Kenmore Washing Machine Error Codes: 13 common Errors

If you are operating a Kenmore washing machine, then you may have come across a few instances where your washer comes to a halt and displays a few error codes on the display panels. 

These error codes are usually displayed in form of alphabets, numbers, or alphanumeric combinations.

While it can be irritating at times, it is actually a good thing.

The error codes in the washing machine help to diagnose the error in the right direction and rule out the speculations.

Let us look into the 13 common error codes displayed on the Kenmore washer along with the causes and solutions.

In this post, we will discuss:

  • Kenmore washer top 20 common error codes
  • Causes and Solutions
  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • And More…

Let’s get started.

Error Code IE, F20, or ND

IE, F20 OR ND Error indicates that the washer is either filling slowly or does not fill at all.

Causes of IE, F20 OR ND Error Code & Solution

1. Faucets: Check if the faucets are worn out, if not then turn on the water faucets to their full capacity. Replace the faucet if it’s worn out.

2. Water Inlet Hoses: Water Inlet hoses may be kinked, pinched, or worn out. Inspect the hoses from either end and make sure the hoses are not kinked or pinched. A worn-out or cracked hose should be replaced.

3. Water Valve Filter: The water inlet valve filter may be clogged with debris and hard particles. Locate the water inlet valve at the back top of your washer. Simply disconnect the inlet hose to access the inlet valve and follow the below instructions.

  • Pull and remove the filter using your finger from the valve opening.
  • Clean the inlet filters using a cleaner and a toothbrush OR Soft brush.
  • Rinse it with clean water and fix it back.

4. Water Pressure: Check the water pressure levels on other taps in your house to rule out the water pressure issues. If the water pressure is not sufficient, your washing machine will struggle to fill.

5. Call Plumber: Call a plumber to get the faucet and pressure levels corrected.

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Error Code OE or F21

OE or F21 Error generally appears when the washer drains slowly or not draining at all.

Causes of OE OR F21 Error Code & Solution

1. Drain Hose: Check the drain hose, it could be kinked, pinched, or clogged.

Follow the below steps to fix the drain hose.

  • Unplug the washer and disconnect the water supplies.
  • Detach the drain hose and clear the clogs and kinks.

2. Pump Filter: The drain pump filter may be clogged due to buildups or stuck objects. Simply remove the drain pump filter from the drawer, which is usually located at the front bottom right side of your washer. And then, clear the clogging by inspecting the reachable areas.

Error Code F27 or FE

F27 OR FE error indicates Overflow issues in your Kenmore Washer.

Causes of F27 OR FE Error Code & Solution

This error appears if the washtub is overfilled.

Follow the below instructions to get the issue resolved.

1. Faulty Water Inlet Valve: Check the Water Inlet valve, if it has worn out or if it is damaged, get it replaced.

2. Faulty Water Level Detector: At times you may notice this error is displayed even when the washer is empty. It indicates that the water level is not being detected accurately and you may have to replace the water-level pressure switch.

Error Code F23 or E68

F23 OR E68 Error code indicates a fault with the Heating element.

Causes of F23 OR E68 Error Code & Solution

1. Internal Connection: The internal connection may have turned faulty.

If you are confident enough and advance in electrical inspection then you can unplug the washer and follow the below troubleshooting.

Check the wired connections between the heating element and the main control board for any loose connectivity or disconnectivity.

Use a multimeter if possible to check the electrical continuity and if the circuit is completely dead, you may need to get it repaired.

2. Faulty Heating Element: Another possibility is that the heating element may have turned faulty.

Over time, the heating element may get damaged with extensive usage of your washing machine.

It’s best to get it inspected by an expert and replace the component if suggested.

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Error Code rL or F34

Error rL OR F34 is triggered when the clean cycle detects load.

Causes of rL OR F34 Error Code & Solution

  • To run a clean cycle there shouldn’t be any load left in the washtub.
  • Inspect the washtub thoroughly for any garments left inside and remove them.
  • If you still see the error and the washtub is empty, simply turn off the washer and restart the cycle again.

Error Code E53

The E53 Error message in the Kenmore Washing Machine indicates Low voltage is detected towards the motor control board.

Causes of E53 Error Code & Solution

1. Temporary Power Fluctuation: There must be a temporary power fluctuation.

If you detect any ongoing power fluctuation then simply turn off the washer and wait until it is stable.

