How to manually drain the Godrej Eon Washing Machine?

To drain your Godrej Eon washing machine manually:

  • Unplug the washer and disconnect the water inlet and drain hose.
  • Now, move the washer away from the back wall to remove the panel.
  • Inspect the drain hose and clear any clogs.
  • Next, locate the emergency draining switch at the back of the washer (usually located at the bottom of the drum).
  • Pull the switch gently to release the wastewater from the washer’s drum.

Godrej is an Indian brand that manufactures several household appliances, including washing machines.

Eon is one of the popular top-load washing machine models from Godrej and is also among the top-selling list.

It includes a manual draining switch-like knob at the bottom of the wash drum.

This knob is used to drain the water manually if the washer does not drain automatically.

It is a fairly easy task and can be done using basic hardware tools in a short time.

Why do you drain the Godrej washer manually?

The need to drain your Godrej washer manually arises due to many factors.

Here are some common reasons why you may want to consider manual draining.

  • The drain hose is clogged with debris and other build-ups such as mold and mildew or due to lint accumulation.
  • There can be stuck foreign objects blocking the water from draining.
  • The washer isn’t draining automatically due to a fault with the drain motor or the sensor.
  • It can also happen that there is a power cut and the clothes are lying submerged in water.

Whatever the reason, draining the Godrej Eon washer manually can be done by following the right steps carefully.

Where is the drain switch located in a Godrej Eon washer?

It is usually located at the bottom of your Godrej washer. To access it you will have to remove the back panel of your washing machine and look below the drum. To be precise, it is typically installed between the drain motor and the drain assembly.

How to manually drain the Godrej Eon washing machine?

Step 1: Unplug the washing machine

Unplug your Godrej washer from the power source and disconnect the drain hose from the back.

Turn off the water supply and remove the water inlet hoses with a twist.

Note: As you disconnect the drain hose, make sure to keep a bowl ready to collect the water. Additionally, place some towels to avoid flooding.

If it does not drain after disconnecting the drain hose, you may proceed with the below steps.

It also ensures that the drain isn’t the culprit.

Make sure to clean the drain hose after detaching it from the washer.

Step 2: Empty the washtub

Now, before you proceed with the manual draining process, make sure to remove the garments from the washtub.

Step 3: Move the washer aside

In order to access the black panel, simply move the washer away from the back wall.

Step 4: Unscrew the back panel

You will now see the back panel mounted with 6 to 8 screws.

Remove the screws and detach the back panel to access the bottom of the drum.

unscrew the back panel

Step 5: Locate the manual drain switch

At the bottom of the drum, you will see a handle-like switch connected with a thin metal strip that goes to the drain motor.

Refer to the image below for more clarity. 

manual drain switch

If you look at the above image, the drain outlet is connected to the drain assembly below the drum. Also, you will see the drain switch to the left.

Step 6: Drain the washer manually

Now pull the drain switch to slide it forward in a gentle way.

Doing this will release the block in the drain assembly and allow water to flow through the drain hose.

pull the drain switch

Once you pull the drain switch, the waste water will start draining through the hose.

water draining after pulling the drain switch

Let the water drain completely and wait until it is done.

Now pour clean water into the washtub and let it flow through the drain.

manual drain successful

Make sure to slide the drain switch back after the water is completely drained and then start reassembling the washer.

Step 7: Reinstall the washing machine

Finally, reassemble the Godrej washing machine by fixing the back panel.

Move the washer back to its place and reconnect the inlet and drain hoses.

Plug in the washer to the power source and run a test cycle to check if it drains automatically.

If it still does not drain automatically, then you will need to contact a service professional to determine the actual cause.

Final Thoughts

Draining your Godrej Eon washing machine manually is fairly simple and can be performed by anyone, as it does not require any technical expertise.

If the problem with the drain still happens after you’ve tried the above steps, just call a service professional to find out what’s wrong.

Lastly, don’t rely on draining the washer by hand as a long-term solution. Instead, get it fixed as soon as possible.

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