How to fix the 4c error in the Samsung washing machine?

This is a complete guide to fixing the 4c Error in all the models of the Samsung Washing Machine.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

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The 4C error in Samsung Washing Machine indicates a problem with the water supply. In order to get rid of the 4C error turn off the water supply and check for blocked or twisted water supply hose, water pressure, Problematic Tap, clogging in the filter, and lose hoses.

Identify what the Error 4c Means

To fix any error that you find with your Samsung washing machine, you need to record the error code that you see first.

You can find this information on the display panel of your washing machine. For instance, if your washing machine is not working properly, you may see a 4c error code.

Once you have found this code, the next step is to identify what the 4c error actually means.

Typically, when you look up this code in your paper manual or online, you will find that this code means that there is a problem with the water supply. 

When there is a problem with the water supply on your washing machine, you may also find that these problems could be linked to one of the following issues:

  • The water supply hose is either clogged up 
  • The water supply hose is kinked in some way or another.
  • Faulty water supply
  • The hose on your washing machine is loose 

Whatever the case or situation is, the clog in the hose will need to be removed quickly or the water hose needs to be straightened out.

Having said that there could be other reasons as well that may be triggering this error.

These underlying causes can be identified usually when you start troubleshooting the right way.


Now that you have identified the cause, let’s take a quick look at the next step.

Examine and Troubleshoot the Water Supply Tap 

Now that you know what the problem could possibly be, you can go move a little closer to finding your answer by troubleshooting the problem.

Fortunately, this type of problem is not difficult to find and fix.

Most likely you can avoid calling a professional repairman to make the repairs as fixing a 4c error is pretty straightforward.

Start by examining the tap that supplies the water.

There are chances that either the tap may have gone bad OR the lever inside the tap is not working as expected, due to which the water is not flowing with enough force.

If the water does not flow with enough force, it is not able to fill up the washtub in a set time frame as a result the 4c error may pop up.

If the tap is perfectly fine, check for possible clogging in the tap, at times clogging can also affect the water flow.

So, the bottom line is to start the 4c investigation from the tap that supplies the water.

Examine the Water Hose for a Leak

Once you confirm that all is well with the tap, start examining the water hose for leakage.

Water supply problems can arise from a wide variety of different problems, including the water hose springing a leak.

Therefore, if you want to make sure the error that is on your Samsung washing machine is not a water hose leak, you need to check the hose for holes.

If you find a leak in your hose, you may want to replace it right away and tightly fit the hose if it’s loosely fit.

Make sure the Connection is not Bad or Incorrectly fitted

If the water hose is not defective or leaking in any way, you need to look closely at the state of the water connection behind the washing machine.

This is because the water hose may not be connected properly to the tap, therefore triggering the 4c error code.

Thoroughly, check if the hoses are tightly fit, a loosely fitted hose can also leak.

In some cases, these problems may due to a water hose that does not fit on the hose adapter.

Check the Water Pressure

This is another factor that almost everyone ignores.

Low water pressure may take too long for the washtub to fill, therefore abandoning the wash cycle by popping a 4c error.

The water pressure usually fluctuates when there are multiple taps functional at the same time.

If multiple taps are functional at the same time, simply prioritize which taps you need to be on at one time, OR if you want a permanent fix simply install a motor pump to maintain high-pressure levels.

Check for Clogging in Detergent Tray

This is again a factor that can cause a 4c error due to clogging.

A clogged detergent tray may stop the water from filling the washer freely.

It’s always a good practice to use a High-Efficiency detergent so that it produces fewer suds and allows the water to flow in and out without any hassles.

Using a standard detergent may produce excess suds, thereby making it hard for your washer to detect the water flow.

So, always clean the detergent tray and use a high-quality detergent.

Check for Clogging in Filter

A clogged filter will create a lot of resistance, therefore not allowing the water to flow freely.

Over time, filters may get clogged and end up choking the water flow as a result 4c error is likely to show up.

You can easily clean the filter by either using a homemade solution OR by using ready-made cleaners.

All you need to do is, locate the filter, detach the filter if it’s a detachable one, and apply the cleaning solution.

Post which, clean the filter using hot water and a toothbrush OR a soft brush.

And then, reattach the filter back.

If it’s a non-detachable one, simply apply the solution around the filter and then remove the dirt and debris with a soft brush.

Once the filter is clean, run a clean cycle using hot water settings.

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Operator Problem

As mentioned above, a 4c error in Samsung Washing Machine is not always because there is a problem with the water supply connection, a leaky hose, or a water connector adapter that is fitted right.

A 4c Error may at times also signify an Operator problem.

For instance, if you are putting too much laundry in your washing machine before you turn it on, you may get the 4c error code as a warning.

With this signal, you can correct this problem as an operator quickly by simply removing some of the laundries out of the washing machine. 

Once the load has been lightened, there is a good possibility that this will correct the 4c error code if this was the source of the problem.

Reset the Washing Machine

If none of the steps work, try resetting the washing machine.

In order to reset the washer, simply unplug the washer from the power for a few minutes and then turn the washing machine on to see if the 4c error goes away.

If the error still exists, contact the service center.

Final Thoughts

If your washing machine is giving you a 4c error, it is very important that you find the source of the problem before you can use your washing machine again.

Also, because the 4c error can be caused by a wide range of different things, you need to identify the problem before it can be resolved.

The source of a 4c error code can be anything from a worn-out or faulty hose, or problematic water tap, to an operator problem caused by overloading the machine.

In either case, you will need to troubleshoot each to see which one applies to your 4c error.

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