What does Eco Wash mean in Whirlpool washing machines?

Eco Wash is a program that optimizes the wash cycle by using less water and detergent. It also helps you save electricity by operating at lower wash and rinse temperatures.

In other words, eco-wash is an added feature found in modern Whirlpool washing machines that allows the user to wash their clothes using a shorter and cooler wash cycle.

Overall, it helps users save money on their utility bills by using less water and energy during the wash cycle.

Key Takeaways

  • Eco wash feature helps save you money on utility bills by using less water and electricity.
  • You can’t always rely on the Eco-Wash setting, especially for extremely soiled clothes, but it works great for the vast majority of your washing needs.
  • Eco wash feature is available on the latest whirlpool models.

Are there any benefits to using eco wash?

The eco-wash function offers numerous benefits. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of eco-washing:

  • Eco-washing will unquestionably reduce your utility costs, both in terms of water and electricity. This is because it focuses on optimizing the wash cycle by using limited resources.
  • Typically a conventional washing machine or a standard cycle uses around 35 to 40 Gallons of water per load while an eco-wash can use as little as 15 gallons of water per load. This can make a big difference in your water bill, and it’s also better for the environment.
  • Eco-wash uses less energy than traditional models. This means that you’ll not only save money on your energy bill, but you’ll also be doing your part to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Eco-wash is best for lightly soiled and delicate garments as it uses low spin and gentle agitation during the wash.

Are there any drawbacks to using eco-wash?

As eco-wash is a newer technology, there are still some disadvantages to using it.

  • One major drawback is that you might have to purchase a more expensive washer in order to have this feature.
  • Even though eco-wash machines might require a larger investment upfront, they often use less water and energy which will save you money in the long run. So, in short term, it may not be a good option.
  • Eco-wash may not be as effective or beneficial for heavily soiled garments because it uses less water, time, temperature, and detergent for washing. This means, your clothes may not come out as clean when using an eco-wash feature.
  • Moreover, because the machine doesn’t use as much detergent or water, it may not be as effective to treat stains from your clothes.

Note: For heavily soiled clothes, you can just use a standard or preferred cycle.

How long does Eco Wash on a Whirlpool washing machine last?

The eco-wash cycle on a Whirlpool washing machine lasts between 15 minutes and an hour. This cycle uses less water and energy than the regular cycle, making it more environmentally friendly.

How do you wash dirty clothes using eco-wash?

Please follow the steps below if you have a load of laundry that is too-soiled for the eco-wash setting.

Start by pre-treating the garments before washing them:

  • Fill a container such as a basin or sink with warm water and add detergent to it.
  • Let the detergent mix well with water, you can use your hands to swirl in to create suds.
  • If the garments are heavily soiled or too dirty simply rinse them under running water before soaking them.
  • Now place the garments in the container and let them submerge for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Next, agitate the garments as they soak to help release excess dirt.
  • Finally, rinse the garment with clean water and they are ready to be used for the eco-wash program.

What is “Eco Wash and Dry” in a Whirlpool washer?

“Eco Wash and Dry” is one of the settings in Whirlpool washing machines that helps to wash and dry your clothes with a single click.

Once the “eco wash and dry” option is chosen, the washing machine will automatically use less water and energy for each cycle.

Final Thoughts

Eco Wash is a feature in modern Whirlpool washing machines that helps to save energy and water by using less of both.

The eco-wash setting can be especially helpful if you have a large family or do a lot of laundry.

For heavily soiled garments, you should pre-soak them in a basin filled with water and detergent before using the eco-wash cycle for optimum results.

If you’re not sure whether your Whirlpool washing machine has this feature, check the user manual or look for an “Eco” button on the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Whirlpool washers have eco-wash?

No, the Eco Wash feature is available in selected newer models of Whirlpool washing machines.

Can you wash silk garments using eco-wash?

Yes, you can wash silk garments using Whirlpool’s eco-wash feature. Eco-wash feature is gentle and ensures gentle washing throughout the cycle as it has lower spin speeds and mostly uses cold water.

How do I use Eco Wash?

Click the “Eco” button on the control panel, and the washer will automatically align the “Eco” wash settings for washing.

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