How to fix EE error on the Godrej washer?

An EE error code in a Godrej washing machine usually indicates a problem with the washer’s water supply. To fix it, make sure the water supply is turned on and that the inlet hoses are not kinked or bent. If everything appears to be in order, turn off the washer to perform a reset and restart it after a few minutes.

Key Takeaways

  • The error EE is typically displayed by a Godrej washer due to water supply issues.
  • EE error will force the washer to stop mid-cycle.
  • When such an error causes the washer to stop, there are numerous factors to consider. It can be a faulty sensor, clogged hoses, low water pressure, and so on.
  • You can start troubleshooting the basic causes from the list below and may need a professional service person if the problem is more serious.
  • Check if the washer is still under warranty as some of the issues could be covered.
  • Read the user manual to determine the appropriate measures to take when you encounter an EE error in your Godrej washer.

What is an EE error in a Godrej washer?

In a Godrej washing machine, the control panel may display an “EE” error with a continuous beep, causing the washer to pause.

The EE error code simply indicates that your Godrej washing machine is struggling to fill the washtub with water.

This usually occurs at the start of the cycle when the washing machine is in the process of filling the washtub with water.

However, it is not necessary that the error appears right at the start; it can appear anytime as the water fills.

For example, shortly after the washing cycle is finished, your washer will require clean water for the rinse cycle, and you may notice this error then.

How to fix the EE code in a Godrej washing machine?

To fix your Godrej washing machine’s EE error code, you must first figure out what’s wrong. In other words, what’s the root cause of the “EE” error?

It will be easier to repair your washing machine once you have determined the cause of the EE error code.

Let us look into the various reasons responsible for this specific error.

Water supply

When it comes to the water supply, you will need to inspect a few factors listed below.

Water availability

Simply check if there is sufficient availability of water supply in your household.

If you have a separate resource or a tank setup for your laundry, simply check to see if there is enough water.

Water pressure

Water pressure can be another cause of EE error in your Godrej washer.

If the water supply pressure is low, your washer will struggle to fill the washtub every time you use it.

Nowadays most modern washers are capable of working even with the lowest water pressure.

However, over time if the pressure becomes too low to handle then you may notice such an error.

If this is the case then you will have to get it fixed with the help of a plumbing technician.

Moreover, if the pressure is too low for the entire household you can consider installing a water booster pump.

Water supply valve

Check if the main water supply valves are entirely open.

If not try turning it to full capacity and check if the issue resolves.

Moreover, it may happen that the main water valve is blocked with debris.

So, you will have to either unclog the main water valve on your own or contact a professional to get it fixed.

Water supply lines

Water supply lines such as the pipes and joints could be another reason for blocking the water supply to the machine.

This can happen due to clogging and other buildups that may again require a professional plumber to look into it. 

Water inlet valve

The water inlet valves can be another cause interrupting the water supply to the washer.

The water inlet valves are fixed to the back of the washer.

Depending on the type and model of the washer you have, there may be one or two inlet valves.

This is because most washing machines have one inlet valve for cold water and some have two valves for both hot and cold water.

Clogged Screens

The water inlet is the opening through which water enters the washing machine.

These inlet valves have screens that can also get clogged over time, thereby disrupting the water flow.

It is quite common for this opening to become clogged with dirt, debris, and limescale buildup over time.

This can cause the washing machine to not fill properly or to take longer to fill than usual.

To fix this, remove the inlet valve and see if there is something blocking the screen in the inlet valve.

Simply soak it in vinegar mixed with water or any other cleaning solution.

After soaking, scrub the valve with a soft brush and rinse it with clean water.

Finally, reattach it to the washing machine and check to see if that solves the problem.

If this does not work, you may have to replace the valve completely.

Kinked hoses

If your washing machine hoses are kinked or bent, it can prevent water from flowing into the washer.

To fix this, try straightening out the kink with your hands.

If that doesn’t work, you can use a pair of pliers to gently twist and turn the kinked section until it’s straight again.

If this still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the inlet hose.

Hardware stores are a good place to find replacement hoses, or you can even try finding the relevant hose at eCommerce stores like Amazon.

Be sure to get the hoses that fit your washing machine model.

Technical Failures

If none of the above solutions work, it’s time to look into a few technical aspects.

Possible culprits include the water level switch, the sensors, the control board, etc.

You can always contact an appliance service professional to get it fixed.

With that said, if your Godrej washer is still under warranty, you should call the manufacturer’s support line for assistance.

Final Thoughts

If the “EE” error code ever appears on your Godrej washer’s display, you now know it has something to do with the water supply.

Your washing machine’s water inlet may get clogged for a number of reasons.

Therefore, it’s equally important to clean the internal parts of your washing machine on a regular basis.

You should also check the hoses and pipes leading to the washer for any kinks or bends.

Furthermore, always make sure the water supply to the washing machine is set up as per its requirements. It will help prevent longer wash cycles and related errors.

If the error still shows up after you’ve tried the usual troubleshooting steps and after pressing the reset button, you should call a professional appliance service technician.

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