash OR machine wash them depending on the recommendations in the care label.

With that said, if you are machine washing them just be sure to use the gentle cycle and cold water settings on your washing machine.

Lastly, ensure that the weight of the blanket is below 20 pounds so that your household washer can handle the load.

In general, you can easily machine wash a blanket that is anywhere between 15 to 20 pounds.

How to wash a weighted blanket with sand?

If your weighted blanket has sand fillings, you might want to consider using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to remove the loose sand before cleaning it. Next, use a dry cleaning kit and place the blanket in the dryer, and then let the dryer run for 15 minutes.

How to wash a weighted blanket with ceramic beads?

If your weighted blanket has ceramic beads, you can machine wash them on a delicate cycle OR gentle settings in cold water.

Is it okay to wash a weighted blanket?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to wash a weighted blanket. However, the washing method may vary depending on the fabric type. Remember, not all blankets are machine washable. Some are suited for handwashing whereas others may require dry cleaning, therefore refer to the care label to know the right method.

How to wash a weighted blanket from Walmart?

The same way you would wash any other weighted blanket.

However, we recommend checking the care label first to be on the safe side.

Can you wash a weighted blanket with glass beads?

If your weighted blanket has glass beads, we recommend handwashing them in cold water.

Should you wash a weighted blanket before use?

Yes, we recommend washing a weighted blanket before use. This is because it will help to remove any manufacturing chemicals or debris that might be clinging to the fabric.

Washing the blanket will also help to soften it up, making it more comfortable to use.

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