Do all dryers have a drum light?

Drum lights are not available in all dryer drums. However, most modern-day dryers include a drum light as a convenient feature.

Key Takeaways

  • Very much like the bulbs in a fridge, this is a fantastic addition to dryers.
  • Drum lights are small bulbs usually equipped inside the dryer’s drum.
  • It lights the inside of the drum so you can see your clothes as they are drying.
  • It is usually located near the door of the dryer and is turned on and off with a switch.

What is a drum light in a dryer?

The drum light in a clothes dryer is a small lightbulb that illuminates the inside of the drum so you can see your clothes as they tumble.

Not all clothes dryers have a drum light, but many models do.

How does the drum light work in a dryer?

The drum light is usually located near the door of the dryer and is turned on and off with a switch.

Most dryers have a switch that can turn the light on and off automatically or independently.

However, some models also have a setting that allows the light to come on only when the door is open.

This can be helpful if you often forget to turn off the light when you’re finished using the dryer.

If your model doesn’t have a switch, you can still disable the drum light by unplugging the dryer or flipping the circuit breaker.

Is drum light essential in a dryer?

The drum light isn’t necessary for your dryer to work, but it can be a helpful feature.

If your dryer doesn’t have a drum light, you can always use a flashlight to take a look inside the drum while it’s running.

How to replace the drum light in a dryer?

If your clothes dryer’s drum light has burned out, it’s easy to replace it on your own.

All you need is a replacement light bulb and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Turn off the power to the dryer

First, unplug your dryer from the wall outlet. 

Step 2: Locate the drum light

Then, open up the dryer door and locate the light socket inside the drum.

Some dryers will have a cover screwed on to secure the bulb inside the drum.

So, you may have to remove the cover to remove the light.

Step 3: Remove the bulb mounting 

Depending on your dryer model and type, you can remove the drum light accordingly.

There are a few different ways or methods to remove the bulb.

Method 1:

In some dryer models, you can remove the lights by unscrewing the retaining ring that holds the light bulb in place.

This can be done using a screwdriver, make sure to remove it carefully.

Now you can have the old light removed from the dryer.

Method 2:

In some dryer models, you will need to remove the cover securing the light.

The first step is to remove the screws that hold the light cover in place.

With the cover removed, you can access the light bulb and remove it from its mounting.

Method 3:

Some dryer types may require you to remove the entire socket from the drum.

Remove the screw that holds the socket to the dryer wall with a Phillips screwdriver.

Gently pull the socket out of the dryer’s wall and disconnect the wire harness.

Remove and replace the drum light in the socket and reattach the socket to the dryer wall.

Step 4: Install the replacement drum light

Finally, install the replacement drum light carefully to its mounting.

Make sure the new bulb is securely screwed in so it doesn’t fall out during use.

Step 5: Secure the drum light

Now, screw the retaining ring back in place, being careful not to over-tighten it.

Or, install the cover by tightening the two screws as applicable.

Note: Reconnect the wire harness and then close up the dryer door if applicable. Once everything is secure, close the dryer door.

Step 6: Power on the dryer

Plug your dryer back into the wall to turn it on, and the new light bulb should now be working properly.

Final Thoughts

The drum light illuminates the interior of the dryer so you can see your clothes while they’re tumbling.

It is not an essential feature in a clothes dryer but offers convenience to the user.

If these lights wear out or do not work, you can get them replaced on your own.

Make sure to get the right replacement light, or it won’t work with your dryer’s mounting requirements.

Lastly, it is highly recommended that you check if the dryer is still under warranty, as you may not want to void the warranty by opening up the dryer.

Check your owner’s manual for more instructions, or reach out to customer service for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a refrigerator bulb in the dryer?

No, you cannot use a refrigerator bulb as a replacement for the dryer’s drum light. The refrigerator bulb is not designed to withstand the high temperatures inside the dryer

Can I use an LED bulb in my dryer?

Yes, you can use LED bulbs as replacements for the drum lights in your dryer. LED bulbs are designed to withstand high temperatures and will last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. However, make sure it fits the socket and mounting requirements of your dryer.

How do I get the right replacement drum light?

You can use the model number of your dryer to get a replacement through online platforms. However, you can carry the faulty light to a local hardware store to find the same match.

Are regular bulbs used as dryer drum lights?

Typically, dryers have LED lights installed as drum lights.

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