How to replace the door boot on a Front-load Washer?

To replace the door boot on a front-load washer, unscrew and remove the front and top panels. Next, detach the boot from the wash drum by releasing the spring clamp. Then, gently pull out all the hoses from the door boot to release them from the drum. Finally, before you put the new door boot in, make sure to clean off the surface of any debris.

Key Takeaways

  • A door boot or a rubber ring is a seal that prevents leakage from the door of a front-load washing machine.
  • It is found behind the door of the front-load washer and surrounds the edges of the wash drum. Once you close the washer’s door it offers a rigid airtight locking.
  • If the door boot wears out over time, it can cause leakage from the door or the bottom of your washing machine.
  • Make sure to refer to the user manual of your washer’s model before troubleshooting.
  • Be sure to check if the washer is still under warranty before replacing the door boot or self-troubleshooting.

What is a door boot in a front-load washer?

The door boot is a rubber-like ring seal that surrounds the door of a front-load washer.

It helps prevent water from leaking out through the door or the bottom of your washing machine.

You will find a metal ring or a spring clamp to secure the door boot over the washer’s drum.

Over time, the door boot can become ripped or damaged, causing leaks.

So, if your washer leaks water from the door or the bottom, it is likely due to a problem with the door boot.

Replacing the door boot is a relatively simple repair that can be done at home.

How does the door boot seal wear out?

In most cases, the door boot seals can wear and tear due to aging.

Another factor is the non-maintenance of the door seal areas.

There is always a chance that mold and mildew will grow on things that are frequently used but not cleaned often.

Mold and mildew can deteriorate the door boot seal over time. Therefore, you should regularly clean the door seal areas without fail.

Additionally, if you’re careless when cleaning, there’s a good chance that you’ll tear the door boot seal.

With all that said, some common factors that cause the door boot seal to wear out or be damaged are zips, Velcro, sharp objects, metallic objects, or anything that can snag on the door boot.

It is essential to keep these things away from the door boot seal to prevent any damage.

What are the symptoms of a damaged door boot in a front-load washer?

The most common symptom of a damaged door boot is leakage.

If your washing machine is leaking water from the door or bottom, then it is most likely due to a problem with the door boot.

With that said, it’s common for doors to not close properly. So, if the doors are not closing fully, it can be a sign that the door boot is not sealing properly.

How to replace the door boot on a front-load washing machine?

Replacing a door boot on a front-load washer is easy and does not require any special prep work.

Here’s how you can replace the door boot in six easy steps.

Step 1: Unplug the washer and move it aside

In order to work on the washer comfortably, you will need to unplug the power cord and turn off the water supplies, including the drain hose.

Step 2: Detach the Top panel along with the control panel

The next step is to detach the top panel along with the control panel.

You can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the washer that secures the top panel.

Look at the backside as well as the side of the washer to locate the screws that support the top panel.

Once you have located the screws that support the top panel you can unscrew it.

Next, gently pull the top panel and lift it up.

Once you have detached the top panel, remove the control panel from the cabinet by unscrewing it.

You may also need to remove the dispenser drawer from the dispenser housing by releasing the locking tab at the rear.

Once you have pulled out the detergent dispenser, unscrew the screws located near the dispenser.

Now, you can detach the control panel.

Step 3: Detach the front panel

Now, you will have to disassemble the front panel to get complete access to the door boot.

Start by opening the drain pump filter located at the bottom front side.

Next, unscrew the plastic pump housing to take it off, and then unscrew the screw from the bottom of the front panel.

Step 4: Unplug the wire harness

The next step is to unplug the wire harness connections heading to the control panel.

You can do this by pressing on the release tabs and simply gliding the connections apart. This will allow you to pull the control panel off the washer.

Step 5: Remove the old door boot

If you have access to the outer spring pliers, then simply use them to stretch the spring clamp and remove it from the door boot.

Now, to remove the rubber door boot, carefully unclip it from the lip around the opening of the tub.

Alternatively, you can use a putty knife to pry the old door boot off of the inner door panel.

Be careful not to damage the door panel surface.

Next, disconnect the wire harness from the door lock assembly and pull the front panel off the washer.

There are a few hoses clamped to the door boot, so you may remove the spring clamps and pull all of the hoses out with pliers.

From the front, gently pull the old door boot off the washtub.

Lastly, do not forget to transfer the hose clamps from the old door boot to the replacement boot. 

Step 5: Clean the surface and install the new door boot

Clean any dirt or debris from the surface of the inner door panel where the new boot will be installed.

Then, place the new door boot on the front lip of the tub and gently align it to the edges.

Connect the hoses back to the new door boot correctly and position the spring clamp on the lip with the spring.

This will secure the door boot firmly over the wash drum.

Step 6: Reassemble the washer

Reassemble everything back together by reversing the steps and running a test cycle to make sure the washer isn’t leaking.

Note: Avoid over-tightening the bolts or screws in the reassembling process.

Final Thoughts

A door boot seals the washer’s drum from the front and connects to the door when closed.

It is an important part of a front-loading washer because it stops or prevents leaks during a wash cycle.

A torn door boot can cause leakage in your laundry room. Therefore, it is important to replace them in the event of wear-out.

In some front-loaders, the door boot can be accessed after opening the door. But it is better to disassemble the washer and replace it carefully.

Replacing a door boot does not require you to be a certified technician.

The overall process is pretty straightforward.

That being said, if you are confused, it’s best to reach out to a professional who can install it for you.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the warranty before replacing the door boot, as some manufacturers may cover this part if your washer is still under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all washer door boots the same?

No, the door boot seal differs according to the type and model of your washing machine. You will have to get a replacement door boot as per the model number of your washer.

What is the cost of a washing machine door boot?

The average cost of a door boot seal can range from $50 to $150 depending on your washer’s model and type. Moreover, the cost will vary after including labor charges.

Where can I buy a washing machine door boot from?

You can buy a door boot seal from a local washer and dryer parts dealer or through an online platform such as Amazon.

How long do the door boots last?

In general, a door boot may last for more than 13 years, or as long as your washer lasts. However, the lifespan of a door boot is entirely dependent on how well you have maintained your washer.

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