Remove the agitator from Maytag washing machine Safely

Are you dealing with a noisy or broken agitator in your Maytag washing machine? If so, it’s time to remove it and either repair it or replace it.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to remove the agitator from your Maytag washing machine so you can either get it repaired or replaced.

Quick Answer

To remove the agitator from your Maytag washer, turn off the power to your washing machine, drain any water in the drum, and remove the fabric softener dispenser. Next, loosen the agitator using a socket wrench, wiggle it out with pliers, replace it if needed, and reinstall the fabric softener dispenser. Lastly, turn the power back on and run a test cycle to confirm everything is working properly.

Key Takeaways

  • Agitators can be removed yourself using the basic hardware tools, but remember, not all washers have the same method to remove them.
  • Agitators are usually found in top-load models.
  • Some washer models have a non-detachable agitator (so you may not be able to detach them). Refer to the user manual to confirm if yours has a detachable agitator or not.
  • If you are planning to replace the agitator it’s important that you find a proper replacement. You can do so by using the model number of your washer.
  • In most cases, you will need to remove the fabric softener dispenser first, then unbolt the screws holding the agitator to detach it from the drum.

Why do you need to remove the agitator?

Removing an agitator from the washing machine is done for several reasons.

  • There needs to be a thorough cleaning of the agitator, but that may be difficult if it is still attached to its place.
  • It may happen that the agitator is broken and needs a replacement.
  • Another possibility could be that you want to work on the connected components. Components such as the wash drum or the motor or its bearing, etc.

How to remove the agitator from Maytag washer?

Removing the agitator from your Maytag washer may look difficult initially, but if you look at the steps below, it’s not that difficult.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to removing the agitator

Step 1: Unplug the washer

Before you begin any repair, it’s important to turn off the power to your washing machine.

This can be done by unplugging it from the electrical outlet or turning off the circuit breaker that powers it.

Also, disconnect the water supplies to ensure that water isn’t flowing while the machine is not in use.

Step 2: Locate the agitator

Now, lift the door of your top-load washer and make sure it is empty and does not have any clothes inside.

You will now see a long, spindle-like agitator placed right in the center of the washtub.

Step 3: Remove the fabric softener

Most agitators include a fabric softener dispenser at the top, so you will need to remove it first if your model has one.

To remove the dispenser, simply hold the top compartment of the agitator to pull it out and separate it.

In some models, you will have to hold the agitator from the bottom and then twist the dispenser counterclockwise to separate them.

Step 4: Unbolt the agitator

Once the fabric softener compartment is removed, you will now be able to see a bolt under it that holds the agitator to the shaft.

Use a socket wrench set to loosen the nut that holds the agitator in place.

Once the nut is loosened, use a pair of pliers to gently wiggle the agitator back and forth until it comes loose from the shaft. Place an old towel in the bottom of a bucket to cushion the agitator, and then carefully lift it out of the drum.

Step 5: Clean the area where the agitator sits

Make sure to first clean the area where the agitator was sitting with soapy water and a sponge.

Now, it is time to clean the agitator thoroughly with soapy water (if you intended to clean the agitator).

Removing the agitator will allow access to previously inaccessible areas of the tub, allowing you to do a thorough cleaning.

Just remember to rinse well and dry completely before replacing the agitator in its place.

Step 6: Reinstall the agitator

Finally, to put the agitator back in, just reverse the process you used to remove it.

First, twist the agitator into its place, then push it down until it’s snug, and then bolt it back again.

Make sure to place the bolt properly in its place, and then tighten it using the socket.

Reconnect the dispenser to the top, if applicable, and make sure to fix it firmly.

Finally, turn on the water supply and plug in the machine to check if everything works fine.

Note: The above steps are applicable for replacing a new agitator as well. So if your agitator is broken or damaged, you can follow the same process. Just make sure to get a proper replacement by searching for the model number of your washer.

How to remove the agitator from a Maytag Centennial washing machine?

In order to remove the agitator from the Maytag Centennial washing machine, locate the cap at the bottom of the washtub.

Next, take the cap out to locate the screws holding the agitator in place.

Then, loosen the screws and use a knife or a screwdriver to carefully lift the agitator out of the machine.

Final Thoughts

Agitators are found in top-load washing machine models; however, most modern-day top-loaders these days use a disk-like impeller.

Over time, these components may need a thorough cleaning due to residual build-ups of dirt and detergent or a replacement in the event of wear-outs.

To replace or clean an agitator, you will need to remove it from the washing machine, and the method will vary between different washer models.

Always make sure to refer to the user manual of your washer model for proper instructions.

If you are unsure of how to remove it from your washer, simply call a service professional to accomplish the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the agitator located?

The agitator is typically located in the center of the drum and is usually connected to the drive shaft that runs through the center of the drum. It moves back and forth or rotates during the wash cycle to agitate the clothes.

Why would I want a removable agitator?

A removable agitator allows you to detach it from the washer, allowing you to access difficult areas in the washer drum and perform deep cleaning. Also, you can get it replaced if the agitator is damaged without having to replace the entire washer. Furthermore, it’s less costly to replace the removable agitator than the non-removable one.

How do you remove the bolt from a Maytag agitator?

Once you have removed the fabric softener dispenser, the bolt that holds the agitator in place should be visible. You will need to use a socket wrench with an extension, as the bolt is usually too deep for a regular wrench to reach. So, using a wrench, unscrew the bolt, while doing so you may notice that the drum is moving, simply use your hands to stop the movement and unscrew the bolt.

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