What is IE Error in LG Washing Machine? (And Solutions)

There are several types of error codes displayed on your washing machine’s display panel in problematic conditions.

The introduction of these cool technology has eased the troubleshooting and pinpoints the exact cause of problems.

In today’s post, we will discuss:

  • What is IE Error in LG washing machine? 
  • How to fix it?
  • Common Questions around the IE error.
  • And More…

Let’s dive into it.

What is IE Error in LG washing machine?

IE error in LG washing machine indicates that the washing machine is unable to fill with water in allotted time OR cannot fill the tub. This could be due to low water pressure levels, Faulty OR choked inlet valve, bent water inlet hoses, OR frozen supply line.

Let’s take a quick look into each of the common factors that could cause IE errors in your LG Washing Machine.

Causes Of IE Error and Solution

Some of the common causes of IE error in your LG washing machine are…

Water Taps

Possibly the source taps that supply water to the washer are not completely open or turned on impacting the water flow towards the washer.

Another possible cause is the water flow force.

There are chances that the pipe is choked and therefore the force at which the water should flow from the taps is not working as expected. 

Solution: Inspect the source water taps and turn them on to their capacity which will allow an adequate water flow to the washer. Also, check for the worn-out water tap lever,  chances are it may have been stuck mid-way and does not move when you turn them on or off. A plumber should be able to diagnose this and fix it.

Low water pressure

The water flow pressure towards the washer may have decreased, this may be due to multiple taps operating at the same time in the household.

If you have a water pressure motor pump installed, chances are it may be faulty.

Solution: Turn off unwanted water taps in the household to increase the water pressure flow towards your washer. If it’s not possible to turn off all the taps, try prioritizing the usage. Lastly, Investigate for any faults with your water pressure motor or check if the motor is turned on.

Bent OR Twisted Water Inlet hoses

Check if the water inlet hoses are Bent OR twisted.

Chances are water inlet hoses may be bent or twisted, thereby causing a blockage in the water supply towards the washer.

Solution: Inspect the hoses from the source up to the inlet valve for any kinks and straighten them to restore the flow. Alternatively simply, reinstall the water inlet hoses.

Clogged water Inlet Filter

The water inlet hoses connect the washtub through a valve, and there are filters installed in these inlet valves.

These filters prevent the debris and other particles to enter the washtub and over time it may get clogged, hence resulting in a decreased water flow.

Solution: Cleaning the inlet filter is quite easy and can be performed within 10 minutes. Let us see how:

  • Turn off the water supply and remove the inlet hoses from the valve with a twist.
  • Pull out the filter from the opening of the inlet valve using your finger.
  • Use a soft brush and a cleaning solution to remove the clogs.
  • Now rinse it with clean water and fix them back.

Frozen supply line

This is a common cause especially in cold regions or during extremely cold weather conditions. The water supply lines freeze and your washer may shoot this error.

Solution: Wait for the temperature to drop below the freezing point. If you have heaters installed then you may use them to keep your laundry room warm.

Final Thoughts

Booster pumps can solve the water pressure issues in your household.

Using the washer with a very low water pressure supply will take a long time to fill the washtub and may also abort the wash cycle.

If you are unsure about the troubleshooting, do not perform the self-troubleshooting as you may end up breaking something.

It’s best to consult an expert if none of the above steps are working.

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Frequently asked questions

Some common questions that are asked.

Can a washer run with low water pressure?

If the water pressure is low, technically the washer will run however it will increase the wash cycle duration. The increased wash cycle duration in long run will hit you on your energy bills. If the water pressure is extremely low get them fixed.

How can I increase the water pressure towards my washer?

If the water supply in your household is low then you may install a booster pump or water pressure motor. This will not only increase the water pressure flow towards your washer but also towards the other water supplies in your household.

How often do I replace the water inlet valve of my washer?

The valves are replaced in the event of wear-outs or being damaged. Regularly cleaning the valves will ensure long life and prevent damage caused due to clogging and limescale formation. Over time limescale formation may lead to damaging the valves and the connected areas. Limescale is formed due to a hard water supply. If the valve is not functional even after washing them, simply replace it.

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