How to turn off the control lock on Maytag washing machine?

Quick Answer

To turn off or deactivate the control lock feature on the Maytag washer, press and hold the control lock button for up to three seconds or until you see the countdown displayed on the control panel. Once the control lock is turned off, the LC or LoC code will disappear.

Most Maytag washing machines include either a standalone control lock button or combined with other buttons, check the user manual for more specific instructions.

Key Takeaways

  • The control lock feature is similar to the Child lock feature available in most washing machine brands.
  • Some Maytag washing machine models come with a Control Lock button and for some, you may have to use a combination of buttons.
  • Activating and deactivating the Control Lock can be done by pressing the control lock button for 3 seconds or until LC or LoC appears/disappears from the display panel.

What is a control lock in a Maytag washing machine?

The control lock in a Maytag washer prevents the operation of the washer and any changes to its settings. To operate the washer or change its settings, the control lock must be turned off (if it is on).

If your Maytag washing machine has a control lock feature, it means that you can lock the control panel so that no one can use the machine.

Activating the control lock simply disables the Maytag washer’s control panel so that the functions cannot be operated.

This feature is extremely helpful for families with small children and pets who may be playing around the washing machine, as it ensures that they can’t start up any cycles or change the settings of your washer accidentally.

How to activate the control lock on the Maytag washing machine?

To lock the control panel on a Maytag washing machine, simply press and hold the Lock button for at least three seconds.

Once the panel is locked, you will get an indication from the washer through a beep or a countdown of 3-2-1 followed by the code “LC” or “Loc” displayed on the display panel.

How do you know if the washer is locked?

To know if your Maytag washing machine is locked, you can identify it in several ways.

  • You will neither be able to start a specific cycle nor change a program during a function.
  • All the other functions won’t work except the power on/off button.
  • You will see a code LC or LoC displayed whenever you will try to press any other buttons on the control panel.

How to deactivate the control lock in a Maytag washer?

The very first method to deactivate the Maytag washer’s control lock is by simply pressing the lock button for up to three seconds.

As you press and hold the lock button, you may see a countdown displayed on the panel after each second.

After this, the control lock will be deactivated, and the LC or LoC code will disappear from the display panel.

If the washer denies deactivating the control lock after trying the above method, try pressing the power button before touching and holding the lock button for three seconds again.

If that doesn’t work, either turn off the breaker or unplug the washer from the power outlet for at least a minute.

Now, plug the machine back into the power socket and try to follow the steps again to unlock the washer by pressing the control lock button for three seconds.

You should now be able to deactivate the control lock in your Maytag washing machine, and if it is still not working, keep the washer unplugged for up to 10 minutes to try again.

Finally, if none of the above mentioned methods work, there should be something to do with a fault on the control panel or a related sensor.

In such a situation, simply turn off the washer and call a professional to identify and troubleshoot the actual cause.

Do Maytag dryers have a control lock?

Not all but some Maytag dryer models do have a control lock feature, and the activation or deactivation method is similar to Maytag washers.

It can be activated by pressing the control lock button for three seconds and likewise deactivating it in a similar way.

In some Maytag dryers, you may need to press and hold the extended tumble and “-” buttons for 3 seconds. Just check the user manual for more clarity on this feature.

Final Thoughts

Washing machines with control lock features can be a great way to prevent any accidental changes to the settings of your Maytag washer.

This is similar to the child lock feature that freezes the control panel functions and can provide peace of mind for parents or caretakers by preventing little ones from operating the machine.

In case the control panel functions do not work, simply check whether the lock was activated by someone who last used the washer.

Lastly, not all Maytag washers will have this feature, so it is important to research the model of your Maytag washer before making a purchase.

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