How to stop a washing machine mid-cycle?

Stopping a washer mid-cycle is rare and may be needed in a few exceptional scenarios.

For example, if you have missed out on adding the laundry load that was planned to be washed, or you may have left something in the washer accidentally and realized post-starting the wash cycle.

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Why would you stop a washer mid-cycle?

There may be several reasons why a washer needs to be stopped in mid-cycle.

Let’s discuss a few scenarios.

Leftover objects

At times while being in a hurry OR when you add the load without inspecting the clothes, in such situations, there is a high probability that you may forget your wallet, phone, cash, cards, etc. in your pockets. 

When you start the washer, either you notice the objects tumbling in the washer, OR all of a sudden you realize an object is left inside the pocket.

Malfunctioning Washer

When your washer starts behaving in an unusual way during the wash cycle, you may need to stop the wash cycle as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Let us look at a few behaviors that may force you to stop the washer mid-cycle:

  • If the washer Vibrates in an unusual manner.
  • When you notice Leakages around the washer.
  • The washer makes a loud noise such as a banging or squeaking sound.
  • Heavy Power fluctuations, may affect the motors and other electrical components, therefore you may need to stop the wash cycle.

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Missing Load

You may stop the wash cycle midway in instances where you may have missed adding a specific garment.

There may be a scenario where you have started the wash cycle and then you realize that there are a few more laundry remaining.

In such cases, you may stop the wash cycle so that you can load the remaining laundry.

Wrong Load type

Adding the wrong load type may force you to stop the wash cycle midway.

For example, by error, you have mixed delicates with heavy fabrics or light-colored clothes with dark ones, etc.

Incorrect cycle/wash type

If an incorrect wash cycle is selected, it may lead to stopping the washer mid-cycle.

A classic example would be, if you are loading heavy items and selecting the wash type as delicates, the wash cycle may stop temporarily, and then after auto-correcting, the wash cycle may restart.

If this behavior is re-occurring, then you may need to stop the washing machine mid-cycle.

Likewise, if you selected an incorrect function by error or due to a malfunctioning control display panel a wrong cycle was selected the wash cycle may be interrupted.

Therefore, you may need to stop the wash cycle and run it again by selecting the right settings.

Detergent factor

If you realize that you have added an incorrect cleaning solution to the dispensing tray, then you may have to stop the cycle midway.

For e.g. by error, if you added fabric softener instead of detergent in the detergent dispensing tray and started the wash cycle, you will have to stop it as soon as you realize the mistake to avoid any damage.

How do I stop a washing machine mid-cycle?

Let us discuss a few ways to stop a washer mid-cycle.

Start/Pause button

Most washers have a Start/Pause button available on the display panel.

Simply press the Start/Pause button to stop the washer mid-cycle.

The start/Pause option is available in most modern-day washing machines. This feature is beneficial for users who may want to stop the washer and continue the laundry stuff later due to any specific reason.

Stop Button

Some of the washers have a stop button that is meant to stop the washer at any point.

The washer will come to a halt if this option is chosen.

By choosing this option, may stop the washer and then restart the washer after you are done with the necessary changes to the laundry.

Most washers have a feature to start the wash cycle from the point where it was stopped.

So, if you restart the washer, most likely your washer will start the function from the point where it was stopped.

Manual selection

In most washers, another way of stopping the washer in the mid-cycle is by manually selecting the End or Off option from the control panel.

By doing this a signal triggers the washer to end the cycle and it will drain the water from the washtub.

The only drawback is, that you will have to start all over again.

Unplug the washer

In some instances, you may unplug the washer to disconnect the power supply and stop the washer mid-way.

For e.g. If the control panel is malfunctioning and none of the commands are working, then unplugging the washer will stop the washer mid-cycle.

Note: Unplugging the washer mid-cycle may take a longer time to settle. You may have to wait and restart the washer after some time.

Unplugging the washer should be the last option and you must try to avoid this option.

Use this option only if you don’t have a choice.

Final Thoughts

Stopping the washer mid-cycle in specific events makes sense.

Having said that stopping the washer mid-cycle must be avoided if the situation is avoidable.

Frequently stopping the cycle midway and re-starting the cycle may lead to excessive usage of water and power.

For any uncertainties that you are not sure about while doing the laundry self troubleshooting is not recommended.

For Issues that you don’t have any clue about, always consult an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a quick look into the common questions that are asked frequently.

Is it safe to stop the washer mid-cycle?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to stop a washer mid-cycle. Having said that, stopping a washer mid-cycle may result in excessive consumption of water and power.

For instance, if you stop a front loader in mid-cycle, then it will drain the entire water from the washtub before you could open the door and it will need more water to restart the cycle.

For some Top-Loaders, you may be able to open the door lid during the mid-cycle to add-remove fabrics without draining the water.

Why has my washer stopped mid-cycle automatically?

There are various reasons why your washer may have stopped automatically in the mid-cycle. Possible reasons could be Power fluctuation or a power cut, overloading, burnt motor, a clogged drain (a clogged drain may not allow the spin and drain functions), etc. It’s important to get the issue diagnosed if the washer has stopped in mid-cycle without any underlying cause.

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