Smart Washers and Dryers: What is it?

Do you ever feel like your life is a never-ending cycle of laundry?

Well, thankfully, there are now smart washers and dryers to help make this chore a little bit easier.

So, What are these magical smart machines?

Smart washers and dryers are appliances that connect to the internet and can be controlled remotely. This means that you can start or stop a wash cycle, or even set your machine to run on a delay, from anywhere in the world.

Pretty cool, right?

Smart Washer and Dryer gives you the privilege of operating the washing machine remotely.

You simply need to connect your washer to the home Wi-Fi and operate it through a dedicated application installed on your smartphone.

Few washers such as GE appliances do have ethernet ports or RJ jacks installed but they are not meant to connect the washer to the internet.

It is used by service professionals to connect the washer to monitor the device in order to diagnose and troubleshoot errors.

Let’s discuss more on the smart wi-fi-enabled washers and dryers that can be remotely operated through a dedicated app designed by the manufacturers.

In this article you will learn:

Let’s jump right into it

What is Wi-Fi in a Washer and Dryer?

Wi-Fi is the abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity that allows the internet to connect to other devices wirelessly using radio frequency waves.

Wi-Fi, in a washing machine, is an added built-in feature that makes it possible to operate them remotely and wirelessly similar to your other smart devices and home appliances.

With a Wi-Fi-enabled washer & dryer, you will be able to connect them to any available network Wi-Fi network in your household.

You will simply need to complete the setup for wireless operations through a supporting application, these applications are developed by the manufacturers and need to be installed on a smartphone or a tablet.

Simply install the app and complete your setup as per your preferences to operate your washer and dryer remotely using Wi-Fi.

What is a Smart Washer Dryer?

Washers and Dryers are termed as “Smart” due to the added feature i.e. built-in Wi-fi, using which you can connect them to the internet.

With the help of the supporting app, washers and dryers can be easily linked with your tablets and smartphones.

Moreover, these smart washers & dryers remind you of the wash cycles and allow you to start or stop a wash program on the go.

Furthermore, you will receive alerts about any errors or reminders about the periodic maintenance.

Not only the washer but also the dryer can be linked to your smartphone using the supporting app.

In simple words, the smart washer and dryer allow you to control a few functions through your smartphone or tablet.

What is a voice command in the Washer-Dryer?

Voice command in a washing machine is a voice-operated control that allows the user to give commands to the machine without using their hands.

This can be useful for people with disabilities or for those who simply want to avoid getting their hands dirty.

Voice commands can be used to operate the machine’s various functions, such as turning it on and off or selecting a cycle.

In order to use voice commands, you must first program the machine to recognize your voice.

Once the machine is programmed, you can simply speak the desired command into the microphone and the machine will then respond accordingly.

While voice commands are not essential for operating a washing machine, they can certainly make your life easier.

So, Voice command in a nutshell is a technology that makes your Smart washers and dryers even Smarter.

With the help of voice commands, the Wi-Fi-enabled smart washers, and dryers can be operated remotely by sending commands from a smartphone.

You may either use Google voice assistant or Alexa Echo by Amazon.

Simply, utter the desired set voice command from your smartphones, and your appliances will have their job done, as usual.

Note: Apart from Google and Amazon there are various voice assistants that may be compatible with your Washing Machine app. Refer to the instructions on the user manual for detailed info.

How do you set up the Wifi Connectivity on a washer and dryer?

In order to set up your washer and dryer, simply follow the below steps.

Things you will need

  • Wi-Fi enabled washer and dryer.
  • Android/iOS devices (Smartphone OR Tablets)
  • Wi-Fi or a hotspot for an internet network.
  • An application that controls the washer (Needs to be installed on your phone)

Note: In order to download and install the supporting applications for your smart washers and dryers on your smartphones, you should know the name of the app. Simply, refer to the user manual of your smart washer and dryer to identify the specific app needed for your washer and dryer.

Instructions to Setup the Wifi Connectivity

Step 1: Download and install the app from the play store or AppStore

As an example, we have mentioned a few brands with their supporting app names required to set up the Wi-Fi on your smart washers and dryers.

  • For LG smart Washer/Dryer download and install the LG ThinQ app
  • For Bosch smart Washer/ Dryer download and install the Bosch Home Connect app
  • For Samsung smart Washer/Dryer download and install the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app
  • For Whirlpool Washer/Dryer download and install the Whirlpool App

Step 2: Register or Sign-in to the app

  • Once the download and installation are completed then the app may ask you to register yourself or to create an account.
  • Fill in the required details and create your account using your email and set up the desired password of your choice.

