How to run a diagnostic on Samsung washing machine?

Putting a Samsung washing machine through a diagnostic test can help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Self-diagnosis is a great feature to have, as it rules out the guesswork, detects common problems, and suggests simple troubleshooting steps.

You can run a diagnostic on your Samsung washing machine in just a few easy steps.

Here’s how you can run the diagnostic on a Samsung washing machine.

Make use of Smart check function

If your Samsung washing machine has a Smart Check feature, you can use it to diagnose any issues.

In other words, the “Smart Check” feature lets the washing machine find problems and show the correct error codes. It monitors the error and helps detect possible issues to ease the troubleshooting process.

Using Smart Check feature

To use this feature, press and hold Rinse Times and Spin Times for 3 seconds at the same time to enter Smart Check mode.

Once it’s in smart check mode, the washer will automatically do a self-check and show error codes if there are any problems or errors.

Decoding the Error code

To figure out what the error code means, open the Samsung washing machine app on your phone and tap the “Smart Check.” option.

Next, bring your mobile device close to the washing machine’s display, so they are facing each other. The app will automatically figure out the error code and explain it in a way that is easy to understand.

Note: You will need to install the app on your phone by either going to the Samsung website or directly from Playstore (For Android devices) or iOS AppStore (For Apple Devices).

Check the manual

If you still can’t figure out what the error code means, your best bet is to check the owner’s manual.

The owner’s manual that comes with most Samsung washing machines has a list of all possible error codes and what they mean.

Note: In some models, there is a dedicated button for “Smart Check,” while in other models, you may need to follow the above procedure.

Diagnosis using Calibration Mode

Calibration mode helps to diagnose possible issues related to laundry weight.

Before beginning to use your washing machine, you can run the calibration mode in order to optimize the weight sensors.

So, if you have done any work on your Samsung washer, it’s recommended to run the calibration mode at least once to ensure everything is working as expected.

Note: This mode can also be used to diagnose any issue related to weight or imbalance.

Entering Calibration mode

In order to run the calibration mode, press the “Temp” and “Delay End +” buttons for 3 seconds. This will result in a CB code appearing on the screen after 3 seconds.

Next, you will need to wait until the test is complete.

In order for the test to be considered complete, the drum must spin both clockwise and counterclockwise for three minutes, followed by the washer shutting down.

Once the cycle is complete, the washer will shut down automatically (this means the washer is ready to use).

Washer reset

If your Samsung washer displays an error and you believe it is not due to a major problem or underlying cause, perform a simple reset.

If a reset does not fix the issue, i.e., if the error code reappears, the problem is more serious and you need to diagnose it further.

Examining the problem number and making use of resources like the user guide, the Samsung website, or even just giving them a call will help you get started in figuring out what’s wrong.

Final Thoughts

Diagnosing Samsung washing machines can be tricky, especially when you don’t have the Smart Check feature on your washer.

If you don’t have the Smart Check feature, you can always try a combination of diagnostics, like the calibration mode or washer reset, and examine the error code from the user manual.

It is always better to use an expert service if you suspect the issue is more serious so that you can make sure your machine is running properly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my unbalanced Samsung washing machine?

You can balance your Samsung washing machine by redistributing the load and segregating the large and small items. Try not to mix loads of large and small items together. And most importantly, keep the capacity of the washing machine in mind when loading your laundry.

Do all Samsung washers have the Smart Check feature?

No, not all Samsung washers have the Smart Check feature. It’s available on a few selected models of the latest Samsung washing machines.

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