Should you Buy a Used OR Refurbished Washing Machine?

Are you confused with the choice of buying a used washing machine? OR Do you need some guidance in purchasing a refurbished washer?

This is a complete guide to buying a Used Washing Machine.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • When you should opt for a used washing machine?
  • Key factors to look into before making a buying decision
  • Common questions about used washing machine
  • And Lots more…

So if you’re exploring a used washer already, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Why would someone buy a used washer?

Buying a used washer is not a strange thought by any means, in fact, it becomes a choice or an alternative to full fill your laundry tasks in several situations such as the budget, tempting deal, temporary requirements, replacement alternative, etc.

Here are some of the common reasons why someone may consider a used washer.


The cost of buying a new washer may not always be feasible for everyone especially when the purchase decision is unexpected.

There are chances that your existing washer has gone bad and you need to get a replacement as soon as possible for continuing your laundry tasks.

In such a situation, buying a used washer becomes an option to meet your budget as well as your requirement.

Temporary Requirement

If you are temporarily traveling to a destination for about a year and don’t have access to a washer or a laundromat then you may simply get a used washer.

In such situations, it is not worth buying a new washer as you may have to sell off after a year or so, and doing this won’t justify its utilization over the investment.

The selling cost of the new washer after a year or so does not ensure its complete return and you may have to incur a loss.

Tempting Deal

It may happen that you were in the process of buying a new washer for your laundry and a tempting deal comes your way for a used washer in excellent condition that fulfills your laundry needs.

Here you may simply go for the used washer and add the pocket-friendly machine to your laundry.


In some instances when you are in the process of replacing your old and outdated washer and your close colleague offers you a year-old used washer in good condition which is almost half the price of a new one, then you may go for it.

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Should you buy a used washing machine?

Most often the electronic appliances are sold and bought in a refurbished form or in a second-hand condition.

If you are lucky enough to get the right deal based on the condition and the budget, go for it.

The main reason to buy a Refurbished OR a Second-Hand washer in good condition is that you get the high-end features at almost half the price.

But before you crack the deal you may have to look into several points.

Here are some key factors that you must consider when buying a second-hand or a refurbished washer

  1. The age of the washer
  2. Functionality & Components status
  3. Warranty info
  4. Suitability 

Let us look into each of the factors in detail.

Age of the washer

The age of a washer plays an important role in order to make an informed buying decision.

It won’t make any sense to invest in a refurbished washer that is too old and outdated.

What should be the ideal age for a used washer to buy?

A refurbished washer that is anywhere between 6 months to 2 years old should be an ideal choice. This is because such washers will have all the updated features and yet they would be available at an affordable price.

The younger the washer the better the deal.

Ideally, you should prefer a used washer that is not more than 2 years old.

Opting for a washer older than two or more years will not make much sense as the machine may have gone through a lot of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the parts may have weakened and the overall efficiency of the washer may have gone down considerably.

How do you determine the age of the washer?

The age of the washer can be determined through the purchase invoice bill that mentions the date of purchase including month and year.

From the bill, you will have a fair idea of when the washer was put to function.

To put more clarity on determining the exact age of the washer you may simply acquire the details through the model or the serial number of the washer.

This information can be obtained either through online platforms or by contacting the manufacturer helpline with the model or serial number.

Functionality & Components status

In order to close your deal and for peace of mind you may inspect the washer to make sure it is functioning as expected.

Make sure all the latest features that the washer has to offer are working as expected.

In addition to this, you should check whether the washer is equipped with all the necessary components and they too are functioning properly.

How do you inspect OR what do you inspect in a used washer?

If you are in the middle of cracking a deal to buy a used washing machine then you will have to ensure that the washer is healthy and all the components are intact and functional.

Below are a few factors that you may consider when inspecting a used washer:

  • Check if the washer is turning on and there is no wear and tear on the power chord (Cables).
  • Water supplies such as the water inlet should be functional and keep a close eye on the water fill rate as well as the draining part.
  • Perform a trial by running a wash cycle and make sure the washer is successfully walking through all the functions without any interruptions.
  • The washer should not vibrate or shake excessively and make sure that there is no unusual noise during the wash programs.
  • Inspect if the dial pad and its functions are working fine by simply navigating through the control panel.
  • Ensure the drain functions properly and the drain pump can force the wastewater out through the drain hose.
  • Check for possible leakages – A healthy Washing Machine should not leak from anywhere.
  • Check the valves for wear out – A valve that is worn out excessively is a sign that the washer is not maintained properly and may have gone through excessive wear and tear.

Warranty Info

Look into the warranty details of the washer to ensure if it covers the warranty for specific components at the time of purchasing a used washer.

Some of the major components such as the main Motor OR Drum are usually covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 10 years.

If one or more components of the used washer fall under the warranty coverage then it will be an added benefit to the deal.

Where do I find the warranty details for the used washer?

Warranty details of the washing machines are listed on the warranty card.

The Warranty Card or Warranty details usually comes in form of a tiny booklet, you may demand the warranty card from the seller.

The warranty details of a washer are usually offered during the initial purchase and the details can also be located in the owner’s manual.


In order to buy a used washer, you should figure out if the washer is suitable for your laundry.

The most common factors that you should consider are:

  • Accommodation
  • Family Size & Washer’s Capacity
  • Easy Installation
  • Wash Programs

Here’s a detailed view of why these factors are important.


The washer should be a good fit in your household or the dedicated laundry room.

