How to replace dryer door hinges?

In order to replace the dryer hinges:

  • Unplug the dryer and make sure the dryer is empty of any laundry load.
  • Using a screwdriver start unmounting the hinges by removing the retaining screws from the bracket to the door and the panel.
  • Inspect if the fixing tabs are fine, then install the new hinges set.
  • Screw it firmly in place and check if the door is shutting like before.

You may need someone to help you with holding or supporting the door while you disassemble and reassemble the hinges.

This is because if you unmount the hinges, the door may fall off. Furthermore, you won’t be able to lift the door alone for installation and do all the alignments and fitting jobs.

With that said, in top-load dryers, you will have to remove the control panel and then reach out to the hinges.

The door of a top loader typically has two hinges, one on either side of the point where the door meets the frame in the back.

Key Takeaways

  • The door hinges are like supporting tool that keeps the door attached to its frame.
  • Hinge points allow a door to swing open or shut.
  • A faulty door hinge can affect the alignment of the door and in most cases, you won’t be able to close the door.
  • Replacing the hinges on the dryer door is one of the simplest tasks you can do on your own.
  • You need someone to support you as the door may fall off while you’re unmounting the hinges.

How to replace dryer door hinges?

If the dryer door won’t close or if it is sagging, then it is time to replace the door hinges.

This is a pretty easy repair that anyone can do.

Here’s how you can replace the door hinges on a dryer in five easy steps.

Step 1: Unplug the dryer

Always remember to disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet before attempting even the smallest repair.

You will not be required to disconnect other supplies, but if you do have a gas dryer, simply turn off the gas supply to it.

Check that the dryer drum is empty before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Unscrew the faulty hinge

Caution: Before you start unscrewing the door hinges, make sure you have someone to hold or support the door, or it may fall off and break, or you may end up hurting yourself.

You will find a couple of screws inside the door holding it to the panel, and in some cases, it can be done from the outside.

You may also want to remove a few screws from the hinge assembly on the door.

The last part should be to unscrew all the retaining screws from the hinges of the frame.

Carefully lift the door and place it aside safely.

Inspect the hinge area for any wear-outs to the holding brackets.

Before attaching the replacement door hinges to the assembly, clean the surface.

For the top-loading dryer, you will have to carefully remove the control panel from the top to reach out to the hinges.

In most cases, you will find two hinges on either side of the door where it connects to the frame.

Accordingly, unscrew to remove the hinges carefully from the assembly before replacing them.

Step 3: Install the replacement door hinge

Mount the hinges to the dryer and start by screwing them to the dryer’s panel.

Now carefully lift the door to place it and align it to the hinges bracket.

Then, secure its assembly to the door by tightening the screws firmly to its place.

Step 4: Inspect the replacement part

Now gently close the door to check if it is aligning correctly to the frame and without any slack or interference.

Step 5: Power on the dryer for testing

If it is a top-load dryer then simply reassemble the control panel carefully before you plug in the dryer.

Now simply power on the dryer to check if it detects the door when closed.

Final Thoughts

Door hinges are essential to keep the door engaged as the dryer performs its function.

Just like any other parts of a dryer’s door such as the door latch and switches, the hinges do wear out over time.

Note that, some dryers allow you to reverse their doors at your convenience. So, see if you can find the hinges mounting bracket on either side of the door frames.

It is pretty easy to replace the door hinges and you can do it all by yourself without requiring any professional help.

However, if you are not confident or unable to replace the door hinge yourself, always reach out to a professional for help.

Frequently Asked Question

Do all dryers use the same door hinges?

No, the door hinges vary depending on the model, size, and type of dryer.

Are all dryer doors reversible?

No, this option is available only on specific models.

How do I know if my dryer’s door is reversible?

You can identify this by referring to the user manual of your dryer’s model. Secondly, you can contact the manufacturer’s helpline number for more information. Alternatively, you can simply inspect the door frame on the opposite end. If the opposite end includes a similar mounting bracket along with the dummy screws, then it means the door is reversible.

What is the cost of dryer door hinges?

Depending on the type and model of your dryer, the door hinges will vary in cost and can range anywhere between $10 and $80.

Where can I buy a replacement door hinge?

Using the model number of your dryer, you can find a replacement door hinge at the local appliance parts stores or simply look online for more options.

How to reverse whirlpool dryer door?

To reverse the door of your Whirlpool dryer, first, you need to unscrew and remove the door. Then, remove the hinges from the door, followed by removing the dummy screws. Next, make sure to move the rotating assembly to the opposite side and then reverse the steps to reassemble the door. After that, place the door back on and screw it in place.