Can you replace the door glass on a washing machine?

In a Nutshell

In general, broken or damaged glass on the washer’s door can be replaced. However, some top-load models may require changing the entire door itself. So, depending on your washing machine model you can either replace the broken glass or replace the door.

Key Takeaways

  • To replace the glass in a washing machine door, first, remove the screws securing the door, then separate the inner frame and door hinge. Replace the glass, refit the door hinge and inner frame, and check the door handle operation before securing the screws.
  • You can get the replacement glass for your particular washer with the help of the model number online or through the local washer parts dealer.
  • The replacement process is easy and it can be done yourself using basic hardware tools (Only if your washer allows you to replace the glass).
  • Not all washing machines will allow you to change the glass, in some models you may need to replace the whole door assembly.

What causes washing machine door glass to break?

There can be several reasons why the glass in a washing machine door can break, including:

Mechanical stress

Overloading the washing machine or slamming the door too hard can put significant stress on the glass, causing it to crack or break.

Manufacturing defects

Sometimes, the glass may be weak or have a manufacturing defect that makes it more susceptible to breaking, even with normal use.

Age (regular wear and tear)

Over time, the repeated expansion and contraction of the glass due to changes in temperature and pressure can weaken it, making it more likely to break.

Hard Objects

There is always a possibility of a hard object breaking the glass in a washing machine door.

For example, if a coin, a small rock, or a metal zipper from clothing were to get lodged in the door seal and bang against the glass repeatedly during the wash cycle, it could cause the glass to break.

During Transit or movement

A single impact event can easily break the glass of the washing machine’s door, such as the machine being dropped or hit.

This can occur in the event of moving the washer from one place to another for various reasons.

It can be that you are in the process of servicing or troubleshooting the washing machine and need to move it aside.

In such a situation, the glass of the door may break if the door is struck by something.

Hence, you should always be very careful while moving your washing machine. 

Also, at times, it may happen that you want to remove the entire front panel of the machine, which may involve detaching the door.

If the instructions were not followed correctly, the washer’s entire door, including the glass, could be damaged. 

It is common for glass to break when you are moving the washing machine, and if it is not handled with the utmost care, even a small mistake can cause considerable damage.

How to replace the glass in a washing machine door?

To replace the door glass on your washing machine, first, make sure it can be replaced without having the entire door attachment replaced.

You can always contact the helpline number of the manufacturer for more clarity on this.

That being said, you can also refer to the user manual of your washer model and see if the glass can be replaced or not.

Alternatively, you can contact a professional washer repairman.

Another factor in replacing the glass on the door of your washer is to check for its availability.

This is because not all washer models may have the glass available for instant delivery.

So, once you have confirmed that the glass on the washer’s door can be replaced, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Turn off the washer from the power

Unplug or disconnect your washing machine from the power, to begin the replacement process.

Step 2: Detach the door from the washer

To replace a broken door glass, you will need to detach the door or lid from the machine.

Start by removing the screws that secure the hinges to the washer.

Some washing machine models will either have one or two hinges that are usually secured using two or more screws.

Make sure to hold the door firmly while removing the hinges because there is always a chance of it falling off.

Once you remove the hinges, lift the door and place it on a table upside down (with the inside of the door facing up).

Step 3: Separate the door frames

The glass is fixed between the ring frame of the door, which is usually secured with 4 or 5 screws.

The screws are usually at the back of the door frame, so look around the frame for the screws at its back.

Once you unscrew them, the frames will be separated, and the glass can be removed.

That being said, after removing the screws, you may need to prise the adjoining edges of the door frame.

You can use a flathead screwdriver or a putty knife to separate the frames carefully.

Next, carefully remove the broken glass from the door frame and keep it aside to trash it later.

Step 4: Install the replacement door glass

Most door glasses are curved on one side, like a bowl, and they go inside the machine as you close the door.

The other side of the door glass is usually flat, which is the front side of the door. Some glasses come in a combination of curved and flatter sides together.

However, some models will have separate glass sets, and you will need to align them accordingly.

To install the replacement door glass, start by placing the replacement glass over the frame of the washer’s door and aligning it properly.

Remember, the curve-like bowl (glass) should face the machine, and the flat side should face the outside.

Now, place the outer ring frame and align it according to the grooves available on the bottom frame.

Press the frames gently from the edges to lock them into the tabs before securing the screws.

Next, start securing the screws that hold the frames together, and do not forget to screw the door catch into its place.

Carefully, lift the door, align the hinges with their positions on the washing machine, and screw them firmly.

Step 5: Run a test cycle

Once you have successfully replaced the glass on the door of your washing machine, it is time to test the washer by running a cycle to make sure it works like before and there are no signs of a leak from the door.

Final Thoughts

The glass on a washing machine door is usually strong and durable, but it can break due to a sudden impact or force, especially if something hard hits the glass.

In some cases, the door glass may break even if there is no apparent damage to the washing machine, and this can be a cause of manufacturing defects, aging, or possible flaws.

You should contact the manufacturer of the washer immediately if the washer is new and the glass breaks for no reason.

However, if the washer is old and the glass breaks, you can replace it yourself, as the process does not require much expertise or technical skills.

Simply determine whether the glass can be replaced or not, and if so, whether replacement glass is readily available.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable replacing the glass yourself, then it is best to contact a professional to do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the washing machine with a broken door glass?

It is not recommended to use a washing machine with cracked or broken glass on the door. It will lead to leakage from the washer’s door and may impact other components of the washer. Also, the performance of the washer may be affected, resulting in a lack of efficiency and an increase in energy and water consumption.

Can you only have the washer door’s glass replaced?

Most front-load washing machines’ door glass can be replaced without having to change or replace the whole door. However, you may need to change the entire frame for top-load washers. You should always refer to the user manual of your washing machine type and model for more information or simply contact the manufacturer.

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