Where is the fuse in Maytag top load washer located?

The location of the fuse in a Maytag top load washer can vary depending on the model and type of washer. In some models, the fuse may be located on the lid switch assembly, while in others it may be located behind the control panel.

That being said, there can be one or more fuses in a Maytag washing machine depending on its model and type.

Key Takeaways

  • The lid switch prevents the washer from running if the door of your Maytag washer is left open and it may include a fuse in the same assembly depending on the model.
  • To locate the fuse in the top-load model of your Maytag washer you will need to locate the lid switch assembly first (if the location of the fuse is near the lid switch).
  • It is typically located near the door frame at the back of the front panel which means you may need to remove the front or top panel of your washer.
  • In most cases, the fuse in the Maytag washer is located just behind the control panel.

What are the most common types of fuses in a washing machine?

Most washing machines include a main fuse located where the electrical supply meets the machine, near the power cord assembly.

This particular fuse controls the overall electricity to the machine.

Another type of fuse is the motor fuse, which is installed near the main motor that spins the drum; this particular fuse controls the electricity to the motor.

These fuses can also be found near the control board, which is behind the control panel of your washing machine.

In the event of a power surge or excess heat in the electrical supplies, the fuse will blow and if either fuse blows up, the entire machine will not operate.

Furthermore, some washing machines that use heat or a washer-dryer combo unit will typically have a fuse located near the machine’s heating element.

This particular fuse is also called a “thermal fuse” and can also be found in dryers to prevent them from overheating.

These fuses protect a few components of the washer from damage under overheating conditions and from electrical faults.

Depending on the model and type of your washing machine, you can locate the fuse with the help of the user manual.

How to access the fuse in the Maytag top-load washer?

To access the fuse in Maytag top-load washers you will need to locate their door switch assembly.

The door switch assembly is a small metal box or can be a white-colored box placed near the door frame.

It is accessible from the top panel of the washer.

Let us look into the steps to access the fuse in your top-load Maytag washer.

Step 1: Unplug the washing machine

Unplug the washing machine from the power.

Because you won’t need to move the machine from the back wall, you might not need to remove the inlet or drain hoses.

Step 2: Remove the frame on the top panel

The fuse is usually installed in the door switch assembly hence you will need to remove the assembly.

It can be located at the top of the washing machine, behind the control panel, or near the door latch.

So, start removing the top frame by unscrewing the retaining screws of the panel.

In some washer models, you can simply lift the door up and locate the screws on the frame to remove the top panel.

Accordingly, detach the top panel and keep it aside.

Step 3: Unscrew the door switch assembly

Locate the point where the door latch locks the door to the washing machine and there you will find a small metal box which is the door switch assembly.

It should be held in place with 2 screws, so remove the screws that hold the door switch in place with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Disconnect the running wires carefully and pull the door switch out of its housing.

Step 4: Locate the fuse

The small metal box will include a switch and the fuse inside its assembly.

Some washer models may allow you to replace the fuse instead of replacing the entire set, and some may not.

If you are not sure about it, simply contact the Maytag helpline number for washing machine troubleshooting.

Finally, if you have done the necessary checks and repairs you can follow the above steps in reverse order to reassemble the washer.

Do not forget to run a test cycle to make sure it is working fine.

Final Thoughts

A blown fuse will prevent the washing machine or some of its components from functioning.

To locate a fuse in your specific model, you can always take a look at your machine’s manual.

This is because most washer manuals will have a diagram that shows you where the fuse is located.

The most important fuse is the main fuse, and depending on the model of your washing machine the location may vary slightly.

Even though a fuse is one of the cheapest parts in a washing machine, it plays a critical role in preventing electrical damage to your washer.

If you are not confident checking the fuse yourself, you can call a professional technician to take a look at your washing machine and replace the fuse.

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