Washing Machine Drain Pump: 9 Answers you must know

A washing machine drain pump pushes water through the drain hose and into the sewage or septic system.

The Drain Pump can be found beneath the washing machine.

If your washing machine drain pump is not working as expected, it could be due to a clog, blockage, or foreign object in the pump.

You can either clean the pump yourself OR simply get it checked by a professional.

Here are 9 answers you must know about washing machine drain pumps.

What is a Drain Pump in Washer?

What is a drain pump

A drain pump is in charge of providing enough suction to pump wastewater from your washing machine. They are often located near the machine’s back.

It facilitates water movement through a little pipe leading to the drainage system.

These little flexible pipes are known as drain hoses.

What are the symptoms of a faulty drain motor?

Symptoms of a faulty drain pump

If your washing machine is not draining normally, it could be due to a faulty drain pump motor.

Here are a few typical signs of a bad drain motor:

  • Your washing machine may not start when you press the ‘start’ button.
  • You hear a loud noise coming from your washing machine when it’s trying to drain.
  • The washing machine will leak often from the bottom side.
  • Your washing machine will leave wet clothes at the end of a cycle.
  • The washer may throw out error codes.

If you experience any of these problems, it’s best to call a qualified repair person.

They should be able to inspect and diagnose the problem with the washer.

How to clean the washer’s drain pump motor?

If your washing machine is not draining properly, it could be due to a clog OR blockage in the drain motor.

Follow these simple steps to clean the drain motor:

  1. Turn off the water supply and unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet.
  2. Next, disconnect the drain hose from the back of the washer and remove the front panel.
  3. Then, remove the two screws holding the drain motor to the washer tub using a screwdriver.
  4. Now remove the washing tub’s drain motor.
  5. Remove any lint or debris from the drain motor blades, and use a brush.
  6. Lastly, Put the washing machine back together and re-plug it into the outlet.

Now run your washer to its optimized performance.

How to replace a drain pump motor?

If the drain motor turns faulty, it won’t allow your washer to drain at its optimum.

You may need a replacement with the identical drain motor.

In order to replace a drain pump motor follow the below steps.

  • First, unplug the washing machine from the power outlet and turn off the water supply.
  • Next, remove the front panel of the washing machine and locate the drain motor. Follow the user manual of your washer.
  • Once you’ve found the drain motor, disconnect the wiring harness.
  • Next is to remove the mounting screws.
  • Now, you can remove the old drain motor and install the new one.
  • Be sure to reconnect the wiring harness and screw the new drain motor in place.
  • Fix the drain water seal to prevent leakage.

Finally, reattach the front panel of the washing machine and plug it back into the power outlet.

What is a drain pump motor seal in a washing machine?

The drain motor seal is a small, rubber seal that sits between the washing machine’s drain pump and the tub. Its purpose is to create a water-tight seal so that water can’t leak out of the pump.

Over time,  these seals can deteriorate and break, thereby causing leaks.

If you notice water leaking from your washing machine, it’s a good idea to check the drain motor seal for damage.

How much does a drain motor cost?

The cost of drain motors may vary depending on the washer type.

It may cost anywhere between $25 to $100.

For definite pricing, you may get it by using your washer’s model number.

Do all washers use the same drain motor?

No, drain pump motors differ as per the washer’s brand, size, and type.

It also depends on the washer’s capacity and type.

You may find a part number of your washer’s drain motor in form of a sticker that is affixed to the motor.

What should I do if the Washing Machine Drain pump motor leaks?

Turn off the washer, unplug the power and disconnect the water supplies.

Check if the drain motor seal is worn out and get them fixed OR replaced.

If you are unsure about the cause, then you may call a professional plumber.

How long does a washer drain pump last?

Most washer drain pumps last around 10 years.

However, with proper care and regular maintenance, it can last a lot longer.

Final Thoughts

A washing machine is a complex appliance with many different working parts.

The drain pump is a key component in a washing machine that helps to pump water out of the washer.

Without this, your washing machine would not be able to function the ideal way.

If you notice that your washing machine isn’t draining due to a faulty motor, it may be the right time to replace it.

Always take advice from a service professional in such cases or you may call the manufacturer.

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