How to Iron rayon fabric? (Remove Wrinkles out of rayon)

Rayon fabrics are among the delicate fabrics that need special attention, especially when you want to iron them.

In order to iron a rayon fabric, you should always use a low or medium heat setting and iron only if needed. Also, put a press cloth over the fabric so that the iron doesn’t touch the fabric directly. Having said that, if your iron has a steam feature, use it to get rid of wrinkles safely.

Key Takeaways

  • Rayon fibers are delicate and they are sensitive to high temperatures.
  • It should be ironed at low temperatures by placing a cloth between the fabric and the iron to be on the safe side.
  • It’s best to turn the rayon fabric inside out and spray some clean water over the fabric before ironing them.
  • If possible use steam as the first option to deal with wrinkles and adamant creases.

What is a rayon fabric?

Rayon is a fabric made of fibers that come from regenerated cellulose; these fibers usually come from wood pulp.

To describe rayon fabric in simple words, rayon is a man-made fabric that is made from cellulose fibers. The process of making rayon is a bit complex, as it involves chemical conversion into a soluble compound.

It has the look and feel of natural fabrics, like cotton, linen, and silk, but is generally less expensive.

This is why it is commonly used in garments like dresses, blouses, and skirts. However, you can also find a blend of rayon in home furnishings like curtains and upholstery.

Should you iron rayon fabrics?

Rayon fabrics are sensitive to heat and can burn easily. Therefore, ironing a rayon fabric at high temperatures is not advisable.

However, if you want to iron it, you can place a press cloth between the fabric and the iron, followed by setting the temperature to low heat. It is also recommended that you turn the fabric inside out before you start ironing it.

Also, if you can use a steam iron, then that’s the best option to deal with wrinkles and creases.

Just make sure that the soleplate of the iron is not in direct contact with the fabric to avoid any damage.

That being said, it’s always important to read the care instructions on your garment before you start ironing it.

How to iron rayon fabric safely?

Ironing a rayon fabric needs special attention as the fabric is sensitive to heat.

So, before you get started, make sure that you have all the required supplies ready:

  • Iron (good if it’s a steam iron)
  • Press cloth
  • A Spray bottle with water
  • Ironing board (or some other flat, heat-resistant surface)

Once you have these things, you can follow the steps below to iron your rayon fabric safely.

Step 1: Iron temperature

Since rayon is a delicate fabric, you should use a low heat setting on your iron.

If the care label suggests, you can select medium heat settings or stick to low heat settings.

Don’t worry; setting your iron to the lowest heat setting will still remove wrinkles from your rayon garments.

Most modern-day irons offer delicate settings such as silk or synthetic. Here you can select an appropriate setting and let the iron preheat for a minute.

If you are using a steam iron, make sure to steam the fabric without touching the soleplate of the iron to the fabric.

If you don’t have a steam iron, you can simply use a spray bottle to spray some water over the fabric without making it too damp.

Step 2. Place a pressing cloth

Always place a pressing cloth over a delicate fabric, including rayon, before ironing.

This will prevent direct contact between the iron’s soleplate and the fabric.

Note: You can also use a thin piece of cotton sheet, linen, or a thin towel as a protective layer between the iron and the rayon garments.

Step 3. Gentle motion

Always begin by addressing any wrinkles or creases on the surface of the garment.

If you steamed the fabric as advised in Step 1, just place a cotton cloth over the fabric to perform a final press.

If you are not using a steam iron, spray the water over the fabric, followed by placing a cotton sheet or cloth between the fabric and the iron.

The next step is to hold the iron over the wrinkled area and start moving it back and forth until the wrinkle disappears.

Use a slow, gentle motion when ironing the rayon fabric, and avoid jerky or rapid movements, which can cause more wrinkles.

Step 4: Hang the garment

When you’re done ironing your rayon clothes, you should hang them up to keep wrinkles from coming back.

What is the ideal temperature for ironing rayon fabric?

Ironing rayon fabric is different than ironing other types of fabrics because the heat can easily damage the material in no time. Therefore, you should ideally select the lowest heat setting on your iron. Alternatively, if your iron has a setting for delicate fabrics like silk or synthetic, you can choose that setting.

Rayon Fabric Ironing and Safety Tips

Avoid Overheating

Take utmost care and avoid overheating the garment.

If you notice any smoke or a burning odor, remove the iron immediately and allow the fabric to cool before continuing.

Read the care label

Surprisingly, many people overlook this step while ironing any garment.

As a general rule of thumb, always read the care label before ironing any fabric, as it will guide you on the best temperature to use and other instructions related to cleaning and caring.

Make use of cotton cloth

When you’re ironing a delicate fabric, such as rayon, always use a cotton cloth to cover the fabric, as it helps to protect the fabric from direct heat.

Turn the fabric inside out

Whenever you’re ironing a delicate fabric like rayon, make sure to turn it inside out to prevent any damage from direct heat.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that ironing rayon fabric is a delicate procedure.

It’s important to select the right temperature, use a pressing cloth, and iron with gentle, slow motions.

Also, make sure to hang the garment up as soon as you’re done ironing, as it will help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

That being said, try to limit the frequency of ironing your rayon garments in order to enjoy them for longer and keep them looking new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get wrinkles out of rayon fabric?

Turn the rayon fabric inside out, followed by laying it flat on an ironing board. Next, spray some water or steam the fabric without touching the iron’s soleplate. Then, place a cotton cloth between the fabric and the iron, and iron the area with gentle motions.

Can rayon be ironed at high temperatures?

No, it is not recommended to iron rayon fabric on high heat. Instead, select the lowest heat setting on your iron, and make sure to use a pressing cloth or sheet as a protective layer between the fabric and the iron.

What is cold ironing?

Cold ironing simply means using the lowest heat setting on the iron.

Does ironing rayon shrink it?

Rayon can shrink when exposed to high heat while ironing or drying. Therefore, it is recommended to use the lowest heat setting possible and avoid overpressing the fabric.

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