Are the LG Washing Machine Doors Reversible?

The Doors in LG Washing Machine cannot be flipped. It is not designed to be reversed and opened in the opposite way due to technical limitations, you can only reverse the dryer door.

Most washing machine manufacturers do not offer this choice of reversing the door due to various factors involved that we will cover in this article.

In this post we will cover:

Let’s jump right into it.

Why would someone want to reverse the washer’s door?

The thought of reversing your washing machine door may come due to several factors such as:

  • The desired placement area of the washer does not allow you to completely open the door.
  • You may not be comfortable using the current door opening direction and wish to use the other side, maybe you are left-handed OR right-handed.
  • It could be that the LG washer is too close to another object such as a wall or another appliance and you cannot open the door all the way.
  • The old house you just bought has the plumbing on the other side.
  • Reversing the door may give you easier access to load and unload laundry. It can help you save a few inches of space if the room is too small for the washer to stand out.
  • It can simply be a design preference, some people just like the look of it that way.

So there can be endless reasons why you might want to have a reversible door as not all individuals are the same.

But, can you really do something about it with LG washing machines? Can you reverse the door?

Let’s look into it.

Are the LG washing machine doors reversible?

The doors of LG washers are not reversible and will only allow you to open from the dedicated location or the direction.

Washing machines have a complex mechanism and there is a good reason why the doors cant be reversed.

Some of the common reasons why the doors in LG washing machines are not reversible are as below:

  • The washer performs multiple programs and functions with the help of electrical connections and sensing mechanisms.
  • Most of the functions are associated with the door lock, accordingly, the electrical fixtures are designed. These electrical connections cannot be moved with the door.
  • The washer uses excess water during a wash cycle and the door seals are designed as per the door frame to prevent leakage, hence reversing the door may not seal the door properly.
  • The sensing system is not designed to support the reverse door opening.

Usually, the front-load washers have the hinge on the left side of the door hence it opens to the left.

Although the LG washers have not manufactured reversible doors for a washing machine, you may easily reverse the door of a modern LG dryer.

So, as you can see there are quite a few technical reasons why the doors are not reversible in LG washing machines.

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Are LG dryer doors reversible?

Most modern-day LG dryers come with a reversible door as an optional feature.

The process to reverse the LG dryer door is very simple and can be done without professional help.

These dryers have the door latches and the hinge fixtures on both sides (left and right) of the door panel.

Simply unscrew the latches and the hinges of the door and fix them in the reverse direction.

How do reversible doors in a dryer benefit the washer?

If you stack your dryer and washer side by side then you can easily move the dryer to the left of the washer or to its right. 

You may fix the door of your dryer as per your convenience so that you can easily pull out the clothes from the washer and easily add them to the dryer.

How to reverse the door of an LG dryer? (Step-by-step)

The double-hinged door technology has been one of the most convenient innovations in home appliances.

It allows you to open the door from either side, giving you the flexibility to place your LG dryer anywhere in the laundry room.

Here’s how you can reverse the door of your LG dryer.

Safety Instructions

Handling: The dryer doors are large and heavy, so make sure to safely lift the door while moving it.

Support: You may need someone to support you in order to lift and handle the door.

Tools Needed: Drivers or impact screwdrivers.

Points to remember: When you start opening the dryer door, simply make a note of the different screws located on each side.

Note – The insulation and parts may vary depending on your dyer model type. The door frame includes the screw fixtures on both the sides for the latches as well as the hinges.

Let’s get started.

Steps to Reverse the doors in LG Dryer

Unplug the dryer from the power supply before you start reversing the door

Step 1: Unscrew the Door

  • Using a screwdriver unscrew the 4 dummy screws located on the other side of the door, these dummy screws are later needed to fix them on the other side post reversing the door.
  • If the screws are fixed too tight, you may use an impact driver.

Step 2: Detach the Door Latch

  • Detach the door latch from the unit by removing the 2 supporting screws (available at the top and bottom of the door latch).

Step 3: Detach the Door

  • The door is connected through the hinges on the right side. You will need an assistant to support the door while you remove the 4 screws to detach the hinges.
  • Now, that you have successfully unscrewed the hinges simply remove the door from the cabinet.

Step 4: Attach the Door

  • With the help of someone or an assistant, safely lift and move the door to the left side and insert the hinge in the hinge hole.
  • Fix the 4 screws on the hinges and your dryer door is successfully reversed to the left side.

Step 5: Fix the Dummy Screws

  • On the right side of the unit fix the 4 dummy screws into place.
  • Insert and fix the latch and install the 2 supporting screws.
  • Now simply inspect if the door shuts and opens properly and confirm if the latches are functional.

By following the above steps, you can successfully reverse the door of your LG dryer.

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Final Thoughts

Washing machine doors are not reversible due to technical limitations, instead, modern dryers can have doors that are reversible.

The best that you can do is choose a suitable place for your washing machine that allows you to move your laundry freely.

Having said that, you can make optimum use of a dryer as it offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of placement.

Since the doors in dryers are reversible you can place them at your convenience.

Always follow the safety instruction while reversing the doors of your LG dryer or you may end up damaging the door and other components.

Lastly, Always unplug the dryer from the power before modifying the placements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about washing machine doors.

Do all washer doors open the same way?

For top-loaders, the doors are located at the top and you may simply open them by lifting the top door lid. For front loaders the doors are located at the front panel of the washers and usually open to the left, these doors are not reversible.

What is left swing door on a washer?

As the word suggests, the front load washers have their door hinges attached to the left side and hence they open to the left. The left swing directions cannot be changed in a washer. For a dryer, the left swing door can be changed to the right swing door depending on the model of your dryer. You may refer to the user manual of your dryer for more information.

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