What is a Laundry Marker? (Explained)

Laundry markers are used to mark clothing and are similar to regular permanent markers.

You can mark washing instructions on some of your fabrics to sort them for laundering.

In this article, you will learn what is a laundry marker and some useful tips to label your garments.

Let’s get started.

What is a laundry marker?

Laundry markers are simply a type of pen used to write on clothes or to rewrite their care labels.

They come in a variety of colors and have a soft tip that makes it easy to write on fabrics. They are also known as fabric markers and they work on surfaces of almost all types of fabrics.

Laundry markers can be used to write on clothes before they are washed or after they have been washed.

It simply means you can label a garment either for specific wash instructions or if they require any special treatment after the wash.

These markers use inks that can resist water and heat and are less likely to fade after washing. 

How are Laundry Markers beneficial?

Laundry markers are a great way to keep track of your laundry instructions or notes.

Using these markers ensures your laundry is done correctly.

They can be attached to a clothesline or hanger and used to write down any instructions that need to be followed while laundering the clothes.

Laundry markers not only make your laundry chore easier but also make sure you are following the correct laundry instructions.

How should you use a laundry marker?

You may simply mark and label the fabrics and arrange your laundry according to the recommended washing practice i.e. whether it has to be washed, dry cleaned, or ironed.

Another way to mark your clothing is to sort them by using water types.

For instance, you can use a red color to mark on a fabric that can be washed using hot water.

Similarly use the green color to mark the fabric suitable with warm or cold water. 

markers with different colors

Tip – If you don’t have color choices then simply use the initials ‘H’ for hot and ‘C’ for cold water types.

Always use them on the care labels of your fabrics or on any other available tags inside of your clothing.

Lastly, do not apply them to the visible or the outside surfaces of your clothes. This is because once you use them in the wrong areas it will become difficult to remove them.

How to remove laundry marker spots from clothes?

If you happen to mark on the outer surface of your clothes then do not try to scrub the surface vigorously to remove them.

Instead, boil a little quantity of water and pour it onto the mark and then, give it a few minutes to soak evenly.

Next, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cloth and gently rub the area to remove the mark on the clothing.

remove laundry marker spots

Do not rub and spread it too much if you notice color bleeding instead rinse it with water immediately.

Now, rinse the portion with clean water under a running tap.

After this step, if the mark does not disappear completely, do not attempt to try all the internet ideas of removing the stain. You may end up spoiling the fibers of your clothing.

You need to be patient, the mark should disappear after a couple of washes.

It is very important to use these markers carefully and avoid contact with your fabric’s outer surfaces.

How do you choose a laundry marker?

You can choose a laundry marker that is made using long-lasting solvents and non-toxic ink. 

Make sure the markers work on all fabric types so that you don’t miss out on the important ones.

Always choose a marker for your clothing that has a fine tip and avoid the broader tipped markers.

Laundry markers are available in many different colors and styles, so you can sort your markings with different colors.

Final Thoughts

Laundry or fabric markers can be used to redraw or rewrite the faded care label symbols or instructions on their care label tags.

Always look into their specifications and the reviews set by current users to choose a specific brand accordingly.

Lastly, avoid using them on your clothing’s visible or exposed outside surfaces to avoid having it appear faulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are laundry markers permanent?

The marker is usually made of non-toxic ink and solvents mostly permanent in nature. However, you cannot be sure of the duration they can last and they may fade after multiple washing. You may have to mark again.

Can I use the whiteboard marker on fabrics?

The purpose of laundry markers is to mark laundry, just as the purpose of whiteboard markers is to mark whiteboards. It is not recommended to scribble around your fabrics using unsuitable markers or pens. It is advised to use laundry markers on your fabrics and do it in the right way.

What do I do if the care label marks fade out again?

Simply, grab the laundry markers and draw your codes as desired. It is quite common that the marks fade out due to regular washing.

What to do if I have marked an incorrect code by error?

If you have added an incorrect code by an error on any fabric then simply try to get them off the care label. You may use hot water and later treat the marks by using rubbing alcohol on the surface. Once they are off or maybe after a couple of washes when they fade out, then simply use a different color marker to draw the new code over it.

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