How does load-and-go dispenser in the Whirlpool washer work?

The Load and Go dispenser is a convenient feature found in selected Whirlpool washing machines. It helps you store enough detergent for multiple loads of laundry, which eliminates the need for you to add detergent with each cycle. The number of loads the dispenser can handle varies depending on the model of your washer, but it’s usually enough for 20 to 40 loads.

It’s like having your own personal laundry butler!

In layman’s terms, the load-and-go dispenser is used to store detergents that can be used in multiple wash cycles.

Some load-and-go washing machine models have a large dispenser that can accommodate enough detergent to wash up to 20 loads. Whereas some washer models include an XL dispenser that can store detergents to wash up to 40 loads.

That being said, these washer models also include a small detergent dispenser along with load-and-go dispensers.

Key Takeaways

  • The term Load-and-Go is referred to a large detergent compartment called a Load-and-Go dispenser which is available in selected Whirlpool washing machine models.
  • Once you’ve filled the larger detergent dispenser or drawer in Whirlpool’s Load and Go washer models, you won’t need to add detergent for at least 20 loads.
  • Depending on your washer model the capacity of the detergent may vary and can accommodate detergent quantity for up to 40 future wash cycles.

How does the Load-and-Go dispenser work?

Using a load-and-go dispenser is similar to loading detergent in a regular or standard detergent drawer or dispenser.

The only difference is the quantity, which lets you add laundry detergent once and then forget about it for at least 15 to 20 loads and, in some cases, 40 loads depending on the capacity of the washer.

The best part about this feature is that your washer will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent for each load, so you don’t have to worry about measuring or pouring it all the time.

How to load detergent in the Load-and-Go dispenser?

To add detergent to the Load-and-Go dispenser of your Whirpool washing machine, you can follow the below steps.

  • Open the door of the washing machine.
  • Just below the door, you will see a large detergent drawer on the top of the washtub.
  • Pull the door of the drawer and load the liquid detergent to the fill level.
  • Push the drawer back to close the Load-and-Go dispenser of the machine.
  • Load your laundry to the washtub and close the lid.
  • Now, turn on the washing machine and make sure the indicator light is flashing next to the Load-and-Go option on the control panel.
  • If it isn’t flashing that means it is currently inactive, so press and hold the Load-and-Go button until the indicator is lit.
  • Select your desired wash cycle settings and run the washer as usual.

The machine will automatically release the required amount of detergent to the machine from the large dispenser based on the settings used for washing.

In the washtub, the amount of detergent dispensed will vary based on the type of load and the soil level.

How to deactivate the load-and-go dispenser?

If you don’t want your washer to dispense detergent from the larger dispenser, which is the Load-and-Go compartment, you can deactivate it from the control panel.

Simply press and hold the Load-and-Go option on the machine until its indicator light turns off.

Doing this will allow you to use the smaller, single-dose detergent compartment, which is meant for a single load.

You can add the desired solution or detergent to the single-dose drawer, which will be used in the wash cycle.

Should you use both load-and-go and single-dose dispensers?

If you use the load-and-go feature, make sure to avoid adding detergent to the single-dose dispenser.

Likewise, if you want to use the single-dose dispenser, make sure to disable the load-and-go feature from the control panel.

Using both load-and-go and single-dose dispensers at the same time or in any particular wash cycle is not recommended.

Doing this will result in excess suds during the wash and impact the overall performance of the washer.

So, it is always advised to use one dispenser at a time.

Can you add powdered detergent to the load-and-go dispenser?

You should always add liquid detergent to the load-and-go dispensers because it will not work with powdered detergents.

However, powdered detergent can be added to the smaller compartment, which is the single-dose dispenser of the machine.

Which detergent works best in the load-and-go washers?

The Whirlpool Load-and-Go models are high-efficiency washing machines that use less water to clean your laundry.

Ordinary detergents will create excess suds and will increase the duration of the selected wash cycle.

Moreover, it won’t deliver the desired results and may require multiple rinsings to clear the suds.

Therefore, it is always best to use liquid detergent formulated for high-efficiency washers (also known as high-efficiency detergent).

Can you store fabric softener in the load-and-go dispenser?

The loaded-and-go dispenser is only included to store laundry detergent for washing multiple loads of laundry.

There isn’t any large compartment available to store fabric softeners in huge quantities or to wash multiple loads.

There is only a small single-dose compartment dedicated to fabric softeners that can be used for a single load.

When should you add detergent to the Load-and-Go dispenser?

The Load-and-Go dispenser can be loaded as soon as it reaches the low level, which can be determined through the drawer.

The drawer is usually clear and visible to be able to determine the detergent level from the outside.

Can you set the concentration level of the detergent?

The default settings are 2x, which is the standard concentration level of a detergent.

However, you can change it from 2x and up to 8x by simply pressing the Load-and-Go button until you reach the desired level.

What are the benefits of a Load-and-Go washer?

The Load-and-Go feature has several advantages, the most important of which is a large compartment for storing laundry detergent.

It not only stores the detergent but also dispenses it into the washtub according to the wash cycle and the type of load.

Furthermore, it ensures that your washer has enough detergent to run at least 20 to 40 loads without worrying about how much detergent to load in different settings.

Moreover, there is a single-dose dispenser that allows the user to add detergent for single loads separately.

What are the drawbacks of Load-and-Go washers?

One of the major drawbacks is that the larger compartment, which is the Load-and-Go dispenser, will not work with powdered detergent.

So, if you prefer using powder detergents for washing, you will have to rely on the smaller compartment, which is the single-dose dispenser.

Additionally, if you add detergent to the single-dose dispenser with Load-and-Go active, it will result in a longer wash cycle duration due to excess suds.

This is because the machine will dispense detergent from both drawers during the wash.

Another potential drawback is that the Load-and-Go dispenser is only applicable for detergents and not for other solutions such as fabric softeners.

Apart from the above-mentioned drawbacks, some of the common problem areas are a lack of documentation about this feature, limited things displayed in the display panel relevant to the load and go feature, and inconsistent dispensing of detergents.

Final Thoughts

Whirlpool washers with the load-and-go feature have a built-in compartment that can store large amounts of detergent, which helps save some of your time and energy each time you use the washer.

However, it may not be possible to use powder detergent, and you should always use a liquid HE detergent in the Whirlpool washer’s load-and-go dispenser.

Also, when using the load-and-go function, avoid filling the single-dose dispenser with detergent because the detergent from the larger compartment will be automatically dispensed during the washing cycle.

This will prevent the use of excess detergent, which can lead to the creation of a lot of suds during the wash.

Also, note that not all Whirlpool washers will have this feature, so if you want a washer that has this feature, make sure to double-check before you purchase one.

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