Step 3: Connect the washer and dryer to your Wi-Fi

  • Depending on the brand you will find an option to link or add a device to the application. 
  • This can be done either by entering the model or serial numbers or through a QR code available on a tag or prefixed sticker on your washer and dryer.
  • Refer to the user manual under Wi-Fi set-up instructions for your washer and dryer types and connect the appliances accordingly.
  • Allow the required permissions by the app such as camera, audio, etc., and make sure the washer and dryer are plugged into the power supply and turned ON.

Step 4: Connect your washer and dryer to your preferred Wi-Fi network

  • Select your preferred Wi-Fi network to connect the washer and Dryer.
  • Simply, enter the password of the selected Wi-Fi network and click next.

Step 5: Enable or activate Wi-Fi and Voice command feature on your Washer and Dryer

  • Refer to your user manual or follow the application’s onscreen instructions to turn on the Wi-Fi feature of your Washer and Dryer.
  • Once you have added your washer and dryer, the next screen may prompt you to activate voice control or voice command.
  • Select your preferred Voice controller as Google voice assistant or Amazon Alexa or any other compatible source.

Voila! Your smart washing machine has now been set up.

Note: In some cases, you may have to download and install the Google Home or Amazon Echo mobile application to use the voice assistance feature.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Smart Washer and Dryer?

Although you are loaded with benefits, you might face some drawbacks, hence let us look below at loads of pros and a few cons of a Smart Washer and Dryer.

Pros of a smart Washer and Dryer

  • You have the privilege to start and stop the wash and dry cycles remotely.
  • The Smart washer and dryer notify you of a completed laundry task through your smartphone.
  • You may also have the option to run the ‘clean tub’ program remotely.
  • Timely reminders about scheduled maintenance are sent to your smartphone.
  • You can check the cycle status and updates of your smart washer and dryer while you are hanging out.
  • Benefits with handsfree operation through the Voice command feature.

Cons of a Smart Washer and Dryer

  • Interruption with your Wi-Fi network may interfere with your remote operation.
  • If the smart sensor turns faulty while you are operating the washer remotely, then it will lead to incomplete laundry.
  • Power cuts can disconnect you from the remote operation.
  • Not suitable for remote areas with poor network or poor internet services.

Final Thoughts

Before you buy a smart washer and dryer you should always think about your laundry needs first.

If you live in a small space, your priority should be to get a washer with decent features that fit in your room.

And don’t forget, Smart washers and dryers can be expensive.

You’ll need to decide if the features offered by a smart washer and dryer are worth the price tag.

Also, think about your laundry habits.

Are you someone who likes to set and forget your laundry? Or are you someone who likes to be in control of every step of the process?

Smart washers and dryers offer different features that cater to different laundry habits.

Smart washers and dryers can save you time and money, but they’re not a perfect solution for everyone.

Ask yourself the below questions to get a clear answer.

  • Do you have enough space to accommodate a large appliance?
  • How much laundry do you typically do in a week?
  • What features are important to you?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a new appliance?

If you decide that a smart washer and dryer is the best option for your home, be sure to research different brands and models before making your purchase.

We hope this article has helped make your decision easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to smart washers, asked very often.

Which brands manufacture smart washers?

For a smart washer and dryer, at present, there are multiple manufacturers to choose from and you have a variety of choices. The retail & online markets are loaded with smart washers and dryers. The major brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, etc. have already launched multiple smart washing machine models. The list is vast and you can simply explore your options either online or through local electronic stores.

How do smart Washers and Dryers communicate using Wi-Fi?

The All-in-one smart washer-dryers can simply pass on the set of commands after the wash program to the dryer. Simply, set a command for desired wash and dry cycles, and the washer will automatically switch to a compatible dry cycle post-wash. Either you can set the command on the supporting app on your phone or you may simply use the voice command to set up the desired cycles.

Can I use my Smart Washer without the internet?

Yes, you can use your smart washer the normal way without the internet. Connecting to the internet through a Wi-Fi network enables smart features. These smart features allow you to operate your washer from your linked smartphone remotely.

Can I connect my washer to the internet via an ethernet port?

Ethernet ports in the washer are not for internet connectivity. Instead, these ports are found on some washers for troubleshooting purposes which are carried out by the service professional. The service professionals connect your washer to a dedicated device and monitor the washer’s activity for errors.

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