Where to Find the Model Number On Washing Machine?

Model numbers or model names are basically a combination of alphabets, numbers, or alphanumeric characters representing the manufacturer, brand, appearance, and specifications of a washing machine.

This is a comprehensive guide to finding the model number on your washing machine.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • Why do you need the model number of your washer?
  • Locating the Model Numbers
  • Common Questions
  • Lots More…

Let’s get started.

List of Brands Covered

This guide primarily covers the below brands and is also applicable to all the major Washing Machine manufacturing brands.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • Amana
  • Haier
  • Panasonic
  • Speed Queen
  • And More…

Why do you need the model number of your washer?

There are various reasons why you may need the model number of your washing machine.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the important reasons.

To Obtain the Specifications

You may need to know the exact model number in order to obtain detailed information using online platforms about the washer such as the year of manufacture, type of washer, available wash programs, other detailed specifications, etc. 

To Resolve Queries

When you call your washer’s manufacturer helpline for queries such as service or repairs, or to know the warranty details, or any other washer-related information then you will need to have your washer’s model number handy. This will help you in obtaining precise information about your washer.

Error Codes

To fix the error codes displayed by your washer you will need the model number of your washer in order to correlate the error with the model number.

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To replace a damaged component or buy a spare part

If you want to replace a specific damaged component of your washer or want to buy a spare part for your washer, then you will need the model number handy in order to get the right spare part.

For e.g. If the drain motor pump of your washer has been damaged, you may need the identical replacement of your washer using the model number.

Online Guide

In order to download the user manual guide online for your washer, you will need the model number because user manuals give you the complete specification of the washer along with the comprehensive guide from setting up the washer, to dismantling and scrapping the washer, etc.

Buying and Selling

For buying or selling a washer, the model number becomes useful in identifying the specifications including the year of manufacture that are easily available online.


To secure your washer you may need a suitable washing machine stand or a cover.

In order to buy the right accessory for your washer, you will need to know the model number of your washer.

Where do I find the model number on my washing machine?

It becomes challenging when you have a specific query about your washer that demands you to present the model number and you have no idea where and how to locate this info.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the common and most prominent places where you are likely to find your washer’s model number.

On the Control Panel or Console

The most common place to locate the model number on your washing machine is on the control panel or console.

The model number of your washer will be generally located:

  • On the back of the control panel
  • On the top of the control panel
  • On the side of the control panel

Product Package Box

The washers are delivered with safety packaging to protect the machine from any kind of damage during transit.

The product package box generally contains all the information about your washer such as the model number, date of manufacture, power consumption details, the list of inclusions and accessories, etc.

If you still have the box in which your washer was delivered then you can locate the model number on this box.

User manual

User manuals or user guides can help you locate the model number of your washer as these manuals include all the information about your washer.

You can easily get the model number printed on both the front cover and inside the user manual booklet of your washer.

Warranty Cards

Warranty cards are in the form of tiny booklets similar to the user manuals.

Along with the warranty details, year of manufacture, and date of purchase you will find the washer’s model number mentioned in the warranty booklet.

Invoice Receipt / Purchase Bill

When you purchase a washer, a printed bill is presented as proof of purchase (POP).

These bills carry a few important details about the washer including the model number. 

You must have kept the POP somewhere for your records, you can refer to that to locate the model number of your washer.

Electronic bills

Most often we opt for paperless bills, that are usually sent through an email.

You may simply sign in to your email and locate the bill to get the model number of your washer.

On your Washing Machine

The manufacturers usually patch stickers or a tiny rectangular metal plate containing information about your washer.

You will find the model number on these stickers which are placed at easily visible spots on your washing machine.

Outer Walls

Be it any washer type, simply look around your washer to locate the sticker label on the sides of the exterior.

You may start from the top and inspect the sides of your washer such as the front, back, left, or right, outer walls.

Sticker labels are usually located either at the top left or right corners OR bottom left or right corners on the outer walls.

If not found on the outside of the exterior walls, then you may locate them on the inside walls of the outer cover.

Simply unscrew the outer panels and you may start from the back panel as the first step. 

Unscrewing the back panel has a higher possibility of locating the sticker on the inside wall.

Refer to the image below to get an idea of the label stickers on the outer walls of a washer.

Door or the Lid

You may find the model number engraved behind the door.

Simply open the door and look around the door frame for a sticker label.

Other Stickers

You may find several stickers on your washer with instructions and safety warnings, for e.g. look at a few images below:

The below sticker is located above the water inlet valve with instructions on what to do if the water pressure is low.

The below sticker is placed under the door and above the detergent dispenser with warnings and instructions:

In some cases, you may find the model numbers on such types of stickers as well.

Washer Dryer Stacked Combos

Simply follow the above steps the only addition is to look inside the dryer door or inside the door jamb of the dryer.

Final Thoughts

Model numbers and serial numbers are printed on a label that can be easily located on your washer’s outer body itself.

To obtain the accurate parts or components that fit your washer, you will need to have the model number.

Model numbers act as an identity using which you will be able to easily obtain all the details of your washing machine such as year of manufacture, washer type, and all the other specification.

Lastly, to self-troubleshoot any issue, you need to know the model number as the error codes may differ from model to model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that are asked frequently.

Where is the serial number of my washing machine?

The serial number and the model number of your washer can be located on your washing machine in the sticker attached to your washer’s outer body. These stickers are positioned in such a way that it is easy-to-find. You may also locate the model number around the display panel or around the door jamb of your washer.

What are these stickers on my top load washer for?

The stickers on your washer have several details about the washer such as ratings, model, serial numbers, etc. You may also notice stickers placed around the operating components with warnings and safety instructions.

How do I obtain the user manual for my washer?

To get the user manual or the user guide of your washing machine you can easily download them from the various online platforms or from the manufacturer’s website by simply using the model number of your washer. Alternately you can call the washer manufacturer’s helpline number to get the manual.

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