What Is An Anti-Vibration Pad In Washing Machine? (Explained)

Anti-Vibration pads are usually made of rubber or other flexible materials and are placed between the washing machine and the floor.

These pads help to absorb some of the vibration and noise, making it more bearable for those who are nearby.

Let us discuss in detail, the benefits and the placement methods of anti-vibration pads underneath your washer.

What is an anti-vibration pad in a washing machine?

An anti-vibration pad is a type of rubber or foam pad that is placed under a washing machine. It helps to reduce the intensity of vibrations that the machine produces.

These pads can also help to extend the life of your washing machine by absorbing some of the vibrations.

Anti-vibration pads can be found in a variety of sizes and materials, you can select one that suits your washer type.

These pads are available either in four pieces or in the form of a mat that covers the washer’s floor area.

Not only for your washers but these pads can also be placed under the clothes dryers.

The anti-vibration pads are usually fixed to the four tiny legs of your machine.

They are designed to absorb the vibration and provide an anti-slip base. This ensures that the machine does not move due to vibration.

Let’s take a quick look at the below image that displays the two types of anti-vibration pads for washing machines.

The sheets are usually pasted or stuck on the floor and the foot pads are similar to a washer’s foot stand.

What are the benefits of anti-vibration pads?

The main benefit of using an anti-vibration pad for a washing machine is that it can help to dampen the noise and keep excess vibrations in check.

A reduction in vibration is always beneficial to a washer as it keeps the washer and its other internal components stable. 

Furthermore, these foot pads also protect the floor along with the washer.

How to place the anti-vibration pad for a washer?

If your washer is creating an irritating noise while in function, it may be time to install an anti-vibration pad.

In order to place an anti-vibration pad underneath your washer, you may or may not require to move the washing machine.

So, there are 2 methods to place the anti-vibration.

Let’s take a quick look at both methods in detail.

Method 1: Fixing the 4 legs

  • You can have someone assist you in lifting the washer from either end.
  • Make sure the washer is empty and plugged off from the power source.
  • By lifting or tilting the washer at one end you will be able to fix 2 pads to the opposite legs.
  • Likewise, you may lift the washer from the other end and get the other 2 pads fixed.

This is quite an easy task to fix the pads to the machine’s leg supporters.

Method 2: Placing the Anti-Vibration Sheet

Here’s how to place an anti-vibration pad for your washing machine in the form of a mat or a sheet. This method may require you to move your washer from its location.

Step 1: Unplug the washer from the power outlet and disconnect the hoses and other supplies. Empty the washtub before you proceed with the further steps.

Step 2: With the help of an assistant move the washer off its location. The washers usually have two supporting handles to lift them with ease.

Now, wipe off the surface floor where the washer was installed. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before you place the anti-vibration pad.

Step 3: Begin by placing the anti-vibration pad in its desired location on a level surface

Step 4: If you’re using a self-adhesive pad, peel off the backing and stick it down. For a non-adhesive pad, you may use tape, Velcro, or another adhesive to hold the pad in its place. Otherwise, place the pad underneath the four rubber feet of your washing machine.

Step 5: Make sure that the pads are positioned correctly so that they make contact with all four feet. Let the adhesive settle on the surface to hold the pads.

Step 6: Once the anti-vibration pad is in place, put your washing machine back in its usual spot. Make sure that the pad is level and that it is not blocking any of the washing machine’s ventilation holes.

Step 7: Run a test cycle to see if the noise level has decreased.

Final Thoughts

An anti-vibration pad helps to reduce the amount of noise and vibration produced by the washing machines and also protects the flooring.

Installing anti-vibration is relatively an easy process and does not require any special preparation.

They are less expensive and take less time to install, therefore it is a cost-effective way to reduce the noise and vibration produced by washing machines.

Just make sure that you clean the floor before installing the anti-vibration pads, else the stickiness of the adhesive will become ineffective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to use anti-vibration pads?

No, it is not necessary to install anti-vibration pads for your washer. You may install it to reduce some noise and vibration caused by a running washer.

What are the drawbacks of anti-vibration pads?

There are a few drawbacks to using an anti-vibration pad in a washing machine. The pads can be expensive. They can wear out over time and need to be replaced. Lastly, the pads might make the washing machine less stable, which can cause it to vibrate more.

Are the anti-vibration pads the same size?

Not all the pads are of the same size but there are some universal pads that are compatible with most models. To get the accurate sizes you may shop around using the model number of your machine.

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