Why does the washing machine sound like a helicopter?

Loud noise from a washer is an indication of worn-out or loose internal components. It can be anything from Worn-out tub bearings to drive belts. At times the washer may make a loud noise if there is any foreign object stuck inside.

A loud noise from a washer is not a normal thing and needs immediate attention.

These sounds are typically heard during the spin cycle when the washtub spins at a very high RPM with the load.

Let’s take a quick look at the causes of loud sound in the washer.

Why does the washing machine sound like a helicopter?

Your washing machine may sound like a Helicopter if any of the below components are malfunctioning OR have completely worn out.

Worn-out drum drive belts

 Worn-out drive belts of the wash drum are one of the common causes of helicopter-like sound coming from your washer. 

Tub Bearings

Worn-out tub bearings could be another possible cause of creating a loud helicopter-like noise from the washer.

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Broken drum

A broken drum may generate a sound like a helicopter usually during the spin cycle. This sound is possibly created by the broken drum banging with the outer tub during the wash cycle.

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Agitator malfunction

In most older washers an agitator is used to wash fabrics during the wash cycle.

These agitators are like a long and vertice spindle placed at the center of the washtub inside the washer.

If your washer functions using a broken agitator, there is a possibility of unusual sound.

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Imbalance or Overload

Uneven loading or overloading may result in a loud noise coming off the washer. An overloaded washtub creates a lot of pressure on the wash drum and the motor, there are chances of the wash drum spinning in an uneven manner, thereby creating a loud noise.

Concrete weight

Do you know that there is a concrete sheet placed at the base of the washer in order to balance the washer?

The possibility of concrete weight in the washer has become loose, therefore it may create a loud noise like a helicopter during the wash cycle.


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Final Thoughts

Apart from cleaning the washer at regular intervals, you may also consider getting your washer serviced at regular intervals.

It’s recommended to get the service done once every 3 to 4 months depending on your usage.

Do not hesitate to consult an expert for any issues that you are unsure of.

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Frequently asked questions

Some common FAQs.

Why is my washer making a weird noise while spinning?

If the washer is making an unusually weird noise while spinning then you may have to look into various factors such as improper loading, a damaged washtub belt, worn-out bearings, malfunctioning motor, etc.

The first step is to check if the washer is overloaded or if the fabrics are placed in an uneven manner. If the laundry load factor does not resolve the issue, then you may have to seek an expert’s advice to dig into the other technical factors.

Is it safe to use the washer with faulty bearings?

It is not recommended to use the washer with faulty bearings, as it may cause severe damage to the other components of your washer. Although the washer will run with mildly worn-out bearings, replacing them at the earliest is always a good idea.

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