What is VRT Plus in Samsung Washing Machine?

The term “VRT” in a Samsung washing machine stands for “Vibration Reducing Technology,” and “VRT Plus” does the same thing but is 40% quieter than regular VRT machines.

So, VRT Plus is Samsung’s innovative vibration reduction technology found in some models, including Samsung’s flex wash units.

Key Takeaways

  • VRT Plus is an enhanced version of VRT that is 40% quieter than standard VRT models.
  • It helps to reduce the overall vibration of the washing machine.
  • VRT plus-enabled washers tend to use less water and energy than traditional models (meets ENERGY STAR® requirements).
  • The smart care feature communicates with your washing machine and dryer to quickly identify the problem and provide a quick fix.

How does VRT Plus technology work?

With the VRT Plus technology, vibration in washers can be cut by as much as 40%. The vibrations generated by the washing machine during the wash cycle are dampened using a unique design and counterbalancing mechanism.

In other words, Samsung’s VRT Plus technology keeps the drum’s load balanced during the wash cycle by using a combination of a unique drum design, sensor monitoring, and adjustments to the drum’s rotation speed and direction to keep the vibration in check. 

The advanced sensors in Samsung washers with VRT Plus technology play a key role in giving accurate readings and data about how the weight of the laundry load is distributed.

Samsung VRT Plus washing machine Pros

Some of the key benefits of Samsung VRT Plus technology include:

Reduced Vibration and Noise

As mentioned above, washing machines with VRT Plus technology are quieter and produce less vibration, making them a better fit for any corner of your house, including kitchens or bedrooms.

It has been shown to reduce vibrations up to 40% better than standard VRT variants.

High Efficiency

Most of the Samsung VRT Plus washers are high-efficiency models that save both water and power.

It meets the ENERGY STAR® requirements, which means that it is at least 20% more efficient than other washers.

Large Capacity

Larger families or houses will love the Samsung VRT Plus washers’ big drum capacity, as it allows more laundry to be washed in fewer loads.

High-tech features

Advanced features like Smart Control via smartphone and WiFi connection are available on some Samsung VRT Plus washers, which may help streamline your laundry routine.

Furthermore, you can also check and control your laundry from anywhere, and you can set the machine to run at a time that is convenient for you.

Variety of washing options

If you want to give your clothes the extra TLC they deserve, the Samsung VRT Plus washer provides many settings for you to choose from.

The special design of the drum protects your clothes and keeps them from getting worn out during the wash cycle.

Quality and Durability

Samsung is known for producing high-quality appliances, and many Samsung VRT Plus washers have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting.

Samsung VRT Plus washing machine Cons

May be expensive

Samsung VRT Plus washers tend to be more expensive than other washing machines on the market, which may make them less accessible for some consumers.


Samsung VRT Plus washer controls and functions might be challenging or complex to operate.

Smart control Issues

If the washer is connected to the smart network, there is a chance that the app on your phone won’t work right when you try to connect to it or control it.

If the Samsung app stops working, try deleting and reinstalling it and see if it responds. If that does not work, try restarting the washer and then syncing the app.

Slows down when vibrates excessively

The washer may slow down if it vibrates excessively, this happens due to a pre-programmed algorithm that responds based on the feedback from the sensors.

So, if the sensors detect excessive vibration, the washer will automatically reduce its speed in order to keep the vibration in check.

What causes vibration in a Samsung or any washing machine?

Vibration in washing machines can be caused by several factors, including imbalanced loads, faulty bearings, shipping bolts, worn suspension parts, and a malfunctioning drum.

However, the primary cause of vibration in washers that do not have any technical issues is often due to an uneven load or an improperly balanced washer.

So, if the load is not distributed evenly or if the washer is overloaded, the washer tries too hard to move the load around, which causes the machine to vibrate.

Can the VRT Plus feature cause the washer to stop?

VRT Plus features rely on a pre-programmed algorithm that works based on the response from the sensor.

So, if the vibration is too high, the sensor will detect this and either reduce the RPM, i.e., the spin speed, or bring it to a halt.

Therefore, it’s important to address the root cause of the problem, as vibration can be caused by anything.

It can be as simple as a clogged drainpipe or pump filter that you need to unclog in order to make the washer work again, or it can be as complicated as replacing the faulty bearings.

Final Thoughts

While the Samsung VRT Plus feature offers excellent vibration-reducing capabilities, it can at times be annoying as it reduces the spin speed due to pre-programmed settings.

It’s better to have a washer that vibrates a bit and gets the job done rather than just focusing on reducing vibration and leaving the clothes in a not-so-good state.

In most cases, it cleans perfectly, but when the laundry load is particularly heavy, the sensors may slow down the spin speed and fail to provide the desired results.

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