What does an Air dry cycle in an LG Dryer mean?

The “Air Dry” cycle does not use heat to dry your clothes; it draws room-temperature air and rotates the tub to remove moisture and dry the clothes.

Key Takeaways

  • The air drying cycle is similar to using a dryer with no heat settings.
  • Delicate items or items that include plastic or rubber applications can be dried using this particular Air-dry cycle.
  • While air-dry can dry your clothes safely without using any heat, it may take longer to dry the clothes completely.
  • The air-dry cycle is a more energy-efficient option as it does not need to heat the appliance.
  • If time is a concern, using a low or delicate heat setting can be a faster alternative.

How does the air dry function in an LG dryer work?

Air dry feature simply refers to a setting on an appliance that does not use heat to dry clothes but instead relies on room-temperature air to circulate through the drum and evaporate moisture from the clothes.

The drum rotates to help separate and fluff up the clothes, but without heat, it takes longer for the clothes to dry.

Air drying is typically used for delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the heat of a traditional dryer cycle or for clothes that are already mostly dry and just need a bit of fluffing.

In other words, the air drying function in the LG dryer works by spinning the tub and drawing air from outside to remove the moisture.

What are the benefits of using the air-dry cycle?

There are numerous benefits to using the air-dry cycle on the LG washing machine, and here are a few of them.

Energy efficiency

The Air Dry Cycle in modern LG dryers is an energy-saving option that dries clothes without the use of heat.

It uses normal air to evaporate the moisture from wet clothes as they tumble inside the drum.

Most dryers have a built-in heating element that is responsible for generating heat during the dry cycle.

A clothes dryer typically consumes more energy when it uses the power of heat, which is usually generated with the help of electricity.

However, gas dryers use gas to generate heat.

While it might not dry your clothes as quickly as the heat cycle does, it uses a lot less energy. In other words, you are trading a little bit of time for savings on your energy bill.

Fabric safe

Air Dry is ideal for delicate fabrics that can be damaged by heat, such as rayon and silk, or for items such as sweaters and knits that are prone to shrinking.

Garments that include rubber or plastic applications and embellishments can be dried using the air dry cycle in the LG dryer.

Freshen up your garments

If you have clothes that have been lying in storage for too long, you can put them in the dryer and run the air-dry cycle to quickly freshen them up.


It becomes difficult to air-dry garments during the monsoon, and hence you can use the Air-Dry cycle in your LG dryer.

This is beneficial to people who rely on clotheslines outside the house.

What are the drawbacks of the air-dry cycle?

The air dry cycle holds more benefits and a few drawbacks; let’s take a quick look into some of the drawbacks below.

  • The clothes will take a bit longer to dry compared to the dryer cycle that uses heat.
  • It will require you to run the dryer for an extended duration to dry a few items.
  • It may not dry fluffy items such as pillows and comforters evenly because it does not use heat. You will have to further air dry the fluffy items after drying them in the machine using the air-dry cycle.

When should you use the Air dry cycle?

If you want to dry items with rubber or plastic embellishments or applications, you can use the Air-Dry cycle in your LG dryer.

Also, if you have clothing that is labeled air-dry or “No-heat”, then it can also be included in this particular cycle.

Is air drying and spinning the same thing?

The spin cycle helps remove excess moisture from wet clothes and does not blow air inside the drum.

The air-dry cycle blows the collected air from the surrounding area inside the drum.

The clothes are tumbled while the air is circulated, which further helps to remove the moisture from them.

Does the air dry cycle dry clothes?

Since the Air-Dry cycle doesn’t use heat, it might not completely dry the clothes, but it will help to remove extra moisture, resulting in clothes that are nearly completely dry.

You can cut down on the time it takes for your damp clothes to dry by using the Air-dry cycle.

What is the default time of the Air dry cycle?

The default time of the Air dry cycle in LG dryers is about 30 minutes; however, you can increase the duration from the settings menu.

Final Thoughts

The Air Dry cycle in LG dryers is an energy-efficient drying option that uses an air circulation system to dry your clothes as they tumble inside the drum.

Additionally, the air dry cycle runs much more quietly compared to the cycles that use heat.

This cycle is perfect for your delicate items and bedding and is also great for minimizing fabric shrinkage.

If you want to save money on energy bills and still get your clothes dry, you should use the air-dry cycle in your LG clothes-drying machine.

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