What Is Rinse And Spin In LG Washing Machine?

The rinse cycle takes care of washing the clothes with only water, whereas the spin cycle on the other hand removes the water from clothes by spinning them at high RPMs. When these two cycles are combined, it not only removes the excess dirt and soap residue but also removes the excess water from clothes, thereby delivering relatively dry fabrics post-wash.

In the LG washing machine, you can perform a Rinse+Spin cycle by selecting the option available in the display panel. In some models, the option may vary.

Let us discuss the Rinse and Spin cycle in detail.

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What Is Rinse And Spin In LG Washing Machine?

The Rinse and Spin cycles are the final cycles performed by your washer to give the final wash with cleaner water, followed by a high RPM spin to dry the fabrics.

Let us look into the rinse and spin cycle functions.

Rinse cycle

Here are a few factors that make the rinse cycle an important feature in LG washers.

  • The rinse cycle removes the soapy and wastewater used in the initial wash cycle.
  • The washtub is refilled with clean water to remove excess dirt and soapy water with another wash.
  • In some cases, you may repeat the rinse cycle to clean the heavily soiled clothes.

Spin cycle

Usually, a spin cycle is performed after the Rinse cycle is completed.

Here’s why the spin cycle is needed in almost all washers these days.

  • The washer drains the entire water from the washtub in order to proceed with the Spin cycle.
  • Your fabrics are spun at a very high speed to remove the excess water.


Some LG models have this function available in the options menu while some have it available on the cycle dial.

The Rinse+Spin cycle lets the washer perform the final rinse and spin cycle automatically without you having to choose the rinse and spin cycle manually.

There are a few standard and default options available with the Rinse+Spin cycle, some of them are mentioned below:

  • The Spin speed: High, Extra high, No Spin, Low, and medium.
  • Soil leveling: Normal and light.
  • Other options: Extra Rinse and water plus.

Extra Rinse

The Extra Rinse cycle helps to remove the detergent or the bleach residues from your garments.

This extra rinse cycle can be used multiple times to get the desired results.

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Final Thoughts

The rinse cycle cleans the fabrics by refilling the washer with clean water post discharging the soapy and dirty water from the washtub. A Spin cycle removes the excess water from the fabrics.

You may need a longer spin cycle for heavy laundry loads such as towels OR blankets.

If you want to wash heavy laundry items like a jacket or blanket, it’s recommended to run the spin cycle for at least 40 minutes to get the desired results.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions that get asked very often.

Why is my LG washer not spinning?

The spin cycle may not work due to several factors such as:

1.) A clogged drain or a faulty drain pump may be one of the causes of your washer not spinning and that is due to the fact that the spin cycle works only after draining the water from the washtub.
2.) A burnt-out motor may be another factor why the spin cycle is not working.
3.) Power cut or fluctuation may also be one of the reasons why the spin function is not working.
4.) Function panel & Sensors – A faulty display panel or a sensor may be another cause.

You may diagnose the cause of the washer and fix them accordingly, having said that it’s recommended to get the technical faults diagnosed by an expert.

Can I select the spin-only cycle in my LG washer?

Yes, most washers allow you to simply select the spin-only cycle. You may have to manually skip the other options and select the spin cycle through the display panel of your washer. If you have challenges in doing so you may refer to the user manual OR call the manufacturer.

Why is my LG washer vibrating during the spin cycle?

Vibration is normal when the spin cycle is in progress, this is because the inner washtub spins at a very high RPM.

If the washer is spinning in an uneven manner and makes a weird sound along with excess vibration, then you may look into a few factors such as:

1.) Is the washer placed on a plain surface? If not place it on an even surface.
2.) Is the laundry load properly balanced inside the washtub? If not balance the laundry load.
3.) The motor may be faulty.
4.) The washtub belt or the bearings may have worn out.
5.) There may be other underlying causes.

If you are unable to verify OR diagnose the root cause, consult an expert technician who can diagnose the cause by physically inspecting the Washer.

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