What is Soil Level in Washing Machine?

Soil Level setting is one of the most confusing options in any washing machine, as there is very limited information available on ideal settings even in the instruction manuals of most modern-day washing machines.

Most people don’t even know what the soil level setting is for and how to use it.

Let’s try to understand what is soil level? and how to use it the right way?

What is Soil Level in Washing Machine?

Soil Level setting is a feature that allows you to select the ideal washing intensity depending on how dirty your clothes are and the type of fabric being washed. Most washers have three types of settings, they are Light, Normal, and Heavy. Depending on the fabric type and dirt levels, you should choose the most relevant settings.

Soil level plays a key role in not only cleaning the clothes efficiently but also retaining the quality of fabric in long run. You simply shouldn’t choose any random soil levels for any type of fabric and avoid using high soil levels for delicate fabrics that are lightly soiled OR not too dirty.

We have already covered the ideal settings in detail below, more on that later.

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What does Heavy OR Medium soil mean on a washing machine?

Heavy OR Medium soil simply refers to a setting you choose based on how badly your clothes are soiled. The higher the amount of dirt, the higher would be the soil settings. High Soil settings are generally selected when your clothes are covered in excess dirt OR mud.

For heavy items, such as jeans and blankets with patches of excess dirt OR mud, selecting a High-Soil setting makes sense. Likewise, for delicate fabrics that are lightly soiled, light settings should suffice.

Let’s take a quick look at the ideal soil level settings in different scenarios below.

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What Soil Level should you use?

Choosing an appropriate soil setting is extremely important if you want optimum results out of your washer without damaging the fabric. It’s always easy to select a High-Soil setting and expect amazing results.

But wait, High does not always mean better.

High soil setting for delicate fabric will cause wrinkling and it’s harsher as compared to the other two settings. Since the washer uses its full capacity in a High Soil setting, there are good chances that your fabric’s service life may reduce in the long run if it’s washed in a high soil level setting.

Here’s a sample soil-level setting that will give you a good idea of choosing the right setting.

Fabric TypeSoil Settings
Jeans and Blankets with mild to medium dirt levelsNormal
Jeans and Blankets with high dirt levelsHigh
T-Shirts, Inner-wears, Track Pants, and Down Jackets soiled heavilyNormal
T-Shirts, Inner-wears, Track Pants, and Down Jackets with mild to medium dirt levelsLight
Silk and delicate fabrics with mild to medium dirt levelsLight
Silk and delicate fabrics with mild to medium dirt levelsLight/Normal

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Does Soil Level Add more water?

Different soil level settings need different water levels to operate efficiently. The lowest setting may use the least amount of water and have shorter washing cycles as compared to Normal and High Soil settings.

So, selecting Low-Soil settings will have less intensity, use less water and complete the washing cycle much faster, it’s much softer than the other two settings. Likewise, Medium settings will operate at a slightly higher intensity and have longer washing cycles.

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Is soil level the same as the water level?

Technically Yes, the higher the soil level settings, the more water your washer will use. Having said that soil level is not the only setting that determines the water level, there are other settings too, along with the soil level settings that determine the ideal water level. For example, A gentle rinse with high soil settings may still use less water.

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Final Thoughts

Selecting an ideal soil level setting plays a crucial role in optimizing the washer’s efficiency. Right Soil level settings depend on the type of fabric you want to wash and the extent to which it’s soiled.

It’s always best to refer to instruction manuals to find out the ideal settings, if you don’t have any specific information mentioned, you can use the table above to get a rough idea.

Lastly, always use a gentle wash and low soil level settings for delicate fabrics to avoid any damage in long run.