How Long Is Spin Cycle On Washing Machine?

A Spin cycle can last up to 3 minutes and generally starts after completing the main wash cycle.  During the spin cycle, the spin speed of a washer may reach anywhere between 800 to 1400 RPM depending on the type of washer. A front-load washer will always have a higher RPM compared to a top loader.

In short, the spin cycle gives a final touch to your fabrics by helping them to dry faster. This is achieved by spinning the laundry load inside the washer at very high RPMs.

Note: RPM is referred to spin speed and it stands for Rotation Per Minute

So, a complete wash cycle may last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes, out of which a high-speed spin cycle lasts only up to 3 minutes max depending on the fabric type.

Most modern washers have a timer on the display panel where you can easily track the duration of each wash cycle.

What is the average Spin speed of a spin cycle in a washer?

The spin speed of a washer depends on the load type, the model of your washer, and the type of washer.

On average, a top loader may have a spin speed of 650 to 1300 RPM depending on the washer type.

Whereas, a Front-Load washer will have a higher RPM that ranges anywhere between 800 to 1500 RPM.

Some heavy-duty washers may even spin at 1800 RPM and beyond.

Having said that, high RPM does not mean, your washer will run at its maximum spin speed all the time.

The spin speed will vary depending on the load and the wash type that you selected initially.

Why is my Washer taking so long to complete the spin cycle?

There are many factors that can cause your washer to prolong the wash or spin cycle.

Let’s take a quick look at some common factors that may prolong the wash and spin cycle.

Larger loads

If you have included larger loads such as blankets, then it is common for a washer to extend the wash duration.

Heavily Soiled Fabrics

Loading heavily soiled fabrics with the regular wash cycle may prolong the wash cycles and may also make your washer repeat the cycle for better cleaning.

You can always pre-wash heavily soiled fabrics for better results.

Uneven Loads

If the fabrics are loaded in an uneven manner, the wash cycle may be interrupted.

Simply pause the cycle and place the fabrics evenly by distributing a balanced load in the washtub.

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Too much Suds

Using an unsuitable detergent or using an excessive quantity of detergent may result in producing too many Suds.

The washer may require multiple rinse cycles to clear the suds resulting in a longer wash cycle.

Always use a suitable detergent i.e use HE detergents for HE washers.

Can I use the spin-only cycle in my washer?

Yes, a spin-only cycle can be selected in most cases.

If the regular spin cycle does not give you the desired results, you may simply, repeat the spin-only cycle.

Depending on your washer type you may manually select the spin-only cycle by skipping the other cycles.

This can be done through your washer’s control panel.

Note: Avoid repeating the Spin only cycle multiple times at one go. This may put a lot of stress on the motor that spins the wash tub.

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Does higher spin damage your clothes?

Higher spin speed is suited for heavy laundry items such as towels, denim, Jackets, cotton clothes, etc.

So, there is always a possibility of damaging the delicate fabrics if you choose a high spin speed for sensitive fabrics such as silk or sportswear.

It’s recommended to select the right wash cycle to avoid any damage.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selecting the wrong wash cycle program not only increases the wash cycle but also damages the delicate fabrics.

With that said, you will rarely need to use the spin-only function as most automatic washers these days tend to complete all the cycles one after the other without needing any manual intervention.

Lastly, running a repeated spin cycle at one go is definitely not recommended as it can easily burn out the motor.

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