You must take the dimensions of the washer into consideration and figure out if it can be easily accommodated in your house.

Most of the washers come in standard sizes, however, you should still cross-check the dimensions just to make sure.

Family size & Washer’s capacity

The washer should be suitable to meet your regular laundry needs.

You should buy a washer that is just right for your family size.

A washing machine that has a large tub size will be ideal for a family of 4 or more.

Similarly, if you have a small family then you can buy a washer with a smaller tub size.

If you install a washer with less capacity then you may have to utilize multiple wash cycles to complete your regular laundry task, which will surely be a time-consuming process.

Easy Installation

The installation should not be a complicated task.

At times even the simplest installation may become complex due to damaged hookups such as electrical power chords, water inlet hoses, and drain valves/hoses.

So make sure, the installation is easy.

Wash Programs

The washer should have the required and suitable wash programs for your fabrics and usage patterns.

You should check all the wash programs offered by the washer and make sure it meets your specific laundry needs.

The most common wash programs that are offered by almost all the washers are “Normal”, “Delicates”, and “Heavy Duty”.

Some of the higher-end models also offer other specialized wash cycles such as “Prewash”, “Whitest Whites”, “Rinse and Spin”, etc.

You should also check the number of water temperature settings offered by the washer.

The most common water temperature settings are “Cold”, “Warm”, and “Hot”.

Some of the washers also offer an “Extra Hot” water temperature setting for heavily soiled clothes.

Brand & Model

If you are planning to buy a used washer then it is better to buy a mid-range or high-end model from a well-known brand.

The washers from well-known brands are more reliable as compared to the washers from unknown or less popular brands.

It is also easier to find replacement parts for the washers from well-known brands.

Apart from that, the resale value of the used washer will also be higher if it is from a well-known brand.

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What are the reasons to not buy a used washer?

Buying a used washing machine can turn into a bad experience if you neglect the inspection. Hence you should inspect the washer and its performance before investing.

There are several reasons to reject a used washing machine and you should reject a washer if it meets the below criteria.

  • If the washer is too old and outdated.
  • If the washer turns off automatically during wash cycles.
  • When the major components are non-functional.
  • If the washer vibrates or shakes unusually and creates a loud noise during the wash cycles.
  • The washing machine is leaking from multiple sources.
  • The display panel is malfunctioning.
  • If the washer stops mid-cycle.
  • If it is taking a long time to fill the washtub.
  • If it is having a hard time draining the water.
  • If it is making a squeaking sound during the wash cycle.
  • If it makes a slow OR loud grinding noise.
  • If it skips the cycle.

There can be more reasons to not buy a washer such as size, design, etc.

But you should be safe if you go through the above checklist.

Where can you buy a used washing machine?

  • You may simply search for online platforms that deal in buying and selling refurbished or used washing machines.
  • Alternatively, you may contact the local dealers.
  • Scrap dealers are another option where you can try your luck for a budget-friendly used washing machine.

Most often such offers come your way through your close associates such as friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors.

We have also seen, brands like Amazon selling refurbished items, you can check amazon as well.

What should you do after buying a used washer?

Once you have brought a used or a refurbished washer, simply install it and use it.

Here’s what you need to do.


Place the washer in its dedicated location in your house or the laundry room and fix the required hookups.


Run a clean or empty cycle using hot water and readymade cleaning solutions or you may simply use Vinegar or baking soda.

Doing this will clean and sanitize your washer so that it will be ready and appear fresh for your regular laundry.

Make sure the filters, water inlet valves, and drain areas are thoroughly cleaned.


Check for any weak, loose, or worn-out valves or hoses and simply replace them as it will optimize the performance of your washer.

After following the above basic steps you may proceed with your regular wash cycles.

Final Thoughts

Buying a used or a refurbished washing machine is a common thing these days.

Depending on the situation, requirements and budget it is perfectly fine to opt for a pocket-friendly refurbished washer.

If you are unsure about inspecting a specific component of a used washer, then simply consult a trusted expert to discuss the technicalities and guidance.

Do not trap yourself by simply closing a tempting deal without inspecting and cross-checking the details of the used washer.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about used washing machines.

Is it worth buying a used washer with broken legs?

Washing machines have 4 tiny legs at the corners of the base surface that leaves room beneath the washer to avoid damage from wet floors. These tiny legs are fixed with screws and are replaceable hence if the used washer fulfills your laundry needs and if it is in a good state, then the broken legs do not matter much. Simply, replace the tiny legs with a suitable new set. Alternately you may unscrew and remove the legs from the base and use a suitable washing machine stand.

Do buying a used washer void the manufacturer’s warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty does not void if you buy or sell a used washing machine. The warranty coverage and duration may differ depending on the manufacturer, washer type, and model. You may look into the warranty details of the used washer and obtain the information on the components covered under the warranty along with the duration.

Is 10 years good for a washing machine?

A typical washing machine should last anywhere between 10 to 13 years. Washing machines used daily will have a shorter lifespan when compared to the ones used less frequently. If you maintain your washing machine well and service it regularly, then it may last up to 15 years.

Are used washing machines safe?

If you maintain and clean your washer regularly, then it is absolutely safe to use a used washing machine. You must also check for damages and repair or replace the broken parts before using a used washer.

Is it worth fixing a 6-year-old washing machine?

If the repair cost is more than 50% of the replacement cost, then it is not worth fixing your 6-year-old washing machine. Also, if your washing machine is under warranty, then you may get it repaired for free of cost.

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