What is a permanent press wash cycle in the washing machine?

Quick Answer

A permanent press wash cycle in a washing machine is a specific cycle designed to handle clothes labeled “Permanent Press” or “Wrinkle-Resistant” by the manufacturer. It uses a combination of low heat and gentle agitation to minimize wrinkles and maintain the shape and appearance of the clothes. Furthermore, some washers also have a cool-down feature at the end of the cycle to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Permanent press clothes are made from fabrics that have been chemically treated to resist wrinkles and keep their shape even after multiple washes.

Such a type of fabric needs proper care while washing so that its shape and texture are not compromised.

Key Takeaways

  • A permanent press is a unique feature found on most modern washing machines and this specific cycle is designed to clean and protect clothing labeled “permanent press”.
  • These fabrics are treated to avoid wrinkling and maintain shape even after multiple washes.
  • If your washing machine does not feature a permanent press cycle then simply wash them using a delicate or gentle cycle and cold water settings.

How does the permanent press cycle work?

A permanent press cycle typically has a lower spin speed and uses gentle agitation to clean the clothes.

So, the agitation is less intense than a regular wash cycle, in order to minimize the wrinkle-inducing force on the clothes.

After the main wash is completed, the clothes are then rinsed thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent residues.

Once the rinsing process is complete, it proceeds with a spin cycle, where the clothes are spun at lower RPMs to remove excess water.

Once the excess water is drained, it then moves toward the drying part.

The drying cycle is what sets the Permanent Press cycle apart from regular cycles.

The Permanent Press cycle makes use of low heat settings combined with a longer drying time, thus keeping the clothes from shrinking and maintaining their shape and appearance.

Furthermore, some washing machine models also have a cool-down feature at the end of the final cycle, avoiding the sudden temperature change for the clothes.

Overall, the Permanent Press wash cycle is designed to minimize wrinkles and help maintain the shape and appearance of clothes labeled “Permanent Press” or “Wrinkle-Resistant” by the manufacturer.

What types of clothes can be washed in the permanent press cycle?

The Permanent Press wash cycle may be used to wash “Wrinkle-Resistant” clothes as well as apparel that wrinkles easily, including fabrics made of natural fibers.

It’s important to note that the permanent press cycle is simply an optimized version of the delicate press cycle. So, technically, you can wash delicate items and laundry items that require special care in a washing machine.

Some common fabrics that can be washed on the permanent press cycle include synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, blends of natural and synthetic fibers, such as polyester-cotton, and cotton-polyester blends.

With that said, it is highly recommended to check the care label on the garment before washing it on a permanent press cycle.

Note: The permanent press cycle uses low to medium heat, so it’s important that you confirm that the fabric is able to withstand low to medium heat.

What’s the difference between a permanent press and a delicate press?

The main difference between the permanent press and delicate cycles on a washing machine is the level of agitation and heat used. While the permanent press cycle is gentle, it still has stronger agitation and uses low to medium heat settings for wrinkle-resistant fabrics, whereas the delicate cycle uses less agitation and lower heat for more fragile fabrics.

What are permanent press clothes?

Permanent press clothes, also known as “wrinkle-free” clothes, are garments that have been treated with a combination of chemicals and heat during the manufacturing process in order to resist wrinkles and retain their shape.

Because of this treatment, your clothes are less likely to wrinkle even after numerous washings, allowing you to spend less time ironing and focus on more important things.

You can find permanent press clothes in a variety of styles, including dress shirts, pants, skirts, and even some types of bedding.

That being said, it’s worth noting that while permanent press clothes may be less likely to wrinkle, they’re not completely wrinkle-free. They may still require some touch-ups if they’ve been packed in a suitcase or if they’ve been left in a pile for a long time.

But overall, permanent press clothes can help save time and energy when it comes to doing laundry and getting dressed in the morning.

Note: Folding or storing permanent press clothes in a drawer or closet for extended periods of time and environmental factors can cause them to become wrinkled.

Final Thoughts

A permanent press cycle is an enhanced version of the delicate wash program in a washing machine.

This cycle is specially programmed to wash delicate permanent press fabrics in a gentle way, at the ideal temperature and tumble speed.

That said, it’s best to read the care label of your permanent press fabric before you put it in the washer.

Not all permanent press fabrics are made the same; therefore, the cleaning or washing instructions may vary from fabric to fabric.

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