Washing Machine Warranty Claims Process (Easy Guide)

You can claim a warranty only if you have bought the washing machine from an authorized seller.

Whether you buy the washer through an online platform, a local dealer, or the manufacturer, in most cases the warranty claim process is similar.

Warranty claims against your washer may demand a few relevant documents.

This includes the deal invoice & the buyer’s agreement.

It may also need the registration of your product including serial & model numbers.

This guide will brief you on a washing machine warranty claim process.

Let us take a quick look into the warranty claims process step by step.

What is a Washing Machine Warranty?

A washing machine warranty is a service promise offered by the manufacturers.

It covers the manufacturing defects and malfunctions within a specific period of time.

This includes service repairs or replacing any parts that fail due to a manufacturing defect.

Most warranties last for one year from the date of sale, although some may be longer.

You can either submit a service request online or contact the manufacturer.

Why do you need to claim a washer’s warranty?

There are many reasons why you might choose to claim a warranty.

In some cases, it may be because you are experiencing problems with your washing machine.

In other cases, you may claim a warranty to get a new washing machine if your existing washer breaks down.

Whatever the reason, claiming a warranty can be a great resolution to ward off your problems.

In some cases, you may also be entitled to a replacement washing machine.

Requesting a warranty claim for your washing machine can avoid burning your pockets as it keeps you protected against manufacturing defects.

Where do you claim your washer’s warranty?

There are a few different ways that you can go about claiming a washer’s warranty.

In some cases, you may be able to do so by directly contacting the manufacturer.

Alternatively, you may need to contact a retailer or an authorized service center to claim the warranty.

Whichever route you take, be sure to have all the necessary documentation on hand.

This will smoothen the claims process.

How to claim a washing machine warranty?

To claim a warranty you can contact the seller i.e. the point of sale.

Below are some valuable tips and steps to simplify your washer’s warranty claim process.

Check the warranty period

Before you dial the helpline number make sure you know the warranty period.

Most washing machines have a one-year warranty, although some have more extended periods.

Find out the coverage

You can always confirm the extra costs with the manufacturer if involved.

Warranties usually cover parts and labor, but not always shipping and handling. 

Know the service approach

Your location and the availability of service centers pays a crucial role.

Some brands may ask you to ship the machine back to them, while others will send a technician to your home. 

Gather the necessary documentation

This may include a sales receipt, as proof of your deal, or a warranty registration card.

The entire process won’t be time-consuming if your washer was already registered in the set period.

Notify the manufacturer or retailer

You can notify the manufacturer either through the online portal or by calling the helpline.

Let us look into the various approaches that you can take.

1. Online Portal

You can visit the manufacturer’s website and click on support.

It will allow you to register your concern online by specifying all the details.

In most cases, manufacturers will have a portal to log a complaint.

You need to sign in to the web portal using your credentials used during the product registration and log a complaint.

Some manufacturers like LG also provide chat support.

You may use the option to call the helpline number and follow the steps mentioned below.

2. Over the phone

Contact the manufacturer or the retailer over the phone and provide your details.

The details such as the contact information and the model/serial number of the machine.

You will also have to provide a precise description of the problem.

Follow their instructions (Basic Troubleshooting)

The service technician will likely ask you to troubleshoot the problem.

You may have to follow a few basic troubleshooting steps as suggested by the technician.

You may have to send photos or short videos of the issue if requested.

They will then determine whether the problem is considered under the warranty.

Be Patient

In some cases, the resolution time may take time depending on the type of failure caused.

It may also vary as per the available resources to fix the errors timely.

What are the reasons for a rejected warranty claim?

It is quite an awful situation when you receive a rejection during the warranty claim process.

Your claim requests are prone to rejection in several scenarios.

Let us look into a few common reasons why warranty claims for washing machines face rejection.

The most common reason is that the damage or the issue is not covered by the warranty.

The washer’s component is not covered under the warranty terms.

You must have not registered the warranty in the specified period as per the terms.

A warranty claim was already used and does not apply for further coverage.

Other reasons include failing to provide proof of purchase (POP), the Washing machine being Out of warranty duration (OOW), and not following the warranty’s set terms and conditions.

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Final Thoughts

Online Registration of your washer with the manufacturer is of utmost importance.

It will simplify your warranty claim process.

Timely reporting about an error is always a good practice to avoid a major hassle.

Make it a practice of safeguarding the important documents related to your appliances.

Contact the manufacturer or the dealer for any missing paperwork.

Lastly, avoid self-trubleshooting as it can easily void the warranty.

Frequent Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to the washing machine claim process.

Do I have to troubleshoot the washer if the manufacturer asks?

The support personnel may only ask you to follow basic troubleshooting steps. Steps such as resetting the washer, turning them on or off, opening and closing the doors, etc. They usually don’t expect or recommend you to use any hardware tools to detach the components.

Do I need to ship my washing machine to service centers?

It will not always be the case and it depends on the severity of the damage caused. For instance, if the troubleshooting needs major tools. It becomes difficult to carry major tools to your place. You can always check with the service helpline of your washer for more details.

What happens if my washer’s warranty claim rejects?

Even if your washer’s warranty claim is rejected, you will still get the support. However, you will have to bear the costs involved in the process. For more options, you can check with a local service professional.

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