What is a FoldiMate in Laundry? (Benefits & Drawbacks)

Our laundry rooms already have some great innovations, such as washing machines and dryers.

They are equivalent to robots that can clean and dry your clothes as per your set commands in no time.

Similarly, there’s another piece of innovation trending in this category known as a laundry folding robot (Also commonly known as FoldiMate).

A FoldiMate machine is basically a robot that can fold an entire load of laundry in just 4 minutes and it is slightly larger than a standard washing machine.

These technological advancements and innovations were out of the box in the early days of Laundry.

Almost all stages of laundry are now handled by these machines.

In this article, you’ll find out how it works and why it makes so much sense for laundry rooms to have one.

Let’s get started.

What are the benefits of using a FoldiMate?

A FoldiMate is a laundry folding machine with loads of benefits.

  • It can fold your clothes automatically, thereby allowing you to focus on other activities.
  • Moreover, it makes it easy for you to find folded clothes whenever you need them.
  • Lastly, it reduces the amount of time needed to fold your clothes and saves a lot of effort needed for the said task.
  • When the FoldiMate machine is not in use, it can also be stored away because of its compact size.

How do you use the FoldiMate machine?

Foldimate works by automatically folding clothes that are placed into its chamber or tray usually located on the top part of the machine.

The machine uses sensors and algorithms to identify the type of clothing and then fold it accordingly.

With that said, you may have to choose the type of clothing from the menu before placing them into the chamber.

Once the right settings are chosen, clothes will automatically be folded and placed beneath the lower section of the machine.

The folded clothes are placed one over the other and you may collect the bunch from the bottom drawer.

Once the clothes are folded to their capacity, they will be ejected from the machine and can be placed into a laundry basket or drawer.

What are the drawbacks of FoldiMate?

Some potential drawbacks of Foldimate include its high price point and the fact that it is not yet available for purchase.

Additionally, some reviewers have noted that the machine is not able to fold all types of clothing perfectly.

You will have to place each garment in the chamber in an even manner.

If you don’t place them the right way then the machine may not fold them the way you wanted to.

They take up more space on your floor than a standard-sized washer.

Note: Foldimate ceased business operations in Feb 2022 and the folding robot is no longer available for purchase (1).

Are they suitable for everyone?

The suitability depends on the laundry size and the frequency of folding clothes.

The FoldiMate may be suitable for people who do a lot of laundries or have large families.

This machine was initially designed with the purpose to save time and effort in the laundry folding process.

People who do only a few loads of laundry a week may not find the FoldiMate beneficial.

The laundry business of Laundromats can benefit from these machines.

Final Thoughts

This type of machine is simply useful for people who do a lot of washing.

However, it can also be beneficial for someone who runs medium or large-scale clothes ironing business.

A retailer who sells finished clothing can also benefit from it i.e. they can use machines like Foldimate to rearrange the displayed outfits and store them in their desired drawers.

With all that said, it looks like Foldimate was unable to create demand for it and it is no longer available.

You can try your luck by searching for the product online and see if anyone wants to sell it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FoldiMate a robot?

FoldiMate is a machine that simply folds your clothes. It is also known as a laundry folding robot.

Can they fold all types of fabrics?

FoldiMate machines may not be suitable for items like baby clothes, heavy jackets, blankets, and bulky clothing.

Where can I buy a FoldiMate machine?

FoldiMate laundry folder can be purchased online either from the company’s website or from their selected or authorized retailers. They may not be as popular as the washers and dryers. Remember, the supply of FoldiMate machines is less as the business operations don’t seem to be functional.

What is the cost of a FoldiMate machine?

The average cost of a FoldiMate machine ranges anywhere between $900 to $1000. The cost may vary depending on the size or type if available.

Is it worth buying a FoldiMate for laundry?

Using a FoldiMate for laundry can save you time and effort, but it may not be worth the cost for everyone. Basically, those who do a lot of laundries or have a large family may find that the FoldiMate pays for itself over time. Likewise, those who do less laundry may not find them worth it.

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