Can You Wash Artificial Flowers In Washing Machine?

Artificial flowers made of washable fabrics can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle or delicate cycle. Simply, place the flowers and petals in a mesh laundry bag and load them into the washing machine. Next, set the washer to cold water settings, followed by adding mild detergent, and let the washer complete the wash cycle.

Key Takeaways

  • Decorative artificial flowers are usually made from a variety of materials, including silk, cloth, paper, and plastic.
  • To wash them in your washer load the flowers in a mesh laundry bag and then put them into the washtub. Run the washer on a delicate or hand-wash cycle after adding a mild detergent and use cold water settings.
  • Artificial flowers made using synthetic material, plastic, flexible rubber or silicon can be cleaned by soaking them in a sink filled with water and a mild detergent.
  • Some flowers are also made using paper-like materials that do not last long and tear easily. These types of artificial flowers do not need washing and you can’t wash them. You can simply air them to remove dust from their surfaces.

What are artificial flowers?

Artificial Flowers in layperson’s language simply mean flowers made from artificial materials.

These flowers are used to decorate and don’t require watering.

Artificial flowers are a great alternative to real flowers because real flowers are delicate and need to be handled carefully.

People who want to add a bit of color to their homes without having to maintain live plants often opt for artificial flowers.

Due to its variety, it is possible to find the perfect match for any occasion or to decorate your home with it.

Since they are more durable and long-lasting than natural flowers, you can use them on multiple occasions.

How to wash artificial flowers in a washing machine?

How to wash artificial flowers in washing machine

It is easy to wash artificial flowers in a washing machine and in a short time.

Some manufacturers do send specific washing instructions with the package for your reference.

You can refer to the care instructions for any special treatment, and if you are unsure about something, then simply hand wash them.

Dust the artificial flowers before washing them to remove excess dirt and dust particles.

Step 1: Place the artificial flowers in a mesh laundry bag

Simply place the artificial flowers in a mesh laundry bag and load them into the washing machine. Separate laundry bags can be used for different designs of flowers.

Step 2: Add a mild detergent and use a cold water setting

Just be sure to use a mild detergent and avoid bleach, as this can damage the fabric or combined material, such as plastic layers or edges.

You can add vinegar along with the detergent to boost the appearance, making the colors appear vibrant.

Now select cold or warm water for washing the artificial flowers in the machine.

Step 3: Use a delicate cycle with a shorter duration for washing

Set the washer to a delicate cycle and for a short duration for washing.

You can use a hand-wash cycle if available, or simply push the available cycle for gentle fabrics.

Step 4: Use a low spin speed setting and additional rinse (optional)

From the control panel, reduce the spin speed to the lowest possible RPM.

You can use an additional rinse cycle to discharge excess soap from the washtub.

Step 5: Drying process

After the wash cycle is complete, remove the artificial flowers carefully from the mesh bag and allow them to air dry.

You can lay them on a clean and flat surface to air dry in a shady spot. Do not expose it to direct sunlight as it may result in faded colors.

For deeper edges, you can use a hair dryer to blow some air or place them under a fan for quick drying.

If you are washing them after a long time, you’ll be surprised at how much brighter and cleaner they look.

How do you hand wash Artificial Flowers?

Hand washing an artificial flower is straightforward. Let us look into the steps to hand washing artificial flowers with care.

  • Read the care label to confirm if the flowers can be washed.
  • Fill a container such as a sink or a tub with water and add a mild detergent. You can also include half a cup of distilled vinegar.
  • Place the artificial flowers in the sink and let them submerge and settle in the solution for about 10 minutes.
  • Swish and swirl around the container for a minute or so and let it settle for another 10 minutes.
  • Rinse them using clean water and make sure to get rid of excess soap residues.
  • Hang the flowers upside-down to release excess water and lay them flat on a dry towel.
  • Let them air dry completely before storing them or placing them in their desired spots.

What are artificial flowers made up of?

Artificial flowers are made from a variety of materials and by using several methods.

Some artificial flowers are made from natural materials like bamboo or grass, while others are made from fabric, plastic, paper, silk, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials.

In general, most artificial flowers are also made with a mix of both natural and synthetic materials.

Some flowers are handcrafted from start to finish, while others are mass-produced using machine processes.

So, they are often designed to look like real flowers and they can also be found in a variety of colors and styles. 

If your artificial flowers are made from synthetic materials like polyester or nylon, then you should avoid washing them in your washing machine. Instead, spot cleaning with a damp cloth or a soft brush should do the trick.

If your artificial flowers are made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, or cloth-like fabric then you can wash them in your washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Are all artificial flowers washable? (Washable and Non-washable flower types)

Artificial flowers that can be washed

  • Silk flowers: High-quality silk flowers are usually washable. Gently wash them with mild soap and water, then let them air dry.
  • Plastic flowers: Many plastic flowers are washable. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean them with water and mild detergent.

Artificial flowers that cannot be washed

  • Paper flowers: Water can damage paper flowers, causing them to lose their shape and color. Avoid washing paper flowers.
  • Foam flowers: Foam flowers are not meant to be washed, as water can deteriorate the foam material and ruin the flowers.
  • Fabric flowers with glued elements: If the fabric flowers have glued elements or delicate decorations, washing them might cause the glue to weaken or detach.

How often should you wash artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers that are used occasionally need not require frequent washing and can appear bright for longer.

However, there is a good chance that artificial flowers will start to look a bit dingy if they are used as permanent decor in your home.

Any exposed surface in your house, including artificial flowers, is susceptible to dust accumulation. Over time the flowers start appearing dull and lose their blooming appearance.

This is the time when you can pull them off their bases and put them for a wash.

Timely dusting will reduce the chances of frequent washing. You can use a duster, i.e., a soft furry brush used to remove dust off surfaces.

Alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush-head to only pull out the dust on a low suction setting.

Final Thoughts

Artificial flowers look realistic, which is why they are a preferred alternative in places where real flowers would not survive.

Whether or not you can wash artificial flowers in a washing machine depends on the type of flowers and the materials used in their making.

Flowers made using synthetic materials, especially nylon or plastic, should be washed by hand. Soaking them in water mixed with a mild detergent should do the trick.

Dusting them using a soft cloth or a brush on a regular basis will keep them looking new. It will also reduce the frequency of washing artificial flowers.

Lastly, read the care label that is usually located on the package itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash the artificial flowers using a regular detergent?

It is not advisable to wash the artificial flowers using a regular detergent as the harsh chemicals in the detergent can damage the flower’s fabric. If you want to be on the safe side, use a mild detergent or follow the washing instructions on the package.

How do you keep artificial flowers looking new?

To keep your artificial flowers looking like new, dust them regularly. You can use a soft brush or cloth to gently dust the petals and leaves. Alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any dust.

Can you revive faded artificial flowers?

If your artificial flowers show signs of fading, you can try reviving them by spraying a mixture of water and distilled vinegar on them or placing them in a humid environment for a few hours. Alternatively, fill a paper bag with half a cup of salt and add a bunch of flowers. Then, seal the bag. Next, gently shake the bag for about a minute and remove the flowers. Don’t forget to gently pat the flowers to get rid of salt residue.

Where to buy artificial flowers?

You can find a variety of artificial flowers at most home goods stores and online retailers like Amazon.

How to dry artificial flowers?

The best way to dry your artificial flowers is to hang them upside down to drain out excess water. You can also lay the flowers on a towel to dry them in a well-ventilated area.

Is it OK to dry the artificial flowers using a hair dryer?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer on artificial flowers and use them from a distance. However, do not overuse the hair dryer and allow the maximum time to air dry naturally.

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