Powerwash in Maytag washing machine (Explained)

The Powerwash cycle is a special feature on selected Maytag washers that helps clean the clothes more thoroughly. By utilizing a blend of intensive wash action and hot water, the Powerwash cycle effectively cleans away even the toughest stains in a single cycle.

So, once you use powerwash, especially for stained, sturdy, and heavily soiled items, the cycle will use higher water temperatures, longer wash cycles, and additional agitation to clean your clothing items.

That being said, not all models of the Maytag washer are equipped with the Powerwash cycle, so make sure to check before making a purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • The powerwash cycle will use hot water, a longer wash cycle, and stronger agitation in order to give a thorough cleaning.
  • Only selected models of Maytag washer has this feature.
  • The wash cycle can last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours or even more depend on the fabric and the load size.

How to use powerwash in Maytag washer?

It is easy to select the powerwash cycle to clean the toughest laundry loads with ease.

Let us look at the steps below to use the Powerwash cycle in the Maytag washer.

  • Start by loading your dirty clothes in your washing machine such as pants, shirts, towels, jeans, etc.
  • Now, add a suitable amount of detergent into the drawer or the dispenser.
  • Turn the cycle selector knob to select the powerwash cycle on the control panel.
  • Once selected, the default settings for this cycle are extra hot water and extra high agitation.
  • Additionally from the options menu or the dial select extra rinse if the clothes are heavily soiled or too dirty.
  • Finally, close the lid and press the start button and let the powerwash cycle complete.

Note: The power wash cycle combines higher temperatures, increased agitation, and a thorough rinse for a thorough cleaning, use it only if you actually need it as not all fabrics can handle the additional power and heat.

How long does the powerwash cycle last?

The length of the PowerWash cycle in a Maytag washing machine can vary depending on several factors, but it typically lasts for around 2 hours.

The extended duration is due to the intensive nature of the cycle, which uses a combination of extra wash action and heated water to remove tough stains.

The longer wash time allows the machine to thoroughly agitate the clothes and clean away even the most stubborn stains.

That being said, the Powerwash cycle duration is highly influenced by the load size, how heavily soiled the fabric is, and the type of fabric being washed.

Can you wash delicate clothing in a powerwash cycle?

It is not advised to wash delicate items in a regular or non-suitable program, including a powerwash cycle. Instead, use a gentle cycle for delicate fabric types.

Since the Powerwash cycle uses stronger agitation and hot water, it may cause damage to delicate fabrics.

However, you can still include shirts, pants, denim, towels, sheets, etc. in the powerwash cycle.

Before using the power wash cycle, make sure that the fabrics are suitable for higher temperatures. You can do so by checking the care label of your clothes.

What is a power dry cycle in Maytag dryers?

Maytag front-load washers and dryers are built to handle the toughest loads with the help of the power wash and power dry cycles.

The power dry cycle in selected Maytag dryers helps you dry your laundry faster with optimized heat and airflow.

This specific cycle uses higher temperatures and works harder to discharge even the last bits of moisture from your clothes in a quick time.

This cycle is best suited for bulky and heavier items, and it ensures even drying.

Final Thoughts

The powerwash cycle is a handy feature to have as it allows you to use stronger washing power to get the toughest stains out of your clothes quickly and easily.

Washers with the powerwash feature are equipped with powerful direct-drive motors and gearboxes to provide that extra strength when dealing with larger loads.

With that said, you must be careful while using this feature as not all fabrics are the same, some can tolerate heat and some can easily wear out when exposed to heat.

So, read the care label on your fabric before using the powerwash cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of a powerwash cycle?

If your specific Maytag washer model does not feature the power wash cycle then you can simply use the heavy-duty cycle instead. This particular cycle is closest to the powerwash cycle and is appropriate for heavy and dirty loads.

Is Maytag PowerWash a quick wash?

The main difference between a PowerWash cycle and a Quick Wash cycle is that the PowerWash cycle uses more water and hotter temperatures to break down heavy soils. Also, the wash cycle can last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours, while the quick wash cycle concentrates on accelerating the completion of the wash cycle by using shorter intervals of more intense washing.

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