2. Loose wires or a faulty harness: Fix any loose wire connection or simply replace the wire harness if it is faulty.

In some cases, you may have to replace the electronic control board if the wire harness works fine.

Such type of issue should be diagnosed by an expert.

Error Code DE, DE1 or DE2

dE, dE1 OR dE2 Error code indicates that the door is not closed properly.

Causes od dE, dE1 OR dE2 Error Code & Solution

This usually happens when the door or the lid is not closed properly.

Give a gentle press to the door to make sure it closes properly.

If that does not help, reopen the door and close it properly and then press the START/PAUSE button.

If it still shows the same error, you may have to call for service.

Error Code UE

UE error generally shows up when the load is too small OR if the load is unbalanced.

Causes of UE Error Code & Solution

The error code indicates that the load is too small to run the specific wash cycle.

Try Adding 1 or 2 similar items to help balance the load and resume the cycle.

The washer has an imbalance detection and correction system.

If individual heavy laundry items are loaded (bath mat, bath robe, etc.) and the imbalance is significant, the washer will make several attempts to restart the spin cycle.

If an imbalance is still detected, the washer will stop and the error code UE may show up.

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Error Code TE

TE error code in Kenmore washing machine indicates Unresponsive system control. It means, that there is an error with system controls.

Causes of TE Error Code & Solution

TE Error shows up because the system control has failed to operate the washer.

Such error codes can be fixed by refreshing the washer or through a reset.

  • Turn off the washer and unplug from the power supply.
  • Wait for about a couple of minutes and restore the power supply.
  • Now turn ON the washer and check if the error has disappeared

If the error reappears, you will have to call for a service.

Error Code PE

PE Error Code in a Kenmore washer indicates a faulty water level sensor.

Causes of PE error code and Solution

There can be many reasons why this happens, some of the common underlying causes are damaged sensors, excess suds, and faults in the washer’s drainage system.

In order to get the issue resolved, Turn off and restart the washer after a couple of minutes to refresh the sensing system.

Try clearing clogging from the pump filter, and the valves if the issue still exists.

If your washer still shows the same error, it’s likely that the switch or electrical components inside the washer math have been compromised.

Call an expert to diagnose and fix the cause. 

Error Code LE

LE error indicates a Fault with the main motor.

Causes of LE error code and Solution

An error with the main motor may have occurred possibly due to Overloading, Overheating, Faulty connections, or a Damaged or Burned motor.

Check if the washer is excessively loaded.

If yes, remove some load from the washer and allow the washer to rest for 30 minutes, and then restart the cycle.

If nothing works, try resetting the washer and see if that helps.

If the LE error code persists, then you may need to call an expert who will be able to diagnose the actual cause and help you with a fix.

Error Code PF

PF Error Code indicates incomplete wash cycle due to power failure OR power-related problems.

Causes of PF Error Code and solution

When the power supply to the washer is interrupted during a wash cycle, the PF error code will show up.

To clear the error code simply run any other wash cycle.

Error Code SUD or SD

This error code is extremely common and easy to debug.

SUD OR SD error in a Kenmore washer indicates excessive suds in the washer.

Causes of SUD OR SD Error and solution

Your washer will stop and show SUD OR SD error if excessive suds are detected during the wash cycle in order to avoid any leakage.

In most cases, such types of errors go away when you turn the washer off and on and restart the wash cycle after some time.

Excess suds are usually caused due to usage of excessive OR unsuitable detergent types.

It’s recommended to use a high-quality detergent and avoid pouring them in excessive quantities.

Final Thoughts

Most error codes can be simply fixed at home through DIY techniques unless there is a technical fault in your washer.

For any error that you are unsure about, simply refer to the user manual under the troubleshooting section.

Do not indulge in fixing major errors, especially the ones that you are unsure about as there are chances that you may end up damaging the washer and voiding the warranty.

Always follow all the safety precautions and do not hurry into any DIY fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these strange letters blinking on my washer display?

If you notice a couple of alphabets or alphanumeric codes then this is most probably an error code that is indicating a problem with your washer. Most washing machines have a sensing mechanism to identify the possible cause that interrupts your laundry. You may simply look into the user manual of your washer model and fix them accordingly.

Why can’t I get rid of the error code on my washer?

Some error codes on the washer cannot be cleared by a restart or switching the wash programs. In order to clear any error code, you may have to fix the underlying cause indicated by your washer through the error code. It’s always best to look into the user manual’s troubleshooting section of your washer model OR contact the manufacturer’s helpline for more information.

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