Which day is bad luck to wash clothes? (traditions & superstitions)

Washing clothes is an important task that most people have to do on a regular basis in order to maintain their hygiene.

In fact, laundry is a never-ending task, and you may have to wash your clothes on important days such as festival days, religious occasions, and more.

While for some, it’s not a big deal, in some cultures, however, certain days are considered unlucky for washing clothes due to various superstitions and beliefs around the world.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the beliefs and customs that hold that washing clothes on certain days brings bad luck.

Good Friday

In some parts of Europe, Good Friday is considered a bad day to do laundry, as it is believed that washing clothes on this day will bring bad luck. Similarly, it is believed that the bad luck will continue until Easter Sunday.

Some believe that this belief originates from the fact that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday.

Because of this event, washing on this day has been cursed ever since.

Full Moon

In some countries, it is believed that washing your clothes on a full moon will bring bad luck.

Some superstitions even go as far as saying that they can lead to the death of one’s family or the loss of wealth.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

There are some who believe that no one should do laundry on January 1st.

The thinking is that if you wash your clothes on this day, you could unknowingly wash away a loved one, i.e., lose your loved ones.

Similarly, some believe that washing on New Year’s Eve could wash away your luck and make it difficult for you to find good fortune in the coming year.

There are also those who claim that whatever a person does on the first day of the year, they will do the same thing for the next 12 months.

So, starting off with chores would mean having to work hard all year long.

From where did this superstition originate?

The original source of this bizarre superstition is still a mystery.

With that said, there are many who still believe that washing clothes on New Year’s Eve could make their superstitious belief come true.

Some believers are so certain of their superstition belief that they will refrain from washing dishes or clothes during a certain time period for fear of bringing the superstition true.

The Sabbath

Jews and some Christians worship and rest on the Sabbath, which lasts from Friday night to Saturday night.

It is a common belief that no labor-intensive tasks should be undertaken on this day.

This belief dates back to when people believed that they were to spend this day in contemplation and prayer rather than engaging in laborious tasks such as doing laundry.

So, this is where this whole idea of not doing any labor-intensive tasks originates.

In some religious circles, washing clothes on the Sabbath or during a certain time period is considered bad luck.

Additionally, there were times when people were not allowed to do any kind of work on the Sabbath, and doing laundry was seen as a form of work.

Chinese New Year

There are a lot of beliefs about when clothes should and shouldn’t be washed in Chinese culture.

One of the most popular is that washing clothes on Chinese New Year will bring bad luck, as it is believed that doing so on this day could wash away good fortune.

This belief exists because the first and second days of the Chinese New Year are celebrated as the birthday of the water god.

So, doing laundry chores during this time may end up offending the water god and bringing bad luck for the rest of the year.

Easter Sunday

Just like Good Friday, some cultures also believe that washing clothes on Easter Sunday is unlucky.

This belief dates back to the time when Jesus was resurrected, and his resurrection was seen as a sign of new life.


According to ancient beliefs, Thursday is a day for Jupiter, the planet of fortune.

It was said that Jupiter has the ability to clear all the negativity and bad luck with just a glance.

According to Hindu beliefs and tradition, washing your clothes on this day would signify ridding yourself of good fortune.

Tuesday and Friday

People think it’s bad luck to wash clothes on Tuesday because Mars is in a certain position at that time.

According to Hindu religious belief, it is believed that Mars has the power to bring destruction and chaos, so washing clothes on this day is seen as a bad omen.

Similarly, Friday is associated with the planet Venus, and it is said that washing clothes on this day could bring bad luck as well.

Washing clothes at night

This is again related to the luck factor.

Some cultures believe that washing clothes at night can bring bad luck as well.

The thinking is that doing so will cause the person’s energy to be weakened, and the person will be more susceptible to bad luck.

Final Thoughts

There is no scientific evidence that supports the superstitions and beliefs that we discussed in this article.

However, since the majority of us fall into the religious and spiritual category, we tend to go with the flow.

It’s common human behavior to associate luck with everyday activities, and washing clothes is no exception.

So, if you are someone who believes in superstitions, it might be a good idea to be mindful of which days you choose to do your laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad luck to wash clothes on a bank holiday?

There is no religious rule that prohibits doing your laundry on bank holidays. However, if the bank holidays are on religious days such as Good Friday or Easter Sunday, it is considered bad luck to wash your clothes.

Is it bad luck to wash clothes at night?

According to some cultures, washing your clothes at night can bring bad luck as it is believed that doing so will weaken your energy and make you more prone to bad luck. It is up to the individual to decide whether they believe in this superstition or not.

What is the best day to do laundry?

There is no single right answer when it comes to choosing the best day to do laundry. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference and religious beliefs. If you are someone who believes in superstitions, it might be best to avoid washing your clothes on days such as Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday apart from religious holidays.  On the other hand, if you don’t believe in superstitions, then any day is a good day to do laundry.

Is it bad luck to wash clothes on labor day?

Since Labor Day is not associated with religious beliefs or any superstitions, it is not considered bad luck to wash your clothes on this day